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Cemetery at Oak and Arcadia Streets

Norwich, CT
Submitted by Susan Sumara

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ROCKWELL, Capt. William  d 2-3-1785  AE 53 yrs
     wife Elisabeth  d 3-19-1805  AE 72 yrs
     wife Mary "relict of John"  d 3-1-1772  AE 65 yrs
SMITH, Zebediah
     wife Sarah
          Charles  d 11-24-1773  AE 4 yrs
HYDE, Philip (unreadable)
     wife (unreadable)
          Sarah B.  d 5-?   AE 18? yrs
BREED, David  d 12-7-1783  AE 29 yrs
     wife Elisabeth
          Dorothy  d 7-15-1782  AE 1 yr
BREED, John M. Esq.  d 5-31-1798  AE 50 yrs
     wife Mary
          Elizabeth  d 4-9-1794  AE 18 yrs
          Mary  d 6-11-1795  AE 22 yrs
          Betsey  d 5-6-1775  AE 6 mo
          John d 5-27-1779  AE 15 mo
          "dau"  b & d  11-14-1779
     wife Rebeka  d 6-?-1791  AE 41? yrs
BREED, Gershom  1715-1777
STORY, William
     wife Mary  d 6-21?-1767
     wife Sarah
          Samuel  d 6-5-1783  AE 8 yrs
REED, Christopher
     wife Rachel
          Mary  d 6-7-1757  AE 5 yrs
HARRIS, Jeremiah
     wife Lydia
          Richard  d 3-14-1783  AE 4 yrs  2 mo
ALLEN, Hezekiah
     wife Elisabeth  "consort of Hezekiah"  d 3-5-1777  AE 36 yrs
WEFT, Samuel
          Levi  d 9-11-1796  AE 5 mo
     wife Martha
          Henry  d 10-18-1798  AE 22yrs
CROWELL, John   d 5-8-1772  AE 32 yrs
COIT, Charles  d 12-11-18?  AE 25 yrs
     wife Lucretia  d 6-3-1899?  AE 25 yrs
     wife Ann, d/o (unreadable) B.A. & Mrs. D. DENISON,  d 9-15-1819  AE 35 yrs
          dau (unreadable)  d 5-22-1816  AE 1 yr 4 mo
LANMAN, William  d 11-7-1756 AE 30 yrs
BACKUS, Erastus  d 10-26-1791  AE 31 yrs
BACKUS, Nathaniel d 9-2-1773  AE 70 yrs
BACKUS, Nathaniel Jr.
     wife Elizabeth  "consort of Nathaniel Jr."  d 9-1-1765  AE 35 yrs
CLEMENT, Deacon (do not know if name or title) Jeremiah
BROWN, Capt. James
     wife Elizabeth  d 9-?-1824
ESSERS (not sure if name correct, could have another letter in front), Peter
     wife Mary "relict of Peter"  d 3-23-1813  AE 49 yrs
STORY, Ephraim  d 4-22-1815  AE 86 yrs
BACKUS, Nathaniel Esq.  d 3-19-1787?  AE 59 yrs (following Backus
is on the same monument.  It also repeats info for Nathaniel Jr's wife,
Elisabeth, & Erastus, listed above.  I do not know if this Nathaniel is the
same as above - but perhaps a cousin?)
BACKUS, Thomas (unreadable)  1838
YOUNG, John  "from Newport, RI"
     wife Mary  d 9-18-1755  AE 58 yrs
YOUNG, (unreadable, but a woman.  No mention of a husband).
d 1-25-1770  AE 47 yrs
YOUNG, John  (not sure if same as above, perhaps a son?)
     wife Mary  d 11-19-1773  AE 38 yrs
SMITH, Joseph  d 11-8-1773  AE 48 yrs
     wife Thankful  d 8-6-1796  AE 66 yrs
SMITH, Gurdon
     wife Elizabeth
          Elizabeth Tracy  d 5-?
     wife Abigail  "relict of John"  d 10-8-1822  AE 62 yrs
GEER, Uzziel  d 8-26-1824  AE 92 yrs
     wife Sally MOORE  d 12-30-1802/7?  AE 60 yrs
TURVIL, Asa  d 9-18-1877  AE 65 yrs
GREAVES, Whitney
     wife Lydia
          Ormond  d 6-8-1806  AE 3 yrs
LORD, Capt. Jabez
     wife Molly
          Jabez  d 4-8-1776  AE 2 yrs
     wife Mary
          John Jr.  d 10-10-1773  AE 3 yrs
          Eleazer d 5-13-1776  AE 9 mo
          Simeon  d 7-31-1785  AE 3 yrs
HILL, (unreadable, lots of others too)
CAPRON, William  d 9-29-1796  AE 66 yrs 1 mo
     wife Ruth  d 6-3-1793  AE 59 yrs
          Martha  d 8-29-1759  AE 11 mo 8 days
PERKINS, Ebenezer
     wife Eunice  d 3-6-1829  AE 83 yrs
     wife Lucretia  d 7-12-1802/7?  AE 50 yrs
HOOKER, Rev. Asahel   (no dates engraved)
HAMILTON, Capt. Jonas
     wife Mary  d 4-20-1813  AE 75 yrs
PEABODY, (unreadable) P.  d 1-2-1823/5?  AE 39 yrs
     wife Mary  d 9-2-1822  AE 64 yrs
     wife Elisabeth
          Asa d 8-19-1782  AE 7 mo 13 days

     wife Mary
          Abigail  d 8-?-1772  AE 18 yrs
HUBBARD, William  "of Pomfret, CT"
     wife Lucy
          Caroline  d 4-17-1799  AE 18 yrs
CROKER, Roswil  b 11-17-1722  d 8-8-1755  AE 33 yrs
JOY, William
     wife Anna  d 11-29-1791  AE 25 yrs
          Fanny  d 2-24-1792  AE 4 mo
WHITING, Mary (unreadable)
WHITING, Abby  d 1-18-1820?  (also other WHITING graves, but
McCURDY, Lynde
     wife Ursula  "consort of Lynde"  d 11-27-1781  AE 28 yrs
     wife Lydia  d 9-?-1821
          Mary  d 10-14-? (broken)
          Ann  d  12-?-1822  AE 22 yrs
DUNHAM, Daniel
     wife Zerviah  d 11-1-1828  AE 74 yrs
LORING, Capt .William  d 1821
     wife Hannah  "consort of William"  d 2-21-1786  AE 25 yrs, 28
HOMMEDIEU, Grover (if wife listed, unreadable)  d 6-1-1821  AE 84
          Lucretia  d 3-4-1783  AE 3 yrs
           William  d 3-2-1784  AE 2 mo  15 days
     wife Keren
          George Washington  d 2-12-?  AE 7 mo 11 days
     wife Susan
          Jes? (but a son)  dates unreadable
ALLEN, Stephen B.  "died at Demerara  4-1-1822"  AE 18 yrs
     wife Betsey  d 8-17-1825  AE 17 yrs
          Hannah M.  d 10-11-1822?  AE 2 yrs
          William Henry d 8-1-1820  AE 1 yr
          Stephen  d 1-25-18?  AE 1 mo
          "dau" d 7-?-18?
PERKINS, Francis A.
     dau? Abby  d 5-22-1812  AE 1 yr 1 mo
HOWE, Abner
     wife Nancy
          Nancy  d 8-18-1791  AE 3 yrs
RICHARDS, Capt. Peter
     wife Catherine
          Thomas Mumford  d 10-25-1780  AE?
     wife Catherine M.  "consort of Levi"  d 8-6-1818  AE 37 yrs
COIT, Thomas
     wife Frances Mary  d 10-13-1778  AE 21 yrs
WILLIAMS, Edwin  b 9-25-179?  d 10-?-18?
RANDALL, Jonathan
     wife Eunice  "relict of Jonathan"  d 4-20-1838  AE 83 yrs
WILLIAMS, General Joseph  d 10-?-1800  AE 40? yrs
COIT, William W.  d 11-16-1821
     wife Sarah  d 2-21-1780  AE 45 yrs
          Lydia  "consort of Thomas FANNING"  d 11-1-1789  AE 23
PERKINS, Andrew  b 7-2-1742  d 9-18-1822
     wife Elisabeth (unreadable)
          Harriet  d 3-19-1821  AE 27 yrs
LESTER, Lemuel
     wife Elisabeth
          Molly  d 12-12-1776  AE 4 yrs
LESTER, Capt. Jonathan  d 2-12-1797  AE 73 yrs
     wife Hannah
          Hannah  d 8-9-1785  AE 20 yrs
          Sibbel  d 7-17-1783  AE 29 yrs
               husb  Curtis REED
PERKINS, Andrew  Esq., (poss. Capt., headstone near first few
children says Capt.Andrew  Do not know if same, or perhaps the other
Andrew  above?)
     wife Anne BELFY  d 6-12-1785  AE 59 yrs
          Frances  d 6-4-1802  (age unreadable)
          Mary (unreadable)
          (unreadable)  d 11-?-1799
          Charles  d 1-20-1783  AE 1 mo 24 days
          Mary Bishop  d 1-8-1780  AE 10 yrs
     wife Mary, only d/o Capt. Robert NILES & Abigail,  d 2-24-1787
AE 27 yrs
HUNTINGTON, Daniel  Esq.
     Rebecca  "consort of Daniel"  d 4-15-1798  AE 72 yrs
HUNTINGTON, Levi (do not know if same as previous Levi)
     wife Ann
          Jabez  d 7-22-1787  AE 4 mo  5 days
          Sybel  d 11-24-1785  AE 6 mo 18 days
          Sybel  d 6-22-1782  AE 6 mo 27 days
          "a son"  d 12-5-1780
NILES, Robert Jr.
     wife Lodicea  "consort of Robert"  d
          George  d 2-18-1784  AE 5 yrs
NILES, Capt. Robert     "A patriot who commanded the Spy.  During the
Revolution, he carried the treaty to France, delivering it to Benjamin
Franklin.  Capt. Niles  served his country faithfully and died a Christian
in the year 1818,  aged 83."
BARRETT, William
     wife Mehit?
          twins  Thedey  d 5-20-1788  AE 9 wks
          Eadeth  d 3-11-1790  AE 2 yrs
POWERS, Joseph  d 10-22-1832  AE 78 yrs
ROATH, Sabra  (female)  b 1775  d 2-18-1833?
ROATH, David
     wife Mercy
          Mercy  d 3-9-1811?  AE 49 yrs
ROATH, Abiel
     wife Mary "only child of Asa & Mary SPICER of Preston", d 1-3-179?  AE 19 yrs
PERKINS, Hezekiah
     wife Sarah
          Charles (died as infant, but unreadable)
          Charlotte (died as infant, but unreadable)
PERKINS, Capt.(does not list first name, but perhaps Jabez Jr?)
     wife Anna
          Capt. Jabez III   "who was supposed to be lost in a hurricane
at sea  10-1780"    AE 24 yrs
          Arthur Asher  d 10-16-1784  AE 21 yrs
PERKINS, Jabez  Esq. (same as above Capt.?)
     wife Anna "consort of Jabez"   d 4-23-1785  AE 55 yrs
HUNTINGTON, Col. Jabez  "of Windham, CT"
     widow Sarah  d 3-21-1783  AE 83 yrs
WETMORE, Prosper  Esq. "who for many years was sheriff of New
London County"  d 10-15-1788  AE 63 yrs
     wife Keturah  d  2-15-1787  AE 33 yrs
          James  d 10-1-1787 "at sea"  AE 17 yrs
          Sarah  d 6-27-1793  AE 29 yrs
               husb  Lemuel  BUSWILL Jr.  d 3-? (broken)
BUSWILL, Lemuel  (do not know if same as above, dates unreadable)
     wife Elisabeth
     wife Mary  d 11-29-1802  AE 42 yrs
COOLEY, Ebenezer
     wife  Lovisa
          Plmy(?)  Dwight  d 12-3-1800  AE 4 yrs
BUSWILL, Sally  (unreadable)  d  9-6-180?
     wife Marionette, d/o  John TURNER   d 9-6-1820  AE 31 yrs
          Hannah H.  d 3-13?-1819  AE 3? mo
     wife Elizabeth  "relict of Daniel"  d 6-5-1811  AE 53 yrs
HUNTINGTON, Jonathan Esq.  d 8-9-1801  AE 83 yrs
GORDON, George
     wife Gennet (also spelled Jennet on another stone) "consort to
George"  d 5-19-1786  AE 55 yrs
          Jeanne  d 3-4-1790  AE 23 yrs
PERKINS, Erastus
     wife Anna (also spelled Anne on another stone)  d 2-20-1807  AE
54 yrs
          Gurden  d  8-23-1788
          Muia  d 12-31-1788  AE 1 yr 7 mo
          Lucy   d 9-29-1812  AE 62 yrs (do not know which wife is
               husb. Jesse BROWN Jr.  (dates unreadable)
     wife Mary (unreadable)
BILLINGS, Capt. Alpheus
     wife Elizabeth  d 1-?-1824
          Joseph  d 9-22-1794  AE 20 yrs
          Fanny  d 9-16-1793  AE 2 yrs
          *Capt. Charles  AE 32 yrs
          *James F.  AE 18 yrs
          *Benjamin  AE 15 yrs
          *David BARBER, son-in-law  AE 26 yrs
          **  "who were lost at sea  9-1804  in the Brig Fortune"
LAWRENCE, Jonathan
     wife Mary
          Nathaniel  d 8-5-1787  AE 13 mo
ROATH, Eleazer
     wife Hannah  d 9-8-1824
          Asa II  d 11-26-1788  AE 3 yrs
     wife Salley  "late wife of Seabury"  d  12-11-1788  AE 23 yrs
     wife Lucy
          Hosea  d 4-28-1796  AE 1yr  28 days
     wife Mehetabel  d 12-10-1796  AE 84 yrs
BUSWELL, Dr. Lemuel  d 8-13-1804  AE 69 yrs (do not if same as above)
     wife M? (unreadable)  d 7-13-1818  AE 8o yrs
ROBINSON, Elias  d 4-21-1838  AE 77 yrs
     wife Anna  d 4-9-1832  AE 63/7?  yrs
          son? (on stone of Elias)  George  d 7-22-1836  AE 36 yrs
BENJAMIN, David (lots of Benjamins, but unreadable)
     wife Lucy
          Nathan  d 12-18-1800
BENJAMIN, Charles  (unreadable)  d 1-12-1842?
McKOWN, Capt. Robert
     wife Sarah
          Robert  d 4-9-1786  AE 5 yrs
WILLET, John  d 10-15-1777  AE 85 yrs
WILLET, Jedidiah
     wife Francis
          Caroline  d 9-17-1797?
     2nd wife Rhoda  d 4-16-1807  AE 31 yrs
          Joseph  d 9-3-1809  AE 3 yrs (does not say who is mother)
     wife Nancy
          Christopher  (dates unreadable)
          Nancy  (dates unreadable)
BARBER, James N.
     wife Hannah
          Sally Ann  d 7-14-1807  AE 13 mo
     wife Mehitable  d 1-18-1794  AE 66 yrs
ROATH, Rufus
     wife Anna
          Rufina  d 4-7-1790  AE 5 yrs  2 mo  15 days
SMITH, Francis
     wife Anna
          Gilbert  d ?-1803  AE 3 yrs
          Gilbert  d 8-28-1810  AE 3 yrs
          Hannah  d 8-28-1808  AE 9 yrs
LORD, Elias
     wife Erine?  d 12-19-1814?
     wife Mary
          Peter Jr.  "died with the small pox 9-28-1792 " AE 13 yrs
KINNE (poss. KINNEY?), Newcomb
     wife Sally
          Charles  d 1-2-1795  AE 6 yrs
           John    b  10-15-1800    d 8-28-1864
               wife Laura S.  d/o Samuel & Sophia STORY, b 1-3-1804  d 8-29-1878
                    Happy R.  b 1-14-1833  d ?-1818
BASCOM, Henry (following 2 Benjamins on same monument)
     wife Theadora A. Louisa,   "eldest   d/o   Charles & Lydia
BENJAMIN"  died in London, England  1-20-18?  AE 19? yrs
BENJAMIN, Charles  "died at Demerara"   5-24-1860  AE 61 yrs
BENJAMIN, Cynthia  w/o Capt.?    d 9-1807  AE 23 yrs
HART, Hallam
     wife Emily
          Emily Lucretia  d 8-1818?
COWDEN (? stone broken in middle of name) , Isaac  (poss Capt.
stone broken after the "C")  "lost at sea"  179?  AE 36 yrs
DENISON (? stone broken in middle of name  DE???ON), Jonathan
     wife Roxana
          Ebenezer  d 9-4-1805  AE 5 mo  10? days
     wife Polly
          Mary  d 3-30-1799  AE ? yrs 6 mo
MAPLES, Jonathan
     wife Disire  d 9-24-1798  AE 38 yrs  "cut by J. Walden, Windham"
DALEY, William (broken)
     wife Elizabeth  d 5-8-182?  AE 42 yrs
LATHROP, John  (no dates)  (lots of other Lathrops, but unreadable)
     wife Nancy  d 8-18?  AE 30 yrs
          Frederick Moore  d 8-1822
MOORE, David
     wife Mary  d 11-19-1820  AE 76 yrs
FREEMAN, ??el  (more Freemans, but unreadable)
     wife ??usha  "consort of ??"  d ?-25-1811  AE 33 yrs
FANNING, Capt. Thomas
     wife Elizabeth CAPRON
          Thomas Jr.  born at Groton, CT 5-22-1755   died in Norwich 4 -15-1828  "served six years in Revolutionary Army"
               wife Susannah FAULKNER died in Norwich 3-4-1841 AE 82 yrs
                    Alfred  b 7-27-1800  d 1839
          Elisha, b 6-18-1785  d 2-26-1829

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