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East Lyme Cemeteries

This information  was given to Paula Broughton by Betty Murphy at the East Lyme Police Department as a guide for transcribing East Lyme cemeteries.  Paula and a friend will be working on these transcriptions this summer, and they will be uploaded as they are completed.  6-28-01.

1. Old Stone Church   - SW corner of Society Rd and Riverview Rd.

2. Union  -  East Pattagansett Rd. opposite and just north of Hope St.

3. Banty or Niantic Hill  -  West side of Plants Dam Rd. at intersection of Rt. 1

4. Rogers or Mack's Mill  - West side Scott Rd. 1/2 mile from intersection of Whistletown and
    Upper Pattagansett Rd.

5. Pest House (yard) -  East side Upper Pattagansett Rd, 400' back from road. (behind pine trees and
     between 2nd and 3rd houses fronting road)

6. Center or Riverhead - South of I-95, North of Rt. 1. Where Rt. 1 intersects I-95 near Waterford town line.

7. Cavarly  -  Waterford?

8. Huntly -  West Main St., Sessa Ct. Southwest (between 1st and 2nd houses on right)

9. Crocker     - Woods between Chesterfield Rd and Butlertown Rd. (probably Waterford)

10.  Powers  -  End of Gada Rd., across railroad tracks

11. Flanders Church  -   South side Rt. 1, east of Baptist Church, lane across from Flanders School.

12.  (3) Taber Stones   -   On grass divider west of intersection of Rt. 1 and I-95 near Waterford town line.

13.  Leech   -   Beaverbrook Rd. on old cart path several hundred feet from road. Sturgis property.

14. Fosdick   -  North side of I-95 opposite northwest corner of Riverhead cemetery, 150 feet from I-95.

15.  Barthrick or Champion #3    -  South side Green Valley Lake Rd. South of Frog Hollow Rd., dirt road
      going  southeast.

16.  Tinker -  East side of Chesterfield Rd. opposite and northeast of Walnut Hill Rd., top of hill.

17.  Old Fox Farm  -  East side of Upper Walnut Hill Rd. (going north it is half way up road between
      Brogan and  Rodinsky residence on sharp curve)

18. Holmes   -   Rear of Hames Hatt Farm, Dirt lane off of Grassy Hill.  1/4 way west of Upper
      Walnut Hill Rd. towards Whistletown Rd.

19.  Brockway  -  Whistletown Rd. east side, 1/4 mile from Grassy Hill Rd. 300 feet from road between
       old Brockway place (Rodinsky's) and Polley's land (behind pond)

20.  Tilleson  -  400 feet from south side of Grassy Hill Rd. Southwest of old school house.

21.  Beebe -  Lyme. Southwest corner of Old Grass Hill Rd. Beaverbrook Rd.

22. Chadwick  -   Old Lyme.  East side.  Opposite Four Mile River Rd. and south of Rt. 156.

23. Reeve -   First left into Nehantic State Forest going east on Grassy Hill Rd. from Whistletown Rd., 200 feet from side is cartpath on right. Follow cartpath north 500 feet. Grave on left surrounded by cedar rail fence.
(in center of triangle formed by roads)

The above listed cemeteries are inactive (historical). The 3 listed below are active cemeteries.

1.  East Lyme Cemetery     Boston Post Rd. East Lyme, CT.  06333

2.  Stone Church    Intersection of Society and Riverview Rds.   Niantic, CT.  06357

3.  Union Cemetery      East Pattagansett Rd.   Niantic, CT.   06357

Niantic is a village in the Town of East Lyme, CT.

The address for the East Lyme Historical Cemetery Association is:
                            P.O. Box 112
                            East Lyme, CT.    06333


This file was contributed for use by the New London County CTGenWeb Project  by:
Paula Broughton

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