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Karen Hartenstein

Ingraham. Great grandmother was Hattie Louise Ingraham Ames. Her mother was Martha Shailor Ingraham, born Colchester/Westchester (Shailor Hill). Her father was Frederick Ingraham. Her grandfather was Joel Ingraham (b. Colchester/abt 1828' served in the Civil war; died 1877. buried Ponemah Cemetery. 1850 census shows Joel, age 22, wife Nancy, baby dauther, and Jason Ingraham, age 55.  Only other record found is Jason marriage to a Nancy Wells from Chatham in 1826.

Dianne L. Holley
Avery, Denison, Fanning, Fish, Latham, Miner, Palmer, Parke, Sawyer, Spencer, Stoddard, Vickery, Williams

Martha Shaw
Fitch (Russell (Married Polly Tinker) My name is Martha Shaw and I'm doing genealogy research on my Fitch ancestors, and I have traced them back to New London County, CT in the 1770s. I'm trying to find a birth record or baptismal record for Dr. Russell Fitch(married to Polly Tinker) who I think was born in July 1775.  02/11/16
Allen Krueger
Kruger, Krueger , Carol

Shaw, Wheeler, Gardner, Truesdale (ended up in Warren Co NY)
E-Mail Bouncing - 2015
Janice Watrous Watrous, Saunders, Frick, Hodges, Rowley, Randall, Fuller, Frisby/Frisbee/Frisbie, Bogue, Coates, Startz

Sue Guarrera  Rix, Kimball, Larribbee, Crandall, Tracy, Willett, Parke, Thompson  -
Nancy Stedman  Stedman/ Steadman, Foster, Parker, Keeney, Isbell -
Brian Harris  Stowel, Stowell Descendents of Henry S. Stowell
Laurien Babcock Fan Babcock, Stowell, Maxwell Genealogy Web Page
Linda Kmiecik Valance / Valence / Valens -
Pauline Albers Berry, Bishop, Bradley, Brewster, Brown / Browne, Christophers, Dart, Davison, Douglas, Edgecombe, Gilbert, Griggs, Gempstead, Larrabee, Latimer, Lutten, Mattle, Post, Rogers, Sperry, Stallion, Stnaton, Waller (b. Armstrong), Wetherell, Willie -
Sharon Gallup  Gallop / Gallup, Hardy, Dille -
Rachel H. Bryant Fargo, Stebbins, Turner -
Linda Hopkins  Munsell -
Barbara O'Rourke McGuinness,  McCabe, Conlan, Bailey, Condon -
Charles Levandoski  Kimball, Whiting, and Temperance Allyn. -
Laurien Babcock Fan Babcock
Bill Shultz Blackman (Abraham), Loomis -
Pat Dill  Robertson, Condon / Congdon, MacGregor, Phillips, Davis, Stillwagon, Butz -
Ken Powers Powers, Fox -
Barbara Barber  Partelow / Partelo, Coon , Main / Maine, Brown, Worden, Wilcox -
Arlene Kalstrom Curran -
Toni Argento Wylie, Parke, MacMains  -
Robert L. Sanders Spencer (Isaac) -
Pat McHale  Dunne, Clarke, McChesney -
Gloria Lochrie Pontious Lochrie, Greig, Middleton, McIntosh, Fraser, & Kelly -
Audrey Coming Keigwin, Kennedy, Mulkin, Macwathy(Mcwithy).Tillinghast, Howe -
Joseph H. Gardner  Garner, Lathrop -
David M. Waid Wade/Waid, Durant, Pember, Ransom, Phelps, Lord -
Phyllis Rogers Rogers -
Brett Wilson  Abell, Hyde, Backus, Gifford, Calkins, Lee, Post, Bliss, Sluman  -
Phyllis Overland Allyn, Ames, Avery, Bird. Brackett, Bushnell, Chapman, Clark, Cook, Denison, Fox, Freeman, Gager. Geer, Harvey, Hazen, Howlett, Huntington, Jones, Kendrick, Lathrop, Leffingwell, Lester, Lord, Lovett, MacDowell, Marvin, Minor, Morgan. Palmer, Park, Parrish, Pratt, Scudder, Spicer, Stallion, Stanton, Stedman, Tracy, Tyler, Williams -
Linda M. Marrone Palmes .
Angelique Babcock Peavy, Laudone  .
Barbara Weber Muller, Paulson, Renaldi, Shafer, Winkler .
Shirley Foster Lowe Foster .
Gregg Clark Clark .
Mike Leeds Leeds, Latham, Scoville, Rathbone, Gates .
Susan M. Sheehan James & Church .
Walter Heidenreich  Bunce .
Jim Amodeo Rogers and Lee .
Chuck Godfrey  Godfrey .
Leona L. Gustafson
Ackley, Adams, Bigelow, Bliss, Cone, Day, Foote, Gates, Loomis, Skinner, Spencer, Weeks, Williams

Steve Moseley  Moseley/Mawdesley  .
Pat Herigon
Colts / Coults, Bulkely / Bulkeley .
Mark Newberry
Newberry / Newbury, Corey, Lester, Beebe, Smith .
Ann Yeomans Miller
Bidwell, Pratt, Sterling, Yeomans / Youmans / Yeamans
.E-mail Bouncing as of 2/18/15

John Enright
Gould, Crandal Whittier/Harriman
Doris Cook Smith   Armstrong, Cook, Brown, Lewis, Hall Doris's original email address is bouncing. If anyone has her current email address, please let us know! Last updated 2/22/15
Jo Anne Joslin
Dart (Richard)
Tom Melton
Brown, Palmer, and Wheeler
George Hunt
Hunt, Lyman, Loomis, Clark, and Hosmer .
Carol Brown
Cunha, DeWitt, Arruga, and Santos .
Carol A. Hayes Partelo, Partelow, Partlow, Partello .
Susan Bridges
Sally Chirlin
McKenna, Fitzgerald .
Teresa Henslee-Downer

Downer,  Kinne / Kinney
Doris Cook Smith
Hall (Joshua), Cavarly
Graham Johnson
Hempstead, Larrabee, Bailey, Starr, Tallman, Duncan, Mnwaring, Hough, Hyde, Post, Tracy, Isham
Laurel Tracy

Cora Schofield Cramer

Skelding, Schofield
Joan Tucker

Barnet, Safford

Cathy Cole
Staplin / Stapelin

.A Staplin (Stapelin} Family
Sterrie Weaver

Weaver, Knight, Cameron, Chipman

Christopher Brooks
Brooks Families of New England

Chris Smith
Smith (Colchester)
Jon Normandin
Fargo, Brown, Stanton, Comstock
Annette and Tim Miller

Smith, Caulkins, Miner, Wentworth, Cooledge, Bourne

Bob Brewer
Cleveland, Arnold
Linda Patterson
Miner, Lester, Park, Parke

Richard Shea
Suzanne Silva

Cindy Knight-Palazzo
Clark, Lewis, Williams, Parrish, Maynard, Dart, and Mack

Joe Murray
Murray, Enos, Fitzgereld, Rogers, Jorsz, Yousz, Jursz,
Bonkowski and Related Families
Vivien Hick
Hick, Cronesberry, Talbot, Gustafson, Johnson, Wentworth, Gross, Eich
Betty Lewon

Kat King
Burton, Putnam, Rae

Linda Emerson
Emerson, Lord, Mack, Perkins

Robin E. McAllister
Maynard, Spicer, Fargo, Herrick, Bishop, Dart, Randall, Lamphear, Whipple, Clark, Ormsby, Story, Guile, Benman, Fellows, Moore

Frances Parenteau Stoddard, Willet, Fox, Miner, Thomas

Sandra Tennyson

Miller, Ransom, Beckwith, Waller, Crocker, Chadwick, Tooker/Tucker, Sinnock, Huntley
Pete Smith 
Avery, Bartlett, Bennett, Blish, Carrier, Clark, Crocker, Day, Dodge, Eldridge, Fox, Fuller, Gallup, Harris, Huntington, Hyde, Jackson, King, Knowlton, Lathrop, Lay, Lee, Leffingwell, Loomis, Lyman, Otis, Parish, Park, Robbins, Sawyer, Scott, Sessions, Shapley, Smith, Stanton, Starr, Stebbens, Terrill, Tracy, Williams

Carol Harding 
Harding, Harris
Joe Turner

Turner (Thomas E.), Pier (Martha)
Maurice Hitt
Haynes (John), son of James and Phebe Chappell Haynes
Jesse Copeland
Copeland, Kendall
John D. Gray
Street (Decendents of William L. Street) .
 Anita Schmidt Baker, Allen, Kimball .
Delores Heredia Ward Pierpont (Lucy Mary) and Dow (Franklin Wilson) .

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