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The USGenWeb Project Fairfield County, Connecticut

Trumbull, Fairfield County, CT.

The Town of Trumbull, Incorporated October 1797

"Resolved by this Assembly, That the description of that part of said town of Stratford which follows, shall be and the same is hereby incorporated into a distinct town, viz: beginning at the southwest corner boundary of the town of Huntington, lying southerly of Booth's hill, and running from thence in the line of said Huntington to Weston line, and thence southerly in said Weston line until it intersects the dividing line between said society of North-Stratford and the society of Stratford, and thence in the dividing line of said Stratfield and North-Stratford, until it comes to the dividing line between said Stratfield and the first or old society in said Stratford, and from thence insaid dividing line to Huntington line, thence in Huntington line to the place begun at; and the foregoing part of said town of Stratford shall forever hereafter be a distinct town, known and called by the name "Trumbull," the inhabitants of which shall enjoy all powers, privileges, immunities and franchises which the inhabitants of other towns in this State enjoy, except that said town shall never send more than one Representative to the General Assembly at any one session of Assembly. [Connecticut Private Acts, 1190.]


May 1798. Mr Edmund Curtiss.

Oct. 1798. Mr. Judson Curtiss, Jr.

May 1799. Mr. Stephen Beardsley.

Oct. 1799. Mr. James Beardsley.

May 1800. Mr. James Beardslie.

Oct. 1800. Mr. Nath'l J. Burton.

May 1801. Mr. Hezekiah Curtis.

May 1802. Mr. James Beardsley.

Oct. 1802. Mr. S. Middlebrooks.

May 1803. Mr. Benjamin Burton.

Oct. 1803. Mr. S. Middlebrook.

May 1804. Mr. Stephen Beardsley.

Oct. 1804. Mr. James Beardsley.

May 1805. Ebenezer Wheeler.

Oct. 1805. David Beardsley.

May 1806. Stephen Middlebrook.

Oct. 1806. Philo Booth.

May 1807. Stephen Beardsley.

Oct. 1807. Salmon Sherwood.

May 1808. Ebenezer Wheeler.

Oct. 1808 James Beardsley.

May 1809. Abijah Uffoot.

May 1809. Joseph Bennett.

Oct. 1809 Stephen Beardsley.

May 1810. Jabez Beach.

Oct. 1810. Jabez Beach.

May 1811. Stephen Beardslee.

Oct. 1811. James Beardslee.

May 1812. Jabez Beach.

Oct. 1812. David Booth, Jr.

May 1813. Daniel Wakely.

Oct. 1813. Samuel Gregory

May 1814. Amos H. Wheeler.

Oct. 1814. James Beardsley.

May 1815. Stephen Middlebrook.

Oct. 1815. David Beebe.

May 1816. Jonathan Beers, Jr.

Oct. 1816. Amos H. Wheeler.

May 1817. Isaac Booth.

Oct. 1817. Ebenezer Wheeler.

May 1818. Daniel Seeley.

Oct. 1818. Lewis Fairchild.

May 1819. Samuel Gregory.

1820. David Beebe.

1821. Eli Edwards.

1822. Elijah Middlebrook.

1823. Isaac Booth.

1824. Elijah Middlebrook.

1825. Nehemiah R. Edwards.

1826. Stephen Gregory.

1827. Robert Middlebrook.

1828. Eben Fairchild.

1829. Samuel Beardsley.

1830. David Curtiss.

1831. Samuel Beardslee.

1832. Rice E. Beach.

1833. Robert Middlebrook.

1834. Isiah Peet.

1835. Ephraim W. Beach.

1836. Joshua L. Nicholls.

1837. Samuel Edwards.

1838. Stephen Middlebrook.

1839. Francis Beach.

1840. Eli Brinsmade.

1841. Abel Mallett.

1842. George Dyer.

1843. Walker Wheeler.

1844. Ephraim Middlebrook.

1845. Ephraim T. Edwards.

1846. David Hawley.

1847. Plumb N. Fairchild

1848. Miles Beardslee.

1849. Franklin P. Ambler.

1850. John C. Mallett.

1851. David B. Hinman.

1852. William Squire.

1853. Ebenezer Wheeler.

1854. Daniel Fairchild.

1855. Burr Watkins.

1856. Elem Hawley.

1857. L. W. Clark.

1858. Edwards Beach.

1859. F. P. Ambler, Jr.

1860. Daniel Curtiss.

1861. LeGrand G. Beers.

1862. Isaac E. Booth.

1863. Lucious B. Burroughs.

1864. Charles Ambler.

1865. Sam'l G. Beardsley.

1866. C. W. Blakman.

1867. Morse D. Mallett.

1868. Albert S. Coan.

1869. Sherman French, 2d.

1870. Geo. B. Ambler.

1871. S. H. Burroughs.

1872. Abel S. Beach

1873. Aaron B. Mallett.

1874. George E. Peet.

1876. Charles N. Fairchild.

1877. Stephen G. Nichols.

1878. William Miles Ufford.

1879. Elliot M. Beardsley.

1880. Ormel Hall.

1881. Seth Hill.

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