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The USGenWeb Project Fairfield County, Connecticut

Greenwich, Fairfield Co., CT

BY SPENCER P. MEAD, L. L. B. Vol. 8, 1725 -1749.
Page 143.

Transcribed by Geri Ryerson K.

REYNOLDS, Samuel, late of Greenwich, inventory taken June 21, 1727, by James Renels, and John Lyon, Jr., verified by Ephraim Palmer, administrator, and filed Sept. 5, 1727, page 110.

ROCKWELL, Abigail, widow, late of Norwalk, inventory taken July 27, 1739, by John Bets and Josiah Rusco, verified by James Lockwood, administrator, and filed May 3, 1740, page 551.

ROCKWELL, John, late of Norwalk, inventory taken Aug. 24, 1737, by James Lockwood, and William Jarvis, Verified by Samuel Grumon, administrator, and filed Nov. 15, 1737, page 405.

ROGERS, Freelove, late of Norwalk, inventory taken Feb. 8, 1739/40, by Samuel Fitch and Nehemiah Smith, verified by Samuel Cluxstone and Nehemiah Rogers, administrators, and filed Feb. 18, 1739/40, page 519.

ROWLAND, Joseph, late of Fairfield, will dated July 4, 1728, probated Aug. 6, 1728, mentioned his grandfather Henry Rowland, wife Abigail, and children Joseph, Sarah wife of Timothy burr, Abigail, Mary, Elizabeth, Hannah and Deborah, all unmarried. Executors his wife Abigail and brother Samuel Rowland. Witnesses William Northrup, Ebeneazer Dimon, and Andrew Burr, page 204.
Codicil dated July 26, 1728, revoked appointment of his wife as executrix, and appointed Captain Thomas Hill of Fairfield in her place, page 205.
Inventory taken Sept. 25, 1728, by Moses Dimon and Andrew Burr, and filed Jan. 6, 1729/30, page 205.

Joseph, late of Fairfield, inventory verified by Benjamin Rumsey, administrator, and filed Nov. 16, 1726, and estate ordered distributed by Thomas Nash and John Andras, to James Dixon in right of Hannah, his wife; to John Davis in right of Ann, his wife; to Sarah Ramsey, to Ralph Isaacs in right of Mary, his wife, to Benjamin Rumsey; and to Ruth Rumsey; estate distributed accordingly, page 31.

Special thanks to Geri Ryerson K, for the untold hours and days transcribing the scanned pages in order to share with the CTGenWeb Project.

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