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The USGenWeb Project Fairfield County, Connecticut

Greenwich, Fairfield Co., CT

BY SPENCER P. MEAD, L. L. B. Volume 8, 1725 - 1740, Page 112.

Transcribed by Geri Ryerson K.

John, late of Stratford, will dated Nov. 11, 1732, probated Feb. 9, 1725/6, mentioned wife Abigail and children Caleb, John, Jehiel, Abraham, and Andrew. Executors, his wife Abigail, and son John. Witnesses Edmund Lewis, David Baldwin, and Joseph Hawley. page 237.
Codicil dated Nov. 17. 1735, page 239.

Inventory taken Feb. 9, 1735/8 by Edmund Lewis and Jonathan Curtis, and filed Feb. 9, 1735/6 page 240.

BEARDSLE, Ruth, late of Stratford, will dated Sept. 11, 1735, probated Nov. 3, 1735, devised to her brother Daniel Beardsle all my real estate, which descended to me from my brother David Beardsle, late of Stratford. deceased, and legacy to her father. Executor, Theophilus Nickols. Witnesses Theophilus Nickolls, Benjamin Sherman, and Dinah Smith, page 234.

BEARDSLEE, Sarah, late of Stratford, will dated Nov. 13, 1738, probated Mch. 6, 1738/9, mentioned her mother Ann Beardslee, and Testatrix four sisters Ann Lake, Jerusha Beardsle, Hester Beardsle, and Tabathy Beardsle. Executrix her mother Ann Beardsle. Witnesses Joseph Seely, Abigail French, and Abigail Smith, page 515.

BEERS, Samuel, late of Newtown, inventory taken Jan. 2, 1827/8 by John Leavenworth and Ephraim Peck, verified by Sarah Beers, administratrix, and Filed Apl 2,, 1728, page 144.

BENNIT, James, Sr., late of Fairfield, will dated Oct 2, 1736, probated Oct. 6, 1736, mentioned his wife Rebecca, and children Mary Osburn, Abigail Bishop, Sarah Burrit, Thomas, Joseph, deceased, Jeremiah, and Isaac, and Sarah, Abiah, and Ann the Daughters, of my daughter Anna Halley, deceased, and grandson James Bennit. Executors son Thomas and Deacon Joseph Booth of Stratfield. Witnesses John Wheeler, John Wheeler Jr., and Samuel Cooke. Appeal from probate taken by Captain James Bennit. page 422.

Inventory taken Oct. 1, 1736, by John Wheeler and Stephen Hubbel, and filed Mch. 10, 1736/7, page 424.

Special thanks to:

Barbara Kaye, CTGenWeb Stamford Town Coordinator, for compiling these abstracts from Stamford.

Geri Ryerson K, for the untold hours and days transcribing the scanned pages in order to share with the CTGenWeb Project. Thank you both!

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