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The USGenWeb Project Fairfield County, Connecticut

Greenwich, Fairfield Co., CT

BY SPENCER P. MEAD, L. L. B. Volume 2, 1665 - 1675. Page 15.

Transcribed by Geri Ryerson K.

Robert, late of Stamford will dated May 15, 1675, probated Nov. 1, 1675, mentioned his children John, and Mary Ambler, and her children, legacy to a daughter of his son John, and a son in law John Gross; his grandson John Bates is given a portion with the male children of testator's son John. Overseers Lieut. Jonathan Bell and Peter Ferris, and son in law Abraham Ambler. Witnesses Peter Ferris and John Holly Sr., page 83.
Inventory taken June 1675, by Richard Law and Francis bell, and Filed Nov. 1, 1675, page 84.

BLACKMAN, Adam, Pastor of the church at Stratford, will dated Jan 16, 1665, and probated Sept. 22, 1665, mentioned his wife Jane, and children John, James, and his wife, Samuel and his wife, Mary Atwater, Benjamin and Deliverance, and grandson Josua Atwater, mentioned another daughter and requested that she not marry John Tomson, and children of son John. Executrix his wife. Overseers brothers Booth and Hawly, page 2.
Inventory taken Sept. 22, 1665, by Thomas Fairchild, Joseph Hawly, and Robert Clark, and filed Nov. 2, 1665, page 3.

BLACKMAN, Jane, late of Stratford, will dated Sept. 20, 1671, and May 1672, probated Mch. 9, 1673/4, mentioned her children Deliverence, James and his wife and their three daughters, Benjamin and Samuel: grandson Adam Blackman, grandchildren Adam a son of Samuel, and the eldest daughter of her son Samuel: granddaughter Mary a daughter of James and grandson Joseph Blackman: legacies to Sarah Nichols, a servant, Isreal Chancy and Nathaniel, a servant. Overseers Mr. Chancy, Elder Growe, and Joseph Hawly. Witnesses John Pickit and John Besticke, page 73.
Inventory taken Jan 23, 1675, by John Birdsie, Isaack Nichols and John Wilcockinson, and filed Mch. 9, 1673/4, page 73.

BLACKMAN, Samuel, late of _____, died Nov. 27, 1668, inventory taken Nov. 27, 1668, by Richard Booth, William Curtiss and John Picket, and filed Mch. 12, 1669, and estate ordered distributed to his widow---, and children Adam, ac 3yrs 14th last Sept., daughter, ae 5 yrs 11th last dec., and a daughter, ae 1 yr, 4th last Dec., and Mr. Sherman and Mr. Chaney, Mr. Grows, and Moses Wheeler were appointed overseers for said minors, page 36.

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Geri Ryerson K, for the untold hours and days transcribing the scanned pages in order to share with the CTGenWeb Project.

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