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The USGenWeb Project Fairfield County, Connecticut

Greenwich, Fairfield Co., CT

BY SPENCER P. MEAD, L. L. B. Volume 1, 1648 - 1656. Page 11

Transcribed by Geri Ryerson K.

Andrew, (continued from page 10), Samuel, Edmond, and mentioned having other children no names. Executors his son William, (who married Deborah Lockwood), page 58.
Inventory taken Oct 18, 1659, by Nathan Gold, Alexander Knowles, and John Cable, and filed Oct 20, 1659, page 59.

WELS, John, late of Stratford, will dated Aug. 7, 1659, probated Oct. 18, 1659, mentioned his wife Elizabeth, who testator married in England, and children John, about 11 years of age, Thomas, About 8 years of age, Robert, about 8 years of age, Samuel, about 3 years of age, Temperance about 5 years of age, and another daughter Sarah, brother Samuel and Father, no names. Witnesses Thomas Fairchild, John Hurd, Joseph Hawley, Joseph Judson, Thomas Wheeler, and Benjamin Peat, page 46.

Inventory taken Oct. 19, 1659, by Jeremy Judson, Josia Judson and Henry Wakley, and Filed Oct. 19, 1659. page 49 and 50.

WHEELER, Ann, late of Fairfield, will dated ____, probated Aug. 21, 1659, mentioned her children Thomas Wheeler, and John Wheeler, daughter Hannah, and her children, daughter in law, the wife of Thomas Wheeler and their children and grandchildren Sarah Bennet, Hannah Bennet, and Sarah Sherwood; Annie Sherwood the wife of my son in law, children of Rebecca Turney and the children of Ann Squire. Witnesses Robert Turney and Mihill Try, page 53.

Inventory taken Oct. 20, 1659, by Robert Turney and George Squire and filed Oct. 20, 1659, page 54.

WHEELER, Thomas, Sr., late of Fairfield, will dated Jan. 16, 1653, probated in 1654, mentioned his wife Ann, and children, Thomas, John, Sarah, who Married Thomas Sherwood, and a daughter Hasting, grandchildren Thomas Sherwood, Mary Bennett, James Bennett, Thomas Bennett, and John Bennett. Executor his son John. Overseers Thomas Wheeler, Lieut Robert Lockwood, and Andrew Ward. page 1

Inventory taken Aug. 25, 1654, by William Bateman and Ephraim Wheeler, and filed Aug. 25, 1654. page 2

Special thanks to:

Geri Ryerson K, deceased, for the untold hours and days transcribing the scanned pages in order to share with the CTGenWeb Project. We miss you, Geri.

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