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The USGenWeb Project • Fairfield County, Connecticut
Compiled and published by Edwin Hall, pastor of the First Congregational Church
ofNorwalk, Connecticut. New York: Baker & Scribner, published 1847.
Faithfully transcribed, indexed and contributed to the Fairfield County,
CT USGenWeb Project by Barbara Kaye, March 1999.

Most of the information is from the town records,
while some information is from the families mentioned.
If you have any questions, corrections or additions, please contact Barbara Kaye.


The following items concerning the family of Matthew Marvin, were received from T. R. Marvin, of Boston, from a record of the names of persons permitted to embark at the port of London after Christmas, 1634, contained in a MS. folio, at the Augmentation office (so called). Under the date of 15th April, 1634, is the following entry: "These parties, hereafter expressed, are to be transported to New England, imbarked in the Increase, Robert Lea, Master, having taken the oath of allegiance and supremacy, as also being conformable, etc., whereof they brought testimony per certif. from the justices and ministers where their abodes have lately been. " (The following names are included in said list:)

" husbandman,
Matthew Marvin Age 35 yrs.
Uxor Elizabeth Marvin, 31 yrs.
Elizabeth Marvin, daughter, 13 yrs.
Matthew Marvin, 8 yrs.
Marie Marvin, 6 yrs.
Sarah Marvin, 3 yrs.
Hannah Marvin, 1/2 yrs.

Reinold Marvin, who removed to Saybrook in 1639, and his brother Matthew Marvin were among the original settlers of Hartford, Conn. represented the town of Norwalk in the General Court in 1654.

The children of Matthew Marvin, senior, were as follows:
Matthew Marvin, born in Eng. abt. 1627.
Mary Marvin, born in Eng. abt. 1629, married Richard Bushnell of Saybrook in 1648.
Sarah Marvin, born in Eng. abt. 1632, married William Goodridge of Weathersfield, 1648.
Hannah Marvin, born in Eng. abt. 1634, married Thomas Seymour of Norwalk, Jan. 1653.
Abigail Marvin, born at Hartford, Conn. married John Bouton of Norwalk, Jan. 1656.
Samuel Marvin, born at Hartford, Feb. 1647/8.
Rachel Marvin, born at Hartford, "close of 1649."

Thomas Seamer, son of Richard Seamer, of Norwalk, married Hannah Marvin, daughter of Matthew Marvin of Norwalk, January, 1653.
Hannah Seamer, born December 12, 1654.
Abigail Seamer, born inJanuary, 1655.
Mary Seamer and Sarah Seamer, twins, born in September, 1658.
Thomas Seamer, born in September, 1660.
Mercie Seamer, born in November, 1666.
Matthew Seamer, born inMay, 1669.
Elizabeth Seamer, born in December, 1673.
Rebecka Seamer, born inJanuary, 1675.

John Bouton of Norwalk married Abigail Marvin, daughter of Matthew Marvin, senior of Norwalk, January 1, 1656.
John Bouton, born September 30, 1659.
Matthew Bouton, born December 24, 1661.
Rachel Bouton, born December 15, 1667.
Abigail Bouton, born April 1, 1670.
Mary Bouton, born May 26, 1671.


John Bouton was among the first settlers of Norwalk. He was a French Protestant, and it is said there are many of the same name still living in France and Germany, and that a great similarity exists between the families there and here.

He had five children after his marriage as here recorded, viz. John, Matthew, Rachel, Abigail, and Mary.

His son John Bouton had two children, Jakin Bouton and Joseph Bouton, and no others appear on the record.

His grandson Jakin Bouton, had two children by his first wife, Joseph Bouton and Sarah Bouton, and by his second wife, two sons, Esaias Bouton and Moses Bouton, and seven or eight daughters.

Joseph Bouton, his great-grandson, married Susannah Raymond, August 25th, 1748, daughter of Joshua Raymond, and had eleven children, six sons and five daughters. The sons were William Bouton, Joshua Bouton, Joseph Bouton, Seth Bouton, Ira Bouton, and Aaron Bouton. The daughters were Rebeckah Bouton, Betty Bouton, Nancy Bouton, Susannah Bouton, and Deborah Bouton. He was an of ficer in the expedition sent against the French Provinces in 1758/59, and kept a journal of the service, which was unfortunately lost in pulling down the old family mansion, a few years since, which stood on the spot where Deacon John Bouton, his grandson, now resides.

William Raymond, son of Joseph Raymond, the 5th descendant from the 1st John Raymond, married Sarah Benedict February 15th, 1769, by whom he had fourteen children, viz. Isaac (who died), Isaac Raymond, William Raymond, Betty, Esther Raymond, Sally Raymond, Clara Raymond, Seth Raymond, Joseph Raymond, Susannah Raymond, John Raymond, Mary Raymond, Ann Raymond, and Nathaniel Raymond.

Joseph Raymond, son of Joseph Raymond, was killed at Red Hook in the Revolutionary War. Seth Raymond, his brother, was killed by falling from a tree. Joshua Raymond listed in the army at the age of 14, as a drummer, was taken prisoner, and kept onboard a man-of-war till the peace, and arrived home just in time to see his father before he died. He afterwards followed the sea, and was a skilful and able captain.

Thomas Hanford, pastor to the church of Norwalk, married the widow Mary _______at New Haven, October 22, 1661.
Theophilus Hanford, born July 29, 1662.
Mary Hanford, born November 30, 1663.
Hannah Hanford, born June 28, 1665.
Elizabeth Hanford, born January 9, 1666.
Thomas Hanford, born July 18, 1668.
Eleazer Hanford, born September 15, 1670.
Elnathan Hanford, born October 11, 1672.
Samuel Hanford,

John Haite married Mary Lindall, daughter of Henry Lindall, deacon of the church of New Haven, September 14, 1666.
John Haite, born June 21, 1669.
Samuel Haite, born October 17, 1670.
Thomas Haite, born January 5, 1674.
Mary Haite, born September 1, 1677.
Deborah Haite, born December 28, 1679.

Ephraim Lockwood married Mercie Sention, daughter of Mathias Sention, senior of Norwalk, June 8, 1665.
John Lockwood, born March 19, 1665, 66.
Daniel Lockwood, born August 13, 1668.
Sarah Lockwood, born November 3, 1670.
Ephraim Lockwood, born May 1, 1673.
Eliphalet Lockwood, born February 27, 1675.
Joseph Lockwood, born April 1, 1680.

John Raymond married Mary Betts, daughter of Thomas Betts of Norwalk, December 10, 1664.
John Raymond, born September 9, 1665.
Samuel Raymond, born July 7, 1673.


John Platt's children
John Platt, born in June, 1664.
Josiah Platt, born December 28, 1667.
Samuel Platt, born January 26, 1670.
Joseph Platt, born February 17, 1672.
Hannah Platt, born December 15, 1674.
Sarah Platt, born May 21, 1678.

Thomas Taylor married Rebeckah Ketcham, daughter of Edw. Ketcham, of Stratford, deceased, on February 14, 1677.
Thomas Taylor, born November 26, 1668.
Deborah Taylor, born in June 1671.
John Taylor, born in December 1673.
Joseph Taylor, born in December, _____.

Thomas Benedict, Jr.'s children.
Mary Benedict, born December 4, 1666.
Thomas Benedict, born December 5, 1670.
Hannah Benedict, born January 8, 1676.

Thomas Benedict, senior, was born in England in 1617, and came to New England at the age of 21, and settled in the Massachusetts Bay. He afterwards removed to Southhold, L. I.; thence to Huntington, and thence to Jamaica, from whence he removedto Norwalk in 1665. He had nine children, viz., Thomas, Jr., John, Samuel, James, Daniel, Betty, Mary, Sarah, and Rebeckah, all of whom removed with him to Norwalk.

His son Thomas had six children;his son John had nine; Samuel had seven, James seven, Daniel four, Betty (married to. John Slauson of Stamford) two, Mary (married to John Olmsted of Norwalk) ten, Sarah (married to James Beebe of Stratford) two; Rebeckah married Doctor Samuel Wood, but we have no record of her children; making the number of grand-children of the said Thomas Benedict, senr, 47, exclusive of the children of his daughter Rebeckah.

Christopher Comestock married Hannah Platt, daughter of Richard Platt of Milford, on October 6th, 1663.
Daniel Comestock, born July 21, in 1664.
Hannah Comestock, born July 15, 1666.
Abigail Comestock, born January 27, 1669.
Mary Comestock, born February 19, 1671.
Elizabeth Comstock, born October 7, 1674.
Mercie Comstock, born November 12, 1676.
Samuel Comstock, born February 6, 1679/80.

John Benedict, Junior married Phebe Greggorie, daughter of John Greggorie, on November 11, 1670.
Phebe Benedict, born September 21, 1673.

John Olmsted married Mary Benedict, daughter of Thomas Benedict, July 17, 1673.

James Pickitt married Rebecca Keeler, daughter of Ralph Keeler, late of Norwalk, on July 17, 1673.

James Sention married Rebecka Pickett, daughter of John Pickett of Stratford, on December 31, 1673.

Jakin Greggorie's children
Mary Greggorie, born December 5, 1669.
John Greggorie, born January 25, 1670.
Thomas Greggorie, born January 17, 1672.
Samuel Gregorie, born March 10, 1675/76.
Matthew Gregorie, born March 10, 1675-76.
Sarah Gregorie, born December 15, 1680.
Jakin Gregorie, born May 10, 1682.


Robert Stewart married BethiaRumball, daughter of Thomas Rumball of Stratford, on June 12, 1661.
James Stewart, born March 19, 1662/63.
Abigail Stewart, born in the middle of August 1666.
John Stewart, born March 18, 1668/69.
Deborah Stewart, born in May 1669.
Elizabeth Stewart, born in the latter end of September 1671.
Phebe Stewart, born the middle of February 1673.

John Greggorie Jr.'s children
Elizabeth Greggorie, born in January 1665.
Sarah Greggorie, born in December 1667.
Jonathan Greggorie, born in June 1671.
Abigail Greggorie, born in June 1672.

Judah Greggorie married Hannah Haite, daughter of Walter Haite of Norwalk, on October 20, 1664.
Hannah Greggorie, born September 24, 1665.
John Greggorie, born March 17, 1668.
Percie Greggorie, born February 11, 1671.
Joseph Greggorie, born July 16, 1674.
Lydia Greggorie, born January 9, 1676.
Josiah Greggorie, born July 13, 1679.
Benjamin Greggorie, born March 26, 1682.

Daniel Kellogg married Bridget Bouton, daughter of John Bouton, at Norwalk in 1665.
Sarah Kellogg, born in February 1665/6.
Mary Kellogg, born in February 1662.
Rachel Kellogg, born in February 1663.
Elizabeth Kellogg, born in August 1666.
Daniel Kellogg, born May 7, 1671.
Samuel Kellogg, born the latter end of February, 1673.

James Benedict married Sarah Gregorie, daughter of John Gregorie, senior, of Norwalk, May 10, 1676.
Sarah Benedict, born June 7, 1677.

John Benedict, son of John Benedict, born March 3, 1675/76.

Samuel Benedict's children
Johannah Benedict, born October 22, 1673.
Samuel Benedict, born March 5, 1674/75.

Thomas Hyatt married Mary Sention, daughter of Mathias Sention, of Norwalk, about November 10, 1677.
Rebeckah Hyatt, born in the beginning of October 1678.

Francis Bushnell married Hannah Seamer, daughter of Thomas Seamer, of Norwalk, October 12, 1675.
Hannah Bushnell, born August 22, 1676.
Mary Bushnell, born December 21, 1679.

John Crampton married Sarah Rockewell, daughter of John Rockewell, of Stamford, on October 8, 1676.
Sarah Crampton, born September 10, 1679.
Abigail Crampton, born the 9th of August, 1681.
John Crampton, born January 7, 1682.

Elizabeth Webb, the widow of Richard Webb, formerly of Norwalk, died the twenty-fourth of January, 1680.


Benjamin Skrivener married Hannah Crampton, daughter of John Crampton, of Norwalk, on March 5, 1679/80.
Thomas Skrivener, born March 31, 1681.

John Fitch, son of Thomas Fitch, senior, married Rebeckah Lindall, daughter of Deacon Lindall, formerly of New Haven, on December 3, 1674.
John Fitch, born September 29, 1677.
Rebeckah Fitch, born January 15, 1679.

John Whitney's children
John Whitney, born March 12, 1676/77.
Joseph Whitney, born March 1, 1678.
Henry Whitney, born February 21, 1680.
Richard Whitney, born April 18, 1687.

John Keeler, son of Ralph Keeler, formerly of Norwalk, deceased, married Hittabell Rockewell, daughter of John Rockwell, formerly of Stamford, on June 18, 1679.
Elizabeth Keeler, born March 19, 1678.

Joseph Ketchum married Mercy Lindall, daughter of Deacon Lindall, formerly of New Haven, on April 3, 1679.
Sarah Ketchum, born February 19, 1681.
Nathaniel Ketchum, born January 23, 1679.

Samuel Sension, of Norwalk, died the 14th of January, 1684.

Sarah Sension, daughter of Samuel Sension, died the 5th of January, 1685.

Abigail Comstock, daughter of Christopher Comstock, died the 9th of February, in the year 1689.

William Sturdivant's children
Sarah Sturdivant, born April 9, 1678.
John Sturdivant, born July 20, 1676.

Daniel Comstock, son of Christopher Comstock, married Elizabeth Wheeler, daughter of John Wheeler, of Fairfield, at the Black Rock, June 13, 1692.

Samuel Benydicke married Rebeckah Andrews, daughter of Thomas Andrews, formerly of Fairfield, onJuly 7, 1678.
Thomas Benydicke, born March 27, 1679.
Abraham Benydicke, born June 21, 1681.

Thomas Greggorie married Elizabeth Pardie, daughter of George Pardie, of New Haven, on December 25, 1679.
Martha Greggorie, born April 31, 1680.

Sarah Hayes, born September 19, 1673.
Isaac Hayes, born August 27, 1682.

James Jupp married Anie Hickens, daughter of Thomas Hickens, formerly of Stamford,
deceased, on January 2, 1682.

John Keeler, son of John Keeler, born December 26, 1682.

Samuel Keeler, son of Ralph Keeler, formerly of Norwalk, deceased, married Sarah Sention, daughter of Marke Sention, on March 10, 1681/82.

Nathaniel Fitch, son of John Fitch, was born Nov. 6, 1682.


Thomas Barnam's children
Thomas Barnam, born July 9, 1663.
John Barnam, born February 24, 1677.
Hannah Barnam, born October 4, 1680.
Ebbinezer Barnam, born May 29, 1682.

James Beebe married Sarah Benydicke, daughter of Thomas Benydicke, senior, of Norwalk, December 19, 1679.
Sarah Beebe, born November 13, 1680.

Marke Sention's children
Elizabeth Sention, born December 6, 1656.
Sarah Sention, born January 18, 1659.

Samuel Sention married Elizabeth Haite, daughter of Walter Haite, September, 1663.
Sarah Sention, born in January, 1664.
Thomas Sention, born in October, 1666.
Elizabeth Sention, born in April, 1673.

James Pickett, son of James Pickett, born the 7th of May, 1674.

John Whitney married Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Richard Smith, on March 17, 1674/75.

Abigail Haite, daughter of Zerrubabel Haite, born February 2, 1675.

Mary Greggorie, daughter of John Greggorie, Jr., was born in December, 1674.

John Platt, Jr., of Norwalk, married Sarah Lockwood, daughter of Ephraim Lockwood,
ofNorwalk, in May, 1695.
Sarah Platt, born on March 30, 1697.
Elizabeth Platt, born on June 11, 1699.
John Platt, born April 2, 1702.
Abigail Platt, born on Feb. 12, 1707-8.

James Olmsted's children
James Olmsted, born March 10, 1676-7.
Samuel Olmsted, born May 13, 1683.
John Olmsted, born Aug.14, 1692.

Nathan ________, born April27, 1678, married Sarah Keeler, daughter of Ralph Keeler, Dec. 7, 1702.

Edmund Wareing married Elizabeth Bouton, daughter of Sergeant John Bouton, of Norwalk, Oct. 6, 1698. Theirchildren, except Hannah Wareing, were born in Oyster Bay, in Queen's Village.
Edmund Wareing, born Sept. 16, 1700.
Isaac Wareing, born Jan. 13, 1702.
John Wareing, born Dec.21, 1704.
Solomon Wareing, born April 24, 1707.
Mary Wareing, born Dec.22, 1708.
Nathan Wareing, born Feb. 6, 1710-ll.
Jacob Wareing, born Jan. 15, 1712-13.
Michael Wareing, born July 16, 1715.
Eliakim Wareing, born July 8, 1717.
Elizabeth Wareing, born March 8, 1719-20.
Abigail Wareing, born April 19, 1723.
Hannah Wareing, born Sept. 7, 1725 in Norwalk.


John Marvin married Mary Beears, daughter of Mr. James Beears, of Fairfield, March 22, 1704.
John Marvin, born July 22, 1705.
Nathan Marvin, born March 4, 1707.
Seth Marvin, born July 13, 1709.
David Marvin, born Aug.24, 1711.
Elizabeth Marvin, born Oct. 23, 1713.
Mary Marvin, born Dec. 29, 1716.
Elihu Marvin, born Oct 10, 1719.

Mrs. Mary Marvin, wife of the above John Marvin, departed this life, April 17, 1720.
(The above) John Marvin, son of Matthew Marvin, born Sept. 2, 1678.
Joseph Lockwood married Mary Wood, daughter of Mr. John Wood, of Stamford, Aug. 14, 1707.
Ephraim Lockwood, born Aug. 23, 1708.
Joseph Lockwood, born Nov. 23 1710.
Ruth Lockwood, born July 17, 1714.
Daniel Lockwood, born Dec. 5, 1716.
Mary Lockwood, born March 7, 1719-20.
Elizabeth Lockwood, born May 23, 1721.

Richard Whitney married Hannah Darling, daughter of Mr. John Darling, of Fairfield, April 17, 1709.
Elijah Whitney, born April 16, 1710.
Samuel Whitney, born Oct. 5, 1711.

Mr. Mark Saint John died or deceased Aug. 12, 1693.

Joseph Saint John married Sarah Betts, daughter of Mr. Thomas Betts, March 5, 1695-6.
Sarah Saint John, born June 13, 1697.
Mary Saint John, born Aug. 22, 1701,
Joseph Saint John, born Nov. 5, 1703.
Elizabeth Saint John, born Feb. 6, 1706-7.

John Raymond, Jr. married Elizabeth Saint John, daughter of Samuel Sension, alias Saint John, March 7, 1690.
John Raymond, born May19, 1693.
Mary Raymond, born March 5, 1694.
Elizabeth Raymond, born Aug. 22, 1697.
Hannah Raymond, born July 22, 1700.
Lemuel Raymond, born Jan. 7, 1702.
Jabez Raymond born April I, 1705.
Asael Raymond, born Sept. 22, 1707.
Elija Raymond, born Nov. 7, 1709.
Sarah Raymond, born Nov. 12, 1711.
Zuriel Raymond, born Dec. 3, 1715.

Christopher Comstock, deceased Dec. 28, 1702.

Samuel Comstock married Sarah Hanford, daughter of the Reverend Mr. Thomas Hanford, Dec. 27, 1705.
Sarah Comstock, born March 25, 1707.
Samuel Comstock, born Nov. 12, 1708.
Mary Comstock, born Aug. 5, 1710.

James Benedict, born Jan.15, 1685. married Sarah Hyatt, daughter of Thomas Hyatt, deceased, April 7, 1709.
Sarah Benedict, born May 23, 1710.


Jonathan Abbott married Sarah Olmsted, daughter of Lt. John Olmsted of Norwalk, June, 5th, 1696.
Jonathan Abbott, born April 6, 1697.
Sarah Abbott, born June16, 1699.
Eunis Abbott, born Jan.23 1702.
Mary Abbott, born July 8 1704.
Deborah Abbott, born Dec. 3, 1707.
Keziah Abbott, born April 17, 1711.
Lemuel Abbott, born Mar. 21, 1713-14.
Jane Abbott, born Oct. 5, 1716.
Mindwell Abbott, born Dec. 21, 1718.

Moses Comstock married Abigail Brinsmaid, daughter of Daniel Brinsmaid of Hartford, deceased, Feb. 23, 1709-10.
The said Moses Comstock departed this life January 18, 1766, in the 82d year of his age.
Abigail Comstock, wife of Moses Comstock, departed this life Nov. 16, 1766, in the 75th year of her age.

Samuel Wood's children
Mercy Wood, born March 30, 1717.
Samuel Wood, born Aug. 1718.

Mr. Alexander Resseguie married Mrs. Sarah Bontecou, daughter of Mr. Peter Bontecou of New York, Oct. 19, 1709.
Alexander Resseguie, born Aug. 27, 1710.
Peter Resseguie, born Dec. 19, 1711.
James Resseguie, born Nov. 6, 1713.
Abraham Resseguie, born July 27, 1718.
Isaac Resseguie, born May 24, 1717.
Jacob Resseguie, born Aug. 14, 1719.
Sarah Resseguie, born July 12, 1721.

Joseph Whitney married Hannah Hayt, daughter of Mr. Zerubbabell Hayt, of Norwalk, July 6, 1704.
Hezekiah Whitney, born April 10, 1705.
Hannah Whitney, born Nov. 5, 1707.
Joseph Whitney, born Dec. 6, 1710.
Thankful Whitney, born March 1, 1713-14.
David Whitney, born June 24, 1721.
Abraham Whitney, born Feb. 23, 1723-4.

Joseph Platt married Elizabeth Marvin, daughter of Mr. Matthew Marvin, Nov. 6, 1700.
Elizabeth Platt, born Dec. 2, 1761.
Elizabeth Platt, wife of said Joseph Platt, departed this life April 9, 1703.

Joseph Platt married Hannah Hanford, daughter of the Reverend Thomas Hanford, deceased, Jan. 26, 1703-4.
Hannah Platt, born Oct.29, 1704.
Joseph Platt, born Sept. 9, 1716.

John Keeler, Jr. married Rhoda Hayt, daughter of Deacon Zerubbabel Hayt, April 19, 1710.
Abigail Keeler, born March 27, 1711-12.

William Reed, Jr., was born Nov. 16, 1708.

Isaac Brown, son of James Brown, born March 1, 1690.

Nathaniel Ketchum married Sarah Wakeling, daughter of Deliverance Wakeling, deceased, of Stratford, June 12, 1710.
Nathaniel Ketchum, born March 17, 1710-11.


Isaac Hayes married Elizabeth Sherwood, daughter of Mr. Isaac Sherwood, of Fairfield, July 10, 1701.
Eunice Hayes, born May 2, 1702.
Jeremiah Hayes, born Feb. I, 1703-4.
Isaac Hayes, born March 23, 1706.
Jeremiah Hayes, departed this life, April 20, 1707.
Elizabeth Hayes, born May 23, 1708.
Samuel Hayes, born Oct.30, 1710.
Isaac Hayes, senior, departed this life Jan. 5, 1711-12.

John Nash married Mary Barley, daughter of Mr. Thomas Barley, of Fairfield, May 1, 1684.
John Nash, born Dec. 25, 1688.
Nathan Nash, born Jan. 26, 1692-3.
Mary Nash, wife of said John Nash, departed this life Sept. 2, 1711.

John Nash, Jr. married Abigail Blakely, daughter of Ebenezer Blakely, of New Haven, May 19, 1709.
Edward Nash, born July 21, 1710.
Mary Nash, born April 27, 1712.
John Nash, born Dec. 23, 1713.

Joseph Blachly married Mehitable Keeler, daughter of Mr. John Keeler, of Norwalk, Oct. 14, 1703.
Joseph Blachly departed this life Oct. 14, 1704.
Mary Blachly, born Nov.9, 1704.

Caleb Hayt married the widow Mehitable Blachly, Feb. 25, 1707-8.
Benijah Hayt, born Dec 8 1708.
David Hayt, born Dec. 23, 1713.
The said Caleb Hayt departed this life April 21, 1755.

Ebenezer Gregory married Mary Fitch, daughter of Mr. John Fitch of Norwalk, Dec. 13, 1711.

Henry Whitney married Elizabeth Olmstead, daughter of the late Lieut. John Olmstead, deceased, June 14, 1710.
Elizabeth Whitney, born Aug. 24, 1711.

Caleb Hayt, Jr. married Ruth Bouton, daughter of Mr. Samuel Bouton of Danbury, on May 16, 1750.
Sarah Hayt, born Dec. 19, 1752.
Ruth Hayt, born July 29, 1763.
Ruth Hayt, wife of Caleb Hayt, departed this life, April 9, 1755.

Samuel Kellogg married Sarah Platt, daughter of Deacon John Platt, Sept. 6, 1704.
Sarah Kellogg, born Sept. 26, 1705.
Samuel Kellogg, born Dec. 23, 1706.
Mary Kellogg, born Jan. 29, 1708.
Martin Kellogg, born Mar. 23, 1711.
Abigail Kellogg, born Jan. 19, 1712.
Lidiah Kellogg, born Oct. 30, 1713.
Gidion Kellogg, born Dec. 5, 1717.
Epenetus Kellogg, born June 26, 1719.

John Bartlett married Elizabeth Haynes daughter of Mr. William Haynes, Feb. 20, 1706.
Elizabeth Bartlett, born Dec. 4, 1707.
Hannah Bartlett, born Oct. 13, 1709.
William Bartlett, born Dec. 10, 1711.
Isabel Bartlett, born Aug. 18, 1714.
Mary Bartlett, born Apr. 17, 1716.
Sarah Bartlett, born Sept. 20, 1718.
John Bartlett, born Apr. 5, 1719.
Elizabeth Bartlett, wife of said John Bartlett, departed this life Feb. 26, 1723-4.
John Bartlett, departed this life August 5, 1761, in the 85th year of his age.


Thomas Reed married Mary Olmstead, daughter of St. John Olmstead of Norwalk, May 9, 1694.
Mary Reed, born May, 2, 1695.
Eunice Reed, born Feb. 26, 1696-7.
Thomas Reed, born May 7, 1699.
John Reed, born Aug. 7, 1701.
Elizabeth Reed, born Oct. 7, 1703.
Ann Reed, born July 6, 1706. Died Feb. 9, 1709-10.
Temperance Reed, born Oct. 16. 1708.
Elias Reed, born Mar. 10, 1711.
Nathan Reed, born Aug. 13, 1713.

Samuel Platt married Rebecka Benedict, daughter of Mr. Samuel Benedict of Danbury, on June 18, 1712.
Rebeckah Platt, born April 9, 1713.
The above named Samuel Platt departed this life Dec. 4, 1713.

John Scrivener married Deborah Lees, daughter of Lt. William Lees, March 9, 1709-10.
Mary Scrivener, born March, 1711.
Rebekah Scrivener, born Oct. 12, 1772.

Nathan Bears, son of Nathan Bears was born Sept. 8, 1745.
Ebenezer Bears, born Sept. 28, 1747.
Samuel Bears, born Dec.6, 1749.
Lydia Bears born Oct. 24, 1751. Died June 3, 1796.
Hannah Bears, born July17, 1754.
Abijah Bears, born April 7, 1756. Died June 26, 1784.
Ezekiel Bears, born March 9, 1758 Died June 9, 1795.
Sarah Bears born March 12, 1760. Died July 19, 1781.
Abigail Bears, born March 6, 1762.
Mary Bears born Sept. 2, 1764.
Anna Bears born Feb. 19, 1767.
Esther Bears, born Feb.6, 1770.

Eliphalet Lockwood, son of Ephraim Lockwood married Mary Gold, daughter of John Gold of Stamford, Oct. 11, 1699.
Hannah Lockwood, born July 28, 1700. Departed this life, July 16, 1712.
Damaris Lockwood, born Nov. 7, 1701.
Mary Lockwood, born Nov. 4, 1704.
Eliphalet Lockwood, born June 24, 1706.
John Lockwood, born Jan. 8, 1707-8. Departed this life Oct. 17, 1734.
Mercy Lockwood, born Apr. 11, 1709. Departed this life Oct. 1, 1712.
Peter Lockwood, born Mar. 16, 1710-11.
Hannah Lockwood, 2d, born July 12, 1712. Departed this life Oct. 27, 1713.
Abigail Lockwood, born Oct. 17, 1716.
The third born child of Eliphalet Lockwood was a son born on Nov. 28, 1703 and departed this life, Dec. 20, 1703.

Samuel Keeler Jr. married Rebeckah Bennedick, daughter of Mr. James Bennedick, of Danbury, on Jan.18, 1704/5.
Samuel Keeler, , born Jan. 14, 1706-6.
Rebeckah Keeler, born Oct. 28, 1708.
Rebeckah Keeler, wife of Samuel Keeler, Jr., departed this life, Mar. 20, 1709.

Samuel Keeler married Sarah Betts, daughter of Mr. Thomas Betts of Norwalk, on Dec. 11, 1712.
Sarah Keeler, born Jan.1, 1714.
Matthew Keeler, born Mar. 14, 1717.
Mary Keeler, born Jan. 29, 1718/19.
Elizabeth Keeler, born Apr. 20, 1722.
Hannah Keeler, born Oct. 18, 1725.
Rebeckah Keeler, born Aug. 27, 1729.
The said Samuel Keeler departed this life Aug. 8, 1763.

Samuel Canfield married Abigail Austin, daughter of Thomas Austin, of Stamford, Aug. 1, 1709.
Samuel Canfield, born June 4, 1710.


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