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The USGenWeb Project Fairfield County, Connecticut
Darien, Fairfield County, Connecticut


Transcribed from the church records of First Congregational Church of Darien (Middlesex Ecclesiastical Society) 1739-1938, by K. Steel. Names and pieces of information that were not clear to the transcriber are indicated by parenthesis (-).

Wid. Sarah Bell
Mary, wife of John Bell
Rebecca, wife of (Cory) Bell
Hannah, wife of Philo Bell
Amelia, wife of Mr. Leach NY
Hannah, wife of Joshua Scofield
Sarah, wife of John Little
Hannah, wife of Barnibus (Mar)vin
Sarah, wife of Joseph Mather
Sarah, wife of Saml. Mather
Widow Hannah Raymond
Mercy, wife of Jesse Reed
Abby, wife of John Reed
Sarah, wife of Noyes Richmond
Lydia, wife of Gershom Scofield
Elizabeth, wife of John Woolsey
Elizabeth, wife of Jesse Selleck
Hannah, wife of Charles Selleck
Mary, wife of Ebenezer Seely
Mary, wife of Dev. Waterbury
Isabella, wife of John Tuttle
Widow Sarah Faunche(r)
Hannah, wife of Saml. Waterbury
Betsey, wife of Uriah Waterbury
Polly Waterbury
Wid. Mary Weed
Sarah, wife of Daty Weed
Sarah Waterbury
Sally, wife of Jonathan Bates
(Rany) Mather
Polly, wife of Henry Weed
Widow Abbe Waterbury
Polly, wife of Henry Weed
Mary, wife of Justus Barnum, Long Island
Nancy Waterbury
Hannah, wife of Enis Wilmot
Hannah Waterbury
Wid. Prudence Grey, New York
Syruh Bates
Debby, wife of Rich. Bell
Widow Anne Bates, now Mrs. Hathaway
Lovinia, wife of Lewis Weed
Betsey, wife of Nathan Lockwood
(Hanny) wife of Jerrom Bates
Nancy, wife of Rufus Bell
Sally, wife of James Waterbury
Sally, wife of Warrin Percival
Martha, wife of John Reed, Junr.
Elenor (Gre--)
Fanny Bates
Mary Scofield (Sharon)
Hannah Selleck
Fanny Betts
Rebecca, wife of Thad. Hoyt
Hannah, wife of Elijah Reed
Martha, wife of Abraham Holly
Louisa, wife of Joseph Scofield
Mary, wife of Thad. Seely
Mary Weed
Elizabeth W. Mather, NY
Harriet Handford
Sally Tuttle
Mariah Barnum, Jamaica, NY
Fanny, wife of Henry Bates
Harriet, wife of Darius Hoyet
Hannah, wife of Cary Weed
Emeline Betts
Abbe Dinge
Happy, wife of Joseph Mather, Junr.
Phebe Mather
Elizabeth, wife of Stephen Ferrier
Sally, wife of Raymond Mather
Polly Richards
Esther Richards
Sally Weed
Temperance, wife of G.B. Smith
Betsey Ann Wheler
Mary, wife of Selleck Weed
Mary, wife of Henry Seely
Betsey, wife of Davis S. Mather
Elizabeth, wife of Alvah B. Warring

March 1825
Agnes, wife of Jonathan Bell
Abagail, wife of Wm. How
(-)ydia, wife of Avery Ferris
Sarah Reed
Mary Ann Whitney
Rosanna Mather
Lydia, wife of Henry Morehouse
Hannah Mather
Sally Brown
Dorcas Andrews
Rachel, wife of Mr. Talmadge
Phebe, wife of Abram Clock
Hannah Youngs
Rebecca Ann Hoyt
Emmy Waterbury
Emily Selleck
Ann Elizabeth Raymond
Abagail Waterbury

May 1825
Lavinia, wife of Lewis (Weed)
Nancy, wife of Ebenezer Platt
Mariah, wife of Isaac How
Angaline, wife of Eliasaph Waterbury
An Eliza Scofield
Polly, wife of Lewis Selleck
Deby Ann Percival
Widow Lockwood

September 1827
Esther Jarvis

May 1828
Hannah Clock
Widow Slawson

July 1828
Laura Couch, wife of Elijah Couch
Widow Elizabeth Gray


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