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The USGenWeb Project Fairfield County, Connecticut
Darien, Fairfield County, Connecticut


Transcribed from the church records of First Congregational Church of Darien (Middlesex Ecclesiastical Society) 1739-1938. Names and pieces of information that were not clear to the transcriber are indicated by parenthesis (-).

"The Subscribers being appointed a committee to examine and report the present state of the Church with respect to members give the following as a correct list.
Darien, August 24, 1821"

Richard Bell
Rufus Bell
Joseph Mather (G--n)

Samuel Andreas
Jonathan Bell
Joseph Mather
Samuel Mather
Jesse Reed
John Reed
Noyes Richard
Gershom Scofield
Ebenezer Seeley
Charles Selleck
John Tuttle
Samuel Waterbury
Daty Weed
Deodate Waterbury
Lewis Weed
Jeremiah Andreas
Richard Bell
Joseph Mather, Junr.
Samuel Warring
Elijah Reed
Rufus Bell
David Selleck
George Hoyt
Charles (G) Selleck
Stephen Ferrick
Raymond Mather {removed to Middletown, Conn.}
Jonathan (J) Andreas
Davis S Mather

1825 March

Avery Ferris
Moses Selleck
George Mather
Henry Morehouse
Joseph We(--)ing
Stephen Raymond
Ebenezer Weed
Charles E Whitney
Rufus Hoyt

May 1825

Darius Scofield
Ebenezer Holden
Moses Mather {by letter}
Lewis Weed {by letter}
(something unreadible)

September 1827
Joseph Jarvis {letter}

March 1828

Aaron Bradley
John Ferris


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