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The USGenWeb Project Fairfield County, Connecticut
Darien, Fairfield County, Connecticut

DARIEN, 1810-1838

Transcribed from the church records First Congregational Church of Darien (Middlesex Ecclesiastical Society) 1739-1938. Both the handwriting and spelling of the entries are uneven. Information was transcribed as recorded. Names and pieces of information that were not clear to the transcriber are indicated by parenthesis (---).

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January 3, 1810 John Jarvis of New Canaan Laura Thomson of Norwalk
January 14, 1810 Rufus Bell of Stamford Nancy Mather of Stamford
March 4, 1811 Gideon Lounsborough of York state Abigail Bishop of Stamford
March 13, 1811 Samuel Rundle of Stanwich Eliza Bates of Stamford
April 23, 1811 Selleck Reed of Norwalk Sarah Bell of Stamford
May 19, 1811 James (H---) Taylor of Warner Betsey Esther Whitney of New Canaan
recorded under the above entry Thomas Selleck of Stamford {black} Sally Johnson of Stamford {black}
October 3, 1811 Raymond Mather of Stamford Sally Gray of Stamford
January 1, 1812 Joseph Mather, Junr of Stamford Sally Jarvis of New Canaan
March 31, 1812 Latham Holmes of Greenwich Clarissa Weed of Stamford
December 20, 1812 Joel Hurlburt of Wilton Charlotte Weed of Stamford
January 10, 1813 Joseph Scofield of Stamford Louisa Street of Stamford
May 2, 1813 Joseph Everett of New Canaan Abigail (Crissey) Seeley of Stamford
August 23, 1813 Charles Johnson {black} Grace Comstock of New Canaan
September 19, 1813 Lyman Seely of Stamford Rebecca Richards of Stamford
September 26, 1813 Thomas Robertson of Morristown, NY Lotte Raymond of Norwalk
October 14, 1813 Benjn. (H)epton of Norwalk Zilpat Bates of Stamford
December 19, 1813 Henry Weed of Stamford Polly Seely of Middlesex
1814 David (Farihes) of Stamford, aged abt. 72 Wid. Sarah Waterbury of Stamford, aged abt. 70
November 29, 1814 Charles Weed of Stamford Jane Stevens of Stamford
December 25, 1814 Maur(is) Hoyt of Stamford Julia Slawson of
January 4, 1815 Jonathan Bell Junr. of Stamford Betsey Mather of Stamford
January 24, 1815 Amos L. Lounsbury of Stamford Abagail Waterbury of Stamford
April 19, 1815 William L. Gray of Stamford Elizabeth Selleck of Stamford
September 24, 1815 Gershom Raymond of Norwalk Delia Raymond of Stamford
October 22, 1815 Samuel St. John of Norwalk Hannah Bishop of Norwalk
November 12, 1815 James Selleck of Stamford Charlotte Bell of Stamford
January 21, 1816 Alvah Scofield Rebecca Bell of Stamford
April 7, 1816 Thaddeus Seely of New Canaan Mary Gray of Stamford
May 12, 1816 David N. Camp of Stamford Hester Lockwood of Stamford
Recorded under the above entry Davis Lockwood of Stamford Rebecca Waterbury of Stamford
September 5, 1816 Selleck Weed of Stamford Cornelia Slawson
September 8, 1816 Elijah Hoyt of Stamford Betsey Scofield of Stamford
October 17, 1816 Kilborn Selleck of Salisbury Catharine Selleck of Stamford
November 12, 1816 Samuel Richhard, Junr. of Norwalk Ann Weed of Stamford
April (1)2, 1817 Sandy Morehouse of Stamford Betsey Ann Slawson of Stamford
Recorded under the above entry William Bates of Upper Canada Hannah Marshall of Norwalk
August 24, 1817 Henry (C) Scribner of New Canaan Polly Weed of Stamford
October 19, 1817 Isaac Northrup of Pound Ridge Sally Hardwell of Stamford
January 15, 1818 (Cary) Weed of New Canaan Hannah Reed of Norwalk
January 27, 1818 Sands Wareing of Stamford Margaret (Daskam) of Norwalk
March 1, 1818 John Reed Junr. of Norwalk Martha Hoyt of Stamford
November 2, 1818 Hugh Knox of Norwalk Martha Keeler of Norwalk
November 26, 1818 (Barzillai) Hecock of New Canaan Harriet Wood of Norwalk
September 19, 1824 Henry Morehouse of Darien Lydia Mather of Darien
October 17, 1824 Ebenezer Weed of Darien Esther Richards of Darien
November 14, 1824 Darius Scofield of Darien Sally Weed of Darien
November 17, 1824 Henry Weed of Darien Rebecca Weed of Darien
November 28, 1824 Smith E. (Samis) of Darien Harriet Clock of Darien
December 5, 1824 Eliasiph Whitney of Darien Angeline Lounsbury of Stamford
January 16, 1825 No first name recorded Macintire of Darien No first name recorded Waterbury of Darien
January (16), 1825 Saml. Meeker of Redding Sally Hanford of Darien
October 2, 1825 Lewis Cook of Darien Nellie Clock of Darien
Octboer 16, 1825 John (----)ille of Darien Catharine Mills of Darien
November 24, 1825 Samuel St(orks) of Darien Emma Waterbury of Darien
June 21, 1826 Titus Rogers of Broklin Betsey Rogers of New York
October 22, 1826 George Mather of Darien Mary Ann Whitney of Darien
No date recorded No first name recorded Johnson of Norwalk No first name recorded Raymond of Norwalk
January 1, 1828 ----Comstock of (?) Matilda Hoyt of Darien
February 3, 1828 Hiram Brown of New Canaan Charlotte Raymond of Norwalk
February 4, 1828 Daniel P. Parker of Rochester NY Caroline Richards of Norwalk
February 24, 1828 George (N.) Slawson of Darien Eliza Turney of Bridgeport
May 1828 Henry Penoyer of Norwalk Ann Eliza Raymond of Norwalk
June 22, 1829 Henry H. French of (Trumble) An Eliza Wilmot of Stamford
Recorded under above entry Henry Dean of North Stamford Harriet Wilcoxson of Darien
Recorded under above entry Abram Clock of Darien Julia Scofield of Darien
November 1, 1829 Wm. B. Jeli(---) of Norwalk Ann Elizabeth Raymond of Darien
November 2, 1829 Stephen B. Seely of New Canaan Mercy (La---)Reed of Norwalk
November 2, 1829 Daniel (Gidney) of Rye, NY Mary Richards of Darien
November 4, 1829 Josiah Whitney of Darien Sally Waterbury of Darien
November 4, 1829 Alvah Weed of city of NY Mary Weed of Darien
November 29, 1829 Ira Hoyt of Norwalk Jane Miller of Norwalk
January 714, 1830 George Reed of Norwalk Harriet Sturges of Darien
January 24, 1830 (Limont) Brooks of Norwalk Hannah (Stibons) of Norwalk
February 2, 1830 No first name recorded Bell of Stamford No first name recorded Lockwood of Hamdan
February 14, 1830 No first name recorded Ford of New Haven Abagail Wilmot of Darien
May 30, 1830 Wm. Clock of (Portage) NY Sarah Mather of Darien
August 1, 1830 Charles Bates of Darien Polly Tuttle of Darien
November 7, 1830 William H. Bates of Darien Sally E. Bates of Darien
December 28, 1830 Leander Hoyt of Darien No first name recorded Bixby of Darien
December 29, 1830 Rufus HOyt of Darien Susan E. Reed of Norwalk
March 1831 John D. Bates of Darien Sarah Bell of Darien
August 21, 1831 John Jarvis of Darien Fanny A. Johnson of Darien
August (ink blot) 4, 1831 Dr. Agus Bacanaan Deby Ann Percival of Darien
January 29, 1832 Usual Huosted of Stamford Betsey Bates of Darien
August 26, 1832 George H. Guyon of Mamaronick NY Catherine Deal of NY City
December 31, 1832 Jarvis Weed of Darien Susan Jennings of Darien
April 25, 1833 Jesse Reid of Darien Emily Ferris of Norwalk
September 3, 1833 Wm. Carter of New Canaan Betsey Bell of Darien
September 29, 1833 Curtis Finch of Darien Catherine S. Gray of Darien
November 5, 1833 Charl(es) E. Whitney Rosanna Mather Darien written between the entries
April 3, 1834 John Din(gy) of Norwalk Charlotte Richards of Darien
June 10, 1834 William Scofield of Darien Elizabeth Scofield of Darien
September 21, 1834 Alexander B. Holmes of New York Lucy Ann Davis of Darien
August 23, 1835 Frederick Jarvis of Norwalk Mrs. Nancy Hurlbut of West Port
June 10, 1838 Chas. Waterbuty of Darien Caroline Louisa Harmon of Darien
September 23, 1838 Jerome Hoyt of Stamford Abigail Crissey of Darien
October 16, 1838 Nathaniel Street of Norwalk Catharine Scofield of Darien
November 25, 1838 Hezekiah Weed of Darien Polly Weed of Darien
December 25, 1838 Edward R. Fanshaw of New York Mary Jane Raymond of Darien


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