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The USGenWeb Project Fairfield County, Connecticut

Danbury, Fairfield Co., CT

Transcribed and contributed by Coralynn Brown. Thank you, Coralynn!


Charles C, m Mary A SANFORD, b of Danbury, Sept 9, 1850, by Rev E S Huntington


Ann, m Patrick DOLAN, _______, by Thomas Ryan. Witnesses: John McDermott & Margaret McDermott. Recorded aug 1851

Bridget, m Patrick HUGHES, ___ 10, 1851, by Rev Michael O'Farrell


William, of New York City, m Caroline HICKOK of Danbury, Dec 20, 1829, by Oliver Shepard, J.P.


Julia, m Bernard GRLOOLY, May 11, 1851, by Thomas Ryan. Witnesses: Thomas Kenny & Julia English


Alexander, son John & Deborah, b Dec 19, 1768

Ann, m John DODD, Sept 26, 179_.

Anna, dau John & Deborah, b Dec 3, 1761

Deborah, dau John & Deborah, b Nov 3, 1763

Hugh, son Nail & grandson of Hector, of Balafedrys and of the House of Bororack, b _____, in the Island of Tyree, Argyleshire, Scotland. Left Scotland May 20, 1757; arrived in America Aug 14, 1757; m Deborah ADAMS, dau Samuel of Fairfield, Oct 12, 1759

John, & wife Deborah, had twin sons, b Mar 16, 1766; died same day

John, son John & Deborah, b Feb 27, 1773

John, had negroes Cato, b Sept __, 1780 in New York; Letty, b Nov 10, 1783; Samuel, b Mar 1787, in the family of Frederick J WHITING; James, b Dec 1789; Betsey, b Oct 16, 1792. All children of Cato & Viny. Affidavit made Dec 13, 1792, by John McLEAN

John Jr, m Sally CHAPPELL, Mar 26, 1797

John, died Apr 7, 1805

Lanne, twin with Lilly, dau John & Deborah, b Oct 27, 1765; died 10 days after

Laura, m John HURLBUT, b of Danbury, Aug 18, 1844, by Edward Taylor, J.P.

Lilly, twin with Lanne, dau John & Deborah, b Oct 27, 1765; died 10 days after

Lilly, dau John, m William CHAPPEL, Mar 6, 1793

Mary, dau John & Deborah, b July 25, 1760

Sarah, dau John & Deborah, b Sept 4, 1778

Sarah, m Philo CALHOON, Mar 7, 1802


Robert, m Lucy FOOT, dau John, Sept 14, 1785


Martin, m Margaret BREADY, Nov 11, 1851, by Rev Michael O'Farrell


Thomas, m Mary MALLON, Nov 23, 1851, by Rev Michael O'Farrell


Abram A, m Rebecca HOYT, b of Danbury, Sept 25, 1844, by Rev W F Collins


Mary, m Thomas McNAMEE, Nov 23, 1851, by Rev Michael O'Farrell


Almira, m Eli JENNINGS, b of Danbury, May 21, 1826, by Reuben Booth, J.P.

Betsey, of Danbury, m Homer SMITH of Brookfield, June 1, 1823, by Samuel H Phillips, J.P.

Eli H, m Hannah CLARK, b of Danbury, Feb 27, 1837, by Rev D H Short

Eliza, m William S PECK, b of Danbury, Feb 2, 1834, by Levi Osborn

Eunice, dau Aaron, of Woodbury, b Mar 23, 1765; m Comfort HOYT Jr, son Capt. Comfort, May 15, 1776

Grace, m John WHITLOCK, July 21, 1761

Horace, m Fanny WOOD, b of Danbury, Mar 24, 1839, by Levi Osborn

Jane Anne, m Aaron E HOYT, b of Danbury, Sept 12, 1841, by Levi Osborn

John, of Redding, m Sally MORRIS of Danbury, this day Jan 15, 1823, by Nathan Seelye, J.P.

John D, m Fansy E SCOTT, Sept 11, 1850, by Rev A Perkins

Lucy J, m Daniel P BARLOW, b of Danbury, Nov 8, 1847, by Nathaniel Bishop

Marietta, m Russel BENEDICT, b of Danbury, Aug 20, 1837, by Rev D H Short

Mary, of Dan___, m Elisha HUIT, Dec 9, 1779

Walter, m Sophia SMITH of Bethel, Sept 13, 1830, by Rev Erastus Cole


Bridget, m Francis HURGEN, Nov 16, 1851, by Rev Michael O'Farrell


Daniel B, m Lucy M STEWART, b of Danbury, Sept 11, 1850, by Rev John S Whittlesey


Alfred, m Abigail KNAPP, b of Danbury, Oct 9, 1832, by John Mitchel

Chloe A, m Orva E LYON, Aug 10*, 1841, by Edward C Ambler (*"10th" crossed out)

David, m Sally B THOMAS, Apr 21, 1822, by Josiah Dikeman

George, m Emily A LYON, b of Danbury, Sept 4, 1850, by E M Jackson

Hannah A, m Barnum KNAPP, b of Danbury, Mar 11, 1849, by Elder E M Jackson

Julia, m John PLOUGH, May 8, 1843, by Lucius Atwater

Ralph, m Sarah CLIFFORD, July 3, 1850, by Rev John Purves of Bethel


Horace, m Mary CHAPPELL, b of Danbury, this day Nov 6, 1825, by Rev Lemuel B Hull


Caroline, m Peter HOLMES, b of Danbury, May 19, 1844, by John Nickerson

Charles B, of Penn., m Hannah M HOYT of Danbury, June 2, 1833, by John Nickerson


Margaret A, of New York, m John T* EARLE of Danbury, Apr 13, 1834, by John Nickerson (*Possibly "I")

William, of New York, m Betsey Ann EARL, Oct 2, 1831, by John Nickerson


Billy, son John & Rachel, b May 8, 1789

Eli, son John & Rachel, b Feb 15, 1744; died Aug 30, 1775

Eli, son John & Rachel, b Mar 6, 1779

Hannah, dau John & Rachel, b Apr 2, 1787

John, son John & Rachel, b July 14, 1776

Limon, son John & Rachel, b Oct 6, 1791

Samuel, son John & Rachel, b May 9, 1781

Thomas, son John & Rachel, b Mar 15, 1783

William, of Philadelphia, m Joanna WILLIAMS of Danbury, Oct 31, 1824, by Rev John G Lowe

Zebah, child of John & Rachel, b Mar 16, 1785


Chloe, of Danbury, m Manoah PORTER of Brookfield, ______, by Nathan Bulkley. Recorded July 8, 1830


Polly, m Squire MUNROWE, Nov 29, 1812


Anseline, m Watler RYLEES, Sept 13, 1821, by Rev William Andrews

Elijah, m Polly STANLEY, May 26, 1831, by Rev John Boyden Jr


Harriet, m William H H FERRY, b of Bethel, Oct 16, 1839, by John Greenwood

Theodore, m Betsey SHERMAN, b of Bethel, Oct 11, 1843, by John L Ambler


David, of Ohio, m Ann NICKIRSON, Oct 13, 1822, by John Nickerson

Henry, of Danbury*, m Hannah Amelia SQUIRES of Weston, Dec 26, 1839, by S A Brown (*Or "Cranbury")

Martin, m Polly Maria SHEPARD, b of Danbury, this day May 29, 1825, by Rev Lemuel B Hull

Sabra, see Sabra DeFOREST


George C, m Mary Ann DOBBS, Apr 3, 1831, by Rev A Rood

Henry B, of Reading, m Lucy A DART of Bethel, Dec 23, 1840, by J Greenwood. Int. Pub.

Silas, of Greens Farms, m Polly M JUDD of Ridgeway, June 7, 1820, by Oliver Tuttle


Charles G, m Ann Maria WHITE, July 22, 1833, by Rev A Rood

Charles H, m Mary Amelia WHITE, July 18, 1826, by Nathan Button


Philo C, of Brookfield, m Julia A SHEPARD of Danbury, May 14, 1850, by Rev D C Curtiss

Samuel, of Fairfield, m Mary Ann BARR of Danbury, Sept 7, 1823, by Nathan Bulkley

Timothy T, m Hannah B WHITE, Sept 2, 1830, by Rev A Rood


James, of Roxbury, m Lucy CROFUT of Danbury, Oct 15, 1826, by John Nickerson

Nathan, m Sarah E AMBLER, Nov 22, 1843, by Rev William R Webb


Edwin, of Ridgefield, m Orva BRUNSON of Danbury, Oct 1, 1830, by Levy Bronson

Henry, m Elizaeth WOOD, Dec 4, 1845, by Rev I W Alvord of Stamford


Ebenezer Platt, twin with William Andrews, son Eli, b Mar 10, 1822; died Mar 16, 1822

William Andrews, twin with Ebenezer Platt, son Eli, b Mar 10, 1822


Elisabeth, dau John, of Woodbury, m Major TAYLOR, Apr 26, 1771


Ezias W, of Litchfield, m Hulda CHAMBERS of Danbury, Oct 24, 1841, by John Nickerson


Henry H, m Eliza SANFORD, June 12, 1837, by Jacob Shaw

John H, m Sally CARLE, b of Danbury, Mar 2, 1823, by Matthew Wilkes

Marietta Elizabeth, m Orsen* POLLY, b of Danbury, Apr 2, 1843, by James Floy (*Name rewritten and doubtful)

Mary, dau Joseph, of Sharon, m Daniel WOOD, Jan 9, 1746

Mary, m Amos BISHOP, May 23, 1831, by John Nickerson

Polly, of Danbury, m Marcus BIRCH of New York, Oct 3, 1831, by John Nickerson

Squire, m Polly MAXWELL, Nov 29, 1812

Wealthy, dau Noah, of Sharon, m Daniel WOOD Jr, May 13, 1777

Willis*, of Derby, m Sarah POTTER of Hamden, Feb 18, 1847, by Timothy Hollister, J.P. (*"Willis MONSON?")

Zachary, m Rachel SWALLOW, Apr 24, 1821, by Nathan Bulkley


Catharine, m George ANDREWS, Oct 31, 1832, by Thomas Larcombe

Laura, wid, m Daniel SHARPE, b of Danbury, Sept 11, 1823, by Josiah Dikeman

Mary, m William A CROCKER, this day Nov 3, 1834, by James H Linsley

William, m Susan HALLIDAY, b of Danbury, Jan 18, 1832, by Thomas Larcombe


Mary A, see Mary A MOORE


Alfred, m Amelia OSBORN, Nov 6, 1822, by Rev William Andrews

Eliza, m Warren TAYLOR, Feb 12, 1824, by Rev William Andrews

Enoch, m Ann HOLLIDAY, Sept 26, 1821, by Rev William Andrews

Mary A*, m Samuel A TROWBRIDGE, b of Danbury, June 1, 1847, by Rev Rollin S Stone (*Or "MOON?")

Myron, m Elizabeth B BOUGHTON, b of Danbury, Apr 17, 1839, by Rev Willis Lord

Walter, m Loiza ALLEN, Nov 27, 1823, by Nathan Burton


Elizabeth, m Henry BENEDICT, b of Danbury, this day Sept 12, 1832, by Rev Lemuel B Hull

Jessy, of Ridgefield, m Susan KNAPP of Danbury, Dec 12, 1832, by John Nickerson

Mabel, m Ezra BENEDICT, Nov 2, 1775

Ruth, m Elijah BURCHARD, Dec 1, 1764

Thaddeus, b Oct 25, 1748; m Tamar HOYT, dau John, dec'd., Mar 12, 1772


Adaline, of Danbury, m Henry SHEPARD of Newtown, Oct 25, 1848, by Rev I Atwater

Betsey, of Danbury, m Isaac BLACKMAN of Newtown, Jan 2, 1837, by Rev Salmon C Bulkley

Caroline, m Russel HOYT, b of Bethel, June 16, 1841, by John Greenwood

Emiline, of Bethel, m William R BANKS of Redding, Oct 5, 1845, by Thomsa T Guion

Hannah, m Frederick B DIKEMAN, b of Danbury, Dec 21, 1842, by Rev Morris Hill

Jerusha, of Danbury, m Frederick CRAWFAUT of Redding, Apr 22, 1822, by Phineas Taylor, J.P.

John, of New Fairfield, m Clorinda TAYLOR of Danbury, this day Jan 1, 1821, by Nathan Seeley, J.P.

John Newton, of Wilton, m Estella Jane MORRIS of Danbury, Nov 11, 1849, by Rev George H Deere

Julia, of Bethel, m David LYON Jr of Danbury, this day Mar 28, 1844, by Rev Rollin S Stone

Mabel, of Danbury, m George M LAWRENCE of Newtown, Mar 27, 1844, by John L Ambler

Marila, of Danbury, m Bennett JENNINGS of Newtown, Dec 30, 1828, by John G Lowe

Mary, m Frank JUDD, b of Bethel, June 1, 1841, by John Greenwood

Sally, m Lodowick DART, b of Danbury, Dec 31, 1820, by Phineas Taylor, J.P.

Sally, of Danbury, m John JOHNSON, formerly of Newtown, May 12, 1835, by Edward Taylor, J.P.

Zuba, of Danbury, m Willys BURR of Reading, May 16, 1822, by Rev Daniel Crocker


Ann Eliza, m Orlando JENNINGS, July 28, 1850, by Rev George H Deere

Clarissa, m Thomas P WHITE, b of Danbury, Mar 9, 1828, by Levi Osborn

Elijah, son Shadrack, m Olive STEVENS, dau Eliphatee, Apr 8, 1798

Estella Jane, of Danbury, m John Newton MORGAN of Wilton, Nov 11, 1849, by Rev George H Deere

Frederick, of Poughkeepsie, m Caroline STEVENS of Mill Plain, this day Oct 16, 1833, by Levi Osborn

George, m Hannah STEVENS, b of Danbury, Feb 5 (probably 1834), by Levi Osborn

Jachin, son Elijah & Olive, b Jan 12, 1799

John Stevens, son Elijah & Olive, b Jan 14, 1801

Mary, m James H CROFUT, Jan 14, 1824, by George Benedict Jr

Sally, of Danbury, m John MALLORY of Redding, this day Jan 15, 1823, by Nathan Seelye, J.P.

Samuel, of Danbury, m Phebe STARR of Brookfield, Jan 17, 1821, by William Cooke, J.P.

Sarah A, m Frederick S BLACKMAN, June 5, 1850, by William W Bronson

William D, m Clarissa STEVENS, b of Danbury, Nov 1, 1826, by John Nickerson


John, m Elvira ODELL, b of Bethel, Sept 29, 1845, by Thomas T Guion

Ursula, m Charles D LEAVENWORTH, Apr 30, 1849, by Rev John Purves of Bethel


Harriet, m John ROWAN, Nov 5, 1839, by John Crawford

Ira, of Bridgeport, m Mary* LYON of Danbury, May 19, 1847, by Thomas T Guion (*Possibly "Mercy")

Mary, dau Joseph, of Derby, m Ebenezer WHITE, ______.

Polly, of Danbury, m Elijah GREGORY of Danbury, this day ____, 1836?, by Rev David H Short


Abraham, of Phillips, N.Y., m Ruth BENEDICT of Danbury, Jan 15, 1826, by John Nickerson


Betsey, dau Ebenezer & Thankful, b Feb 19, 1772

David, son Ebenezer & Thankful, b Feb 11, 1766; died June __, 1776

David, son Ebenezer & Thankful, b Dec 3, 1776

Ebenezer, m Thankful GREGORY, Oct 6, 1757

Ebenezer, son Ebenezer & Thankful, b Jan 9, 1764

Eli, son Ebenezer & Thankful, b Sept 29, 1774

Eliakim, son Ebenezer & Thankful, b Feb 19, 1762; died Oct __, 1782 (*Perhaps 1792?)

Elisabeth, dau Ebenezer, m Asa CURTISS, June 7, 1775

Ira, son Ebenezer & Thankful, b Jan 24, 1778

Johannah, dau Ebenezer & Thankful, b July 16, 1758

Levy, son Ebenezer & Thankful, b Jan 24, 1760

Lydia, dau Ebenezer & Thankful, b Jan 29, 1770

Patience, dau Ebenezer & Thankful, b Apr 22, 1768

Rachel, m Stephen AMBLER, Apr 15, 1783

Willis*, of Derby, m Sarah POTTER of Hamden, FEb 18, 1847, by Timothy Hollister, J.P. (*"Willis MONROW"?)


Patrick, m Ellen TROPHY, May 25, 1851, by Thomas Ryan. Witnesses: James Kermain & Mary Whelan


Cornelius, m Abigail H STARR, b of Danbury, Oct 10, 1841, by D H Short


Abigail, dau Jos., b May 6, 1744; m John TAYLOR, Dec 16, 1762

Abigail, dau Eli, died Nov 17, 1767, age 25 y

Abigail, dau Comfort S & Lucy, b Apr 16, 1785

Amerilas, dau Eli & Abigail, b May __, 1762; died Sept __, 1762

Anna Maria, dau Comfort S & Lucy, b Dec 30, 1799

Betsy, dau Comfort S & Lucy, b Feb 20, 1790

Betty, dau Eli & Phebe, b June 21, 1771

Betty, dau Col. Eli, m Ebenezer Booth WHITE, Mar 23, 1791

Comfort, son Comfort S & Lucy, b Dec 25, 1792

Comfort S, b Aug 23, 1763; m Lucy KNAP, dau Joshua, Oct 26, 1783

Comfort Starr, son Eli & Abigail, b Aug 23, 1763

David Judson, son Eli & Phebe, b Feb 21, 1773; died Aug 20, 1775

David Judson 2nd, son Eli & Phebe, b Oct 1, 1777

Eli, 2nd son Joseph, b Jan 25, 1742 O.S.; m Abigail STARR, dau Samuel, ____, 1759

Eli, m 2nd wife Phebe JUDSON, dau David, of Newtown, July 6, 1769

Eli, son Eli & Phebe, b Mar 24, 1770

Eli, m 3rd wife Mary BOUGHTON, wid Miles, 2nd dau Theophilus BENEDICT, mar 20, 1784

Eli, Col., died Oct 26, 1807, at New Haven

Elizabeth, wid Joseph, m Daniel CHURCH, Sept __, 1751; died Oct 4, 1777

Filor, son Eli & Abigail, b Dec 24, 1765

Filor, m Betty BOUGHTON, dau Miles, Mar 15, 1787

George*, son Comfort S & Lucy, b June 14, 1797 (*"e" added in pencil)

Joseph, died Apr __, 1749

Julia, dau Comfort S & Lucy, b May 2, 1789

Laury, child of Filor & Betty, b Dec 9, 1788

Lucy, dau Comfort S & Lucy, b July 28, 1794

Lucy, wife Comfort, died Mar 8, 1804

Mary, dau Thomas, of Oblong, m Ezra GREGORY, Mar 3, 1789

Miles Benedict, son Eli & Mary, b Feb 27, 1787

Noadiah, son Eli & Abigail, b Feb 15, 1760

Phebe, wife Eli, died Aug 13, 1783, age 36 y 11 m 28 d

Phebe Judson, dau Eli & Mary, b Mar 17, 1785

Polly, dau Comfort S & Lucy, b Jan 8, 1787

Rachel, dau Filor & Betty, b June 29, 1787

Rebekea, dau Eli & Mary, b Aug 31, 1789


Benjamin, m Molly FITCH (colored), Sept 2*, 1820, by William Andrews (*Day crossed out)


Mary, of Orange, N.J., m Romanzo GAGE of Danbury, Mar 2, 1851, by John L Ambler


Thomas, m Sarah TAYLOR, dau Abner, Dec 24, 1796


Darius C, of Sing Sing, m Irena BARNUM of Bethel, this day July 22, 1839, by John Greenwood


Betsey, m Sherwood OSBORN, Mar 21, 1819

Bettey, dau Stiles & Phebe, b Dec 22, 1798

David Beach, son Stiles & Phebe, b May 14, 1792? (Last figure faded out)

Edward Arthur, m Harriet Sophia BLACKMAN, b of Danbury, Sept 30, 1840, by Rev D H Short

Ephraim Fairchild, son Stiles & Phebe, b June 18, 1789

Fanny, dau Stiles & Phebe, b July 24, 1788

Fanny, b July 24, 1788; m Milton F CUSHING, Sept 26, 1807

Frances, of Waterbury, m Julius GAILORD of Watertown, Nov 16, 1846, by Thomas T Guion

Frederick, m Emily WILCOX, b of Danbury, this day Oct 20, 1841, by Rev S H Clark

George, m Susan THOMPSON, Nov 14, 1842, by Rev Thomas T Guion

Harriet L, m John R STRATTON, June 15, 1848, by Rev William W Bronson

Hezekiah, m Juliana COMSTOCK, June 7, 1821, by Rev William Andrews

James W, m Phebe HAWLEY, b of Danbury, July 6, 1845, by Rev F Reed

Lowell M, m Lydia A TROBRIDGE, Nov 19, 1851, by Rev Charles Bartlett

Rachel, m Peter GANUNG, Nov 8, 1843, by Rev William R Webb

Rebecca, wid Samuell, m Samuel WILDMAN, Jan 22, 1795

Rebecca, m Uriah H WOOD, Oct 17, 1821, by Rev William Andrews

Rebecca E, m Phineas D CROSBY, b of Danbury, this day Sept 1, 1840, by Rev Rollin S Stone

Roswell Stiles, son Stiles & Phebe, b Jan 3, 1795

Stiles, b Aug 13, 1761*, m Phebe BOOTH, Nov 12, 1787 (*Possibly "1760")

Temperance, b Mar 26, 1753; m Joseph BARNUM Jr, Apr 16, 1772


Ann, m David MEAD of Ohio, Oct 13, 1822, by John Nickerson

Annar, wife Nathananeal, b June 13, 1739

Annice, m Eliakim ANDRUS, Sept 28, 1786

Betsey Ann, dau John & Martha Ann, b June 5, 1817

Cara, m Isaac RAYMOND, b of Danbury, Jan 13, 1828, by John G Lowe

Cloe, dau Nathanael & Annar, b May 2, 1762

Elihu, son Nathanael & Annar, b May 18, 1764

Elizabeth, dau William, m Benjamin PECK, son Jesse, June 10, 1783

Eluid, son Nathanael & Annar, b Dec __, 1760

Ephraim, son Nathanael & Annar, b Nov 2, 1771

Harriet, m Charles RAMOND, b of Trumbull, Apr 29, 1834, by John Nickerson

John, m Martha Ann ROCKWELL, July 21, 1812

John Henry, son John & Martha Ann, b July 29, 1815; died Mar 5?, 1806 (sic)

Julia, m William WEBB, Jan 1, 1836, by Francis C Taylor, J.P.

Lorenzo Dow, son John & Martha Ann, b July 23, 1813

Lucy, dau Nathanael & Annar, b Aug 25, 1776

Mary, dau John & Martha Ann, b Aug 23, 1819; died Sept 5, 1822

Nathanael, b Oct 10, 1732

Nelson, m Mariania PARSONS, b of Danbury, June 15, 1847, by Rev John Crawford

Rebecca, dau Nathanael & Annar, b Mar 24, 1768

Rebekah, m Abraham WILDMAN Jr, Oct 16, 1791

Sarah M, m Joseph F BECK, b of Danbury, June 4, 1843, by James Floy


Eleanor A, m Bradley B FANTON, Apr 7, 1850, by Rev A Perkins

Marcus, of New Milford, m Amelia BULKLEY of Greenfield, Nov 2, 1831, by Rev Lemuel B Hull

Maria Loisa, m Jesse Q*(?) DUNCOMBE, b of Danbury, Nov 5, 1847, by R K Bellany


Clarinda, m Peter W BUCKLEY, b of Danbury, this day Sept 12, 1841, by S H Clark

Esther W, m Jonathan W HALL, b of Bethel, May 4, 1842, by J Greenwood


Mary, m Bradley SEARS, Jan 17, 1832, by Nathan Burton


Elizabeth, of Ridgefield, m James BEATY, Jan __, 1798

Hannah, dau James, of Ridgbury, m Samuel BALDWIN, Dec 9, 1772

Norman, of Bridgeport, m Eliza SELLICK of Brookfield, Feb 26, 1822, by Abner Brundage

Thomas I, of Newtown, m Ruth Ann HULL of Danbury, Mar 13, 1833, by Abram Stow, J.P.


Cyprian C, of Chicago, m Laura Ann HUSTED of Danbury, July 29, 1846, by Rev Rollin S Stone

Garry B, of Southbury, m Esther COLE of Danbury, Nov 26, 1824, by John Nickerson

Nancy P, m Alfred R KNAPP, Feb 24, 1828, by George Benedict

Russel, of Danbury, m Emily POLLY of Bridgeport, July 13, 1851, by Rev J L Gilder of ReddingGeorge White, son Isaac & Jerusha, b Feb 28, 1798

Isaac, m Jerusha BENEDICT, dau Zadock, Mar 14, 1792

Jerusha Russel, dau Isaac & Jerusha, b May 18, 1793


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