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The USGenWeb Project Fairfield County, Connecticut

Stamford, Fairfield Co., CT

Green Cemetery - 418-27
Hope Street, north of Robin Hood Drive,
Stamford, CT

These records have been contributed by Fairfield County, CT researcher, Barbara Kaye. The data has been collected from several sources, including the Hale Cemetery Collection (see history, below). In addition, thanks to volunteer photographer, Alix Brown, digital photographs of the stones in this cemetery are available upon request. Please indicate the name of the cemetery and the person, when you request a photograph. Send your requests to Barbara Kaye at barbarak1775@aol.com
We need you!   If you live near a cemetery in Fairfield County, CT and wish to contribute data or add additional information to an existing cemetery collection, please email Barbara Kaye.  She will see to it that your information is added. If you are interested in volunteering to transcribe other cemetery records, we'll help get you started!

The Charles R. Hale Collection of Headstone Inscriptions resides at the Connecticut State Library. Charles Hale was a member of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. In 1916, he became involved in locating and decorating the graves of Revolutionary and Civil War veterans in his home town of Rocky Hill. In order to make it easier to find these graves, he decided to record each veteran's name, date of death and military service. He was persuaded by State Librarian George S. Godard to search also for veterans of other wars.

In 1919, the General Assembly made an appropriation to carry on this work throughout the State. In 1933 and 1934, with grants from the F.E.R.A. and the W.P.A., Mr. Hale began copying and indexing the essential information from every headstone in the State. Two copies of these listings were deposited in the State Library. Records for individual towns were made available to libraries and historical societies throughout Connecticut.

These records may contain errors in dates or names. Some errors were made either at the time of the survey of the cemeteries or during the transcription in 1935. One common error in reading old headstones is mistaking a four for a one.We have tried very hard to avoid creating new errors during the retyping of this data for the internet. In addition, we have attempted to correct some of the original errors, either by revisiting these cemeteries or by recalculating dates or ages based on known dates of birth for some of these people. However, some of the stones that were legible in 1934 are either missing or no longer legible.

I have also attempted to identify these people, using census and other vital records. Anything added within brackets like these [  ] indicates a
suggestion as to the identity of the person.  If a wife's name does not include a separate surname, it is not known at this time. Many couples in early Fairfield County were second or third cousins with the same surname. There are many surnames that have several alternate spellings. (See spellings for a list of common surnames and their alternate spellings.)  Some people appear in more than one listing because some graves were moved to newer cemeteries, new stones were carved, and the old stones were left behind. Although much of the data on the various families in early Stamford is accurate, there will always be errors, many of which are found in published genealogies. It is recommended that you write to the Town Clerk's office for death or birth certificates for your ancestors. If you have documentation that supplies any missing information or corrects an error, please email Barbara Kaye.

Green Cemetery - 418-27
Hope Street, north of Robin Hood Drive,
Stamford, CT

Condition as of 2000: Fair

2093   Green, Elliot, died Nov. 9, 1778, age 35 yrs. [footstone #2067]

                  [son Benjamin Green and Rebecca Weed]
2094   Green, Mercy, wife of Elliot, died Apr. 10, 1805, age 58 yrs. [footstone #2069]
                  [Mercy Seely, daughter of Obadiah Seely and Sarah Holly]
2095   Green, Sarah, died May 14, 1794, age 19 yrs. [footstone #2072]
                  [daughter of Elliot Green and Mercy Seely]
2096   Green, Abraham, born in Stamford, CT, Oct. 26, 1767, died June 18, 1811.
                  [son of Elliot Green and Mercy Seely] [footstone #2073]
2098   Green, John, died Dec. 23, 1821, age 44 yrs. [footstone #2074]
                  [son of Elliot Green and Mercy Seely]
          Waring, Abram Pulaski, born in New York June 19, 1816, died in New York
          July 28, 1842. [footstone #2075]
          Austen, Rozellie Green, wife of John, died Dec. 12, 1851, age 50 yrs.
          Waring, John, died Nov. 1, 1854, age 81 yrs. [footstone #2092]
                  [son of Amos Waring and Rebecca Stevens] [footstone #2090]
          Waring, Hannah, wife of John, died Oct. 24, 1858, age 85 yrs.
                  [Hannah Green, daughter of Elliot Green and Mercy Seely]
          Waring, Sarah G., died Dec. 22, 1871, age 72 yrs. 4 mos. 11 days.
                  [daughter of John Waring and Hannah Green] [footstone #2089]
          Waring, Eliza A., died Aug. 17, 1885, age 71 yrs. 3 mos. 7 days.
                  [daughter of John Waring and Hannah Green] [footstone #2088]
          Monroe, Katie C., wife of George, died Aug. 10, 1895, age 53 yrs. 3 mos.
          28 days. [footstone #2087]
                  [Catherine Waring, daughter of Augustus Green Waring & Ellen Arthur]
          Waring, Agustus G., died Apr. 6, 1896, age 87 yrs. 9 mos. 27 days.
                  [Augustus Green Waring, son of John Waring and Hannah Green]
                  [footstone #2086]
          Waring, Mary A., died Oct. 19, 1866, age 85 yrs. 1 mo.
2085   Hoyt, William E., son of Samuel & Jane A. [Amanda Jane Scofield], died Dec. 30,
          1848, age 1 yr. 2 mos. 17 days. [footstone #2084]
2082   Parkiton, George Washington, son of Hanford & Martha A., born Sept. 1860,
          died 1889. [footstone #2083]
2080   Parkiton, William P., son of Abraham & Harriett, died Aug. 2, 1850, age 14 yrs.
          3 mos. 26 days.
2079   Parkiton, George W., died Aug. 28, 1857, age 34 yrs. 4 mos. 22 days.
2077   Parkiton, Harriet, wife of Abraham, died Sept. 1, 1879. Mother.
2076   Stevens, Sarah, wife of Abner, died Feb. 24, 1843, age 82 yrs. 1 mo. 26 days.
                  [Sarah Holly, daughter of Increase Holly & Abigail Webb]
2068   Green, Eliza, daughter of John & Elizabeth, died July 22, 1804, age 8 mos.
2065   Green, William, son of Abraham & Lydia, died Apr. 2, 1794, age 10 days.
2119   Weed, Martha E., daughter of Daniel & Esther, died Oct. 11, 1822, age 6 yrs.
          4 mos. 19 days.
2118   Weed, Marinda, daughter of Daniel & Esther, died Feb. 7, 1829, age 25 yrs.
          3 mos.
          Weed, Daniel, died Feb. 14, 1829, age 52 yrs. 8 mos.
          Weed, Esther, wife of Daniel, died May 14, 1833, age 53 yrs. 11 mos.
          Weed, Angeline, daughter of Daniel & Esther, died Aug. 15, 1872, age 67 yrs.
          11 mos.
          Weed, Sally M., daughter of Daniel & Esther, died Feb. 22, 1877, age 77 yrs.
          5 mos.
          Hartford, John, born 1859, died 1922.
2111   Neal, George, born 1802, died 1891.
2112   Holly, Catharine N., daughter of David S. & Nancy M., died Sept. 15, 1875,
          age 46 yrs. 7 mos. [footstone #2116]
2113   Holly, Sarah J., daughter of David S. & Nancy M., died Jan. 2, 1867,
          age 18 yrs. 6 mos. 17 days. [footstone #2117]
2114   Holly, David S., died Aug. 27, 1884, age 80 yrs. 2 mos. [stone illegible]
                  [son of John Holly and Tamar Thompson]
2115   Holly, Nancy M., wife of David S., died June 25, 1864, age 56 yrs. 3 mos. 1 day.
                  [Nancy M. Hoyt, daughter of Asahel Hoyt and Abigail Holly]
          Holly, Mary J., daughter of David S. & Nancy M. [Hoyt], died Mar. 9, 1846,
          age 19 yrs.
          Holly, John, died July 10, 1824, age 64 yrs. (Veteran)
                  [son of John Holly and Martha Holly]
          Holly, Tammy, wife of John, died Jan. 11, 1848, age 82 yrs.
                  [Tamar Thompson, daughter of William Thompson and Hannah Pangborn]
          (G.A.R. Marker, No headstone)
2125   Reed, James D., born Aug. 21, 1851, died Dec. 25, 1897.
                  [son of Thaddeus S. Reed & Sarah A. ?] [footstone #2124]
2127   Reed, Sarah A., wife of Thaddeus S., died May 15, 1856, age 24 yrs.
          5 mos. 24 days.
2128   Town, Lucretia, [wife of Benjamin Towne] born May 6, 1809, died July 31, 1903.
                  [Lucretia Holly, daughter of John Holly & Tamar Thompson]
2129   Town, Benjamin, died May 18, 1875, age 76 yrs. 8 mos. 19 days.
          [footstone #2122]
2130   Edwards, Rebecca, died Apr. 6, 1876, age 79 yrs. 8 mos. 2 days.
          Scofield, Rufus, born Feb. 21, 1795, died Apr. 11, 1823, age 28 yrs.
                  [son of Jonas Scofield and Sarah Hoyt] [stone broken]
          Bishop, William H. [Henry], died Feb. 17, 1853, age 42 yrs. 4 mos. 21 days.
          Scofield, Sarah, wife of Jonas, died Aug. 21, 1837, age 77 yrs.
                  [Sarah Hoyt, daughter of Nathan Hoyt and Sarah Jeffrey]
          Scofield, Hannah, wife of Rufus, died July 11, 1857, age 59 yrs.
          Bishop, Sarah M., died Jan. 27, 1853, age 33 yrs. 6 mos. 18 days.
                  [Sarah Maria Scofield, wife of William Henry Bishop]

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