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"The first meetinghouse in Ripton was located about half a mile east of the present churches of Huntington Village a little way up the hill, on the north side of the road, where now are four grave-stones with inscriptions, and several others without any lettering or dates. The following are the inscriptions still remaining; several stones, doubtless, having been removed."

*"There are in this burying-place three hundred and twenty or more graves without descriptions; most of them marked by small field stones set at the head and foot of each. It is said to be difficult to make a new grave in this yard without digging into a former grave. There have been in all about _____ burials made in this place. The yard has an elegant iron fence around it and is finely and creditably cared for."

Source: Orcutt, Rev. Samuel. "A History of the Old Town of Stratford and the City of Bridgeport Connecticut, Part II." (Fairfield County Historical Society: 1886), pp. 984-990.
[page 984]

Lewis Shelton Died Dec. 24, 1855, AE. 84.

Charity Shelton, his wife, Died Feb. 13, 1867, AE. 97.

Marcenia, son of Capt. Lewis Shelton, died Nov. 13, 1819, in his 22 year.

Nelson Shelton Died Dec. 21, 1851, Aged 50.

Samuel D. Shelton, died Oct. 16, 1871, Aged 75 years.
Boast not thyself of tomorrow for thou
knowest not what a day will bring forth.

Sylvia, Wife of Samuel D. Shelton, Died Jan. 14, 1798, Aged 81 years.
What is your life? It is even a vaper [vapor?]
that appeareth
for a little time and then vanisheth away.

Samuel F. Shelton Died June 11, 1852, AE. 81.

Eunice Hannah, wife of Samuel F. Shelton, Died June 13, 1866, AE. 91 yrs. 5 mos.

In memory of
Mr. Samuel Shelton, who died Oct. 20, 1813, aged 65 years.

Father, Mother, & Brother.
Silas Shelton died July 12, 1853, AE. 78 Yrs.

Hannah B., His wife, Died Sept. 10, 1822, AE. 44 Yrs.

Francis, their son, Died Oct. 8, 1830, AE. 9 Yrs.

Thomas S. Shelton, Died in Derby, Conn., Jan. 12, 1860, AE. 79.

In memory of Mary Ann Shelton, who died at Canandaigua,
Ontario County, N.Y., Feb. 29, & was buried there Mar. 9, 1836, AE. 53 yrs.

In memory of Mr. Thaddeus Shelton,
who departed this life November the 14, 1781, in the 80th year of his age.
The Woman's Seed shall bruise the Serpent's Head.
And Christ shall raise his Servants from the dead.

In memory of Mrs. Esther, the wife of Mr. Thaddeus Shelton,
Who died May the 6, AD. 1778, in the 60th year of her age.

In memory of William C. Shelton, who died July 30, 1840, aged 25.

Doct. William Shelton was born March 3, 1767,
was a graduate of Yale College 1788, Licensed as Physician & Surgeon 1790,
And received the degree of M.D. 1817. After a service of successful practice
he fell a victim to the Typhus Fever Aug. 20, 181, Aet. 52.

In token of Filial Affection.
This Stone is erected by his children,
a mournful tribute to the memory
of the best of Fathers.

Caty, wife of William Shelton, M.D., died July 14, 1858, AE. 88.

In memory of Zechariah Shelton, who died July 10, 1833, aged 67 years.
Our days begin with trouble here
Our life is but a span,
And cruel death is always near
So frail a thing is man.

Phebe, wife of Zechariah Shelton, Died Jan. 1, 1833, aged 67 years.
Now I lie buried deep in dust,
My flesh shall be thy care.
These withering limbs to thee I trust
To raise them strong and fair.

Sally W., dautr of Zechariah & Phebe Shelton, died July 11, 1850, AE. 36.

Hannah E., daughter of Zechariah Shelton, Died April 27, 1830, aged 14 yrs.

In memory of a son and daughter of Zechariah & Phebe Shelton.
Zechariah died April 23, 1824, aged 16 yrs. 8 mons.
Phebe R. died Aug. 12, 1824, aged 14 years, 9 mons.
Now you are young, robust & spry
And little think that you must die,
Your rosy cheeks now drest so gay
Must soon appear but mouldering clay.

In memory of Rigs Scott, Son of Mr. Andrew Scott,
Who departed this life May the 20th, 1759, Aged 2 years.

In memory of Mrs. Avis Sherman,
the Wife of Mr. Philo Sherman, who died March, 1785,in the 30 year of her age.
Beneath these Clods my body lies
To Cruel Death, a Death of Sacrifice;
No age nor Sex from Death is free
Oh think of Death then think of me.

Glover N. Sherman Died June 2, 1867, AE. 50.

Death is to me a sweet repose,
The bud has spread to show the rose,
The cage has burst to let me fly
And see my happiness on high.

[page 985]

David M., Son of G. N. & S. J. Sherman, died June 16th, Aged 10 yrs.

I came to the spot where my poor David lay,
And pensively stood by his tomb
When in a low whisper I heard something say
How sweetly I sleep here alone,
The tempest may howl and the loud thunders roll,
And gathering storms may arise;
Yet calm are my feelings, at rest is my soul,
And the tears are all wiped from my eyes.

Sacred to the memory of
Mrs. Hepsa Ely Silliman, Wife of Gold S. Silliman and
daughter of Rev. David Ely, D.D., & Mrs. Hepsa Ely; Born in Huntington Oct. 23d, 1778,
She departed this life on the 22d of Jan. 1864, in the 86th year of her age,
at Brooklyn, New York.

She was distinguished, honored and loved for her wisdom and dignity; her great intellectually powers and varied and extensive learning; the firmness and elevation of her principles, her fidelity and earnestness in the performance of every duty; the steadfastness of her friendship; the generosity, unselfishness, sincerity and tenderness of her heart; the warmth of her affections; her heavenly temper, truth, benevolence, purity, refinement, gentleness and piety.
Her beloved husband and children have placed this Tablet by the grave of her parents, whom she revered and deeply loved.

In memory of John Shummel, who died Aug. 6, 1860, AE. 26 years.

Enos Smith died April 5, 1858, AE. 73 yrs.

Apama Smith died Sept. 18, 1852, AE. 63 yrs.

Their toils are past, their work is done,
And they are fully blest.
They fought the fight, the victory's won
And entered into rest.

In memory of Henry R., Son of H.A. & Sally Smith, who died march 29, 1836, aged 8 years.

Sally M. Smith died Sept. 1, 1872, Aged 80 years.

Col. Jonathan Stearns Died July 2, 1859, AE. 72 years.

Hannah Kezia,
wife of Col. Jon. Stearns, daughter of S. M. & A. Brownson, died July 15, 1857, Aged 27 yrs. & 3 mos.

"Virtue, not rolling suns, the mind matures."

David Summers, Died May 12, 1868, AE. 81 yrs. & 6 mos.

Abby B. Summers died June 11, 1855, Aged 74 years.

To the memory of Edward B. Summers, who died April 27, 1842, in the 45 year of his age.

Also Henry S. & Esther A. infants of Edward B. & Susan Summers.

Lemuel Summers, born Jan. 11, 1783,
died Oct. 30, 1875;
volunteer in the Connecticut State Troops
for the War of 1812.

In memory of Zachariah S. Summers, who died April 12, 1838, aged 72 years.

Grisel Summers, wife of Zachariah S. Summers, died Mar. ____, 1848, aged 77.

Comfort, Daughter of Peter & Jemimah Thomas died Feb. 11, 1820.

Mr. Abraham Thompson died July 4, 1822, Aged 69 years.
Weep not for me,
Wisdom's ways are pleasant
and her paths are peace.

Mrs. Sarah Thompson, wife of Abrm Thompson, died March 30, 1838, aged 81.

Ezra, Son of
Mr. Abraham & Mrs. Sarah Thompson, died Jan. 18, 1807,
aged 5 years 7 months & 23 days. Life's a debtor to the grave.
Holiness the Lord.

David Thompson, Died Nov. 17, 1819, AE 53.
Rachel, His Wife died Nov. 19, 1819, AE. 58.

In memory of Mr. Elihu Thompson
who departed this life August 27th 1802 in the 70th year of his age.
The sweet remembrance of the just
Shall flourish when he sleeps in dust.

In memory of Mrs. Hannah Thompson
who departed this Life Jany 29, 1770 in the 38 year of her age.

THOMPSON [A Monument.]
Jno. Thompson Died De. 3, 1810, AE 74.
Comfort, wife of Jno. Thompson Died Nov. 4, 1822, AE 82.

Eph'm Thompson Died Jan. 3, 1852, AE. 89.
Jonathan Thompson died Dec. 3, 1810, aged 74 years.

[page 986]

In memory of Joseph Thompson, Died April 4, 1839, Aged 55 years.

Anna Frances, died May 12, 1835, AE. 6 yrs. 2 mo.

Samuel died June 6, 1835, AE. 2 yrs., 10 mos. 15 ds.

John died May 25, 1835, AE. 11 mo. Children of John & Mary Ann Thompson.

Adieu, adieu, a short adieu
Our dearest friends, we bid to you
But let his hope dry up our tears
We'll live again when Christ appears.

In memory of Mr. Nathan Thompson, who died Octr. 22, 1799, in the 87th year of his Age.

This tombstone is given
by his brother and Sister,
David Thompson of Stratford
& Dorothy Tibbles of Milford,
whom they dearly loved
& greatly lamented.

Bradley Thorp Died Feb. 20, 1866, Aged 61 years.

In memory of The Rev. Ambrose Todd,
Rector of St. Paul's and St. Peter's Churches in Huntington, who expired
on 25th of July, 1809, in the 45 year of his age and the 22d of his ministry.

This monument is erected by the
Episcopal Society as a testimony
of respect and esteem
towards him their Clergyman,
for his piety and zeal as a preacher,
and goodness as a man.

The sweet remembrance of the just,
Shall flourish when he sleeps in dust.

I am the Resurrection and the Life.

Miss Martha R. Todd, daughter of the Rev. Ambrose Todd,
who departed this life Oct. 13th, Ad 1808, AEt. 19.

Peace to the ashes of the dead
Peace to the soul's ethereal shade
peace which thou, God, alone can give
And bid the virtuous air receive.

Also Sacred to the memory of William K. Todd, Son of the Rev. Ambrose Todd,
Died Dec. 10, 1806, In the 3d year of his age.

Rest lovely Babe, thy toils are at an end,
Returned to God thy Savior & thy Friend.

Rev. Charles Jarvis Todd died in Polo, Ill, May 3, 1859, in the 59 year of his age.

Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

In memory of Capt. Beach Tomlinson, who died Nov. 28, 1817, aged 91 years.

Unveil they bosom faithful tomb,
Take these new treasures to they trust,
And give these sacred relics room
To seek a slumber in the dust.

In memory of Mrs. Charity Tomlinson, Wife of Capt. Beach Tomlinson,
who died Nov. 19th, 1809, in the 73 your of her age.

In memory of Gideon Tomlinson,
Son to Mr. Beach Tomlinson & Mrs. Charity his wife,
who departed this life December ye 1st, 1772, aged 2 years and 7 months.

In memory of Elizabeth Tomlinson,
Dautr of Mr. Beach Tomlinson and Charity his Wife,
who departed this Life April 21st, 1772, in ye 4th year of her age.

In memory of David Tomlinson, who died July 1, 1828, aged 49 years.

Elizabeth A. Tomlinson, died Aug. 11, 1845, aged 61.

Doct. Joseph Tomlinson died April 6, 1863, AE. 62.

Salley E. wife of Doct. Joseph Tomlinson, Died Aug. 18, 1878, AE. 72.

Sarah Ann, Wife of Gould Tomlinson, Died Jan. 15, 1865, Aged 46.

Amelia M. Wife of George W. Turney and the daughter of Elisha & Ruth Beardsley,
Died June 15, 1850, AE. 30 yrs.

For thou hast gained a brighter land,
And death's cold stream is past;
Thine are the joys at God's right hand
That shall forever last.

David S. Ufford died Aug. 23, 1881, AE. 69.

Annie, His Wife, died Aug. 15, 1883, AE. 72.

Anson Wakelee Died Jan. 21, 1858, AE. 68.

Abigail, wife of Anson Wakelee, Died June 22, 1819, aged 58 years.

W.B.A., AE. 29, 1847.

Roswell L., son of Anson & Abigail Wakelee, died April 8, 1821, aged 5 years & 4 months.

In memory of Ezra Wakelee, who died Dec. 15, 1824, aged 33.

[page 987]

In memory of Jennet, wife of Ezra Wakelee & daughter of Elam Wooster,
who died Aug. 8, 1823, aged 30 years.

Mary Francis, daughter of Wm. & Selina Wakelee,
died Nov. 2, 1841, aged 2 yrs. & 5 mo.

Also two infant sons died Oct. 12, 1843.

These lovely buds so fresh & fair
Called home by early doom,
They came to show how fair a flower
In paradise would bloom

Abner Wells, died May 27, 1857, AE. 59.

In memory of Philena, wife of Abner Wells, who died June 28, 1834, aged 29 years.

Our Esther.
Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest
God called thee home, he though it best

In memory of Abner Wells, who died Dec. 15, 1833, in the 74 year of his age.

In memory of Mrs. Rebekah Wells, Wife of Mr. Abner Wells,
who died Jan. 25h, 1802, in the 32d year of his age.

Sally, their daughter, died Jany 10th, 1802, in 2d year of her age.

In memory of Abigail Wells,
wife of Abner Wells, who died May 1, 1827, AEt. 65.[page 987, cont.]

Billy Wells Died Dec. 29, 1873, AE. 86 yrs.

Pamelia, his wife, Died May 1, 1872, AE. 78 yrs.

Franklin Wells, Died April 2, 1856, AE. 22 yrs.

William W. Wells Died Feb. 5, 1851, AE. 25 yrs.

Catharine A. His Wife, Died July 2, 1852, AE. 24 yrs.

Jane Ann Wells Died Dec. 4, 1826, AE. 4 yrs.

Rebecca Wells Died Feb. 14, 1827, AE. 3 yrs.

In memory of Mr. Daniel Wells,
who departed this Life Jany 27th, 1791, in the 69 year of his Age.

David Wells died March 15, 1875, AE. 43 yrs. 1 mo. & 15 days.

In memory of David Wells, who died Feb. 14, 1834, in the 48 year of his age.

Jane Wells died May 17, 1850, Aged 34 years.

In memory of Mr. Gideon Wells,
who departed this life Oct. 19th, 1805, aged 86 years.

Also, Mrs. Eunice Wells departed this life Jan. 18th, 1805,
aged 86 years. Wife of Gideon Wells.

Isaac died Dec. 17, 1838, aged 5 mos.
Edward B. died May 8, 1843, aged 3 yrs. Children of Levi C. & Mary Wells.

Mary, Wife of Capt. Curtiss Wells, Died May 11, 1868, AE. 57.*

[*The grave at the left hand of Mary Wells, without a stone , is probably that of Capt. Curtiss Wells.]

In memory of
William W. Wells, who died Feb. 5, 1851, in the 25 year of his age.

Catharine A., wife of William W. Wills, died July 2, 1852, In her 24 year.

Franklin Wells died April 2, 1856, AE. 21 yrs. & 11 mo.

The last of four children of Billy & Pamelia Wells.

In memory of Jane Ann, who died Dec. 4, 1826, aged 4 years & 3 months.
Also Rebecca, daughters of Billy & Pamelia Wells, who died Feb. 14, 1827, aged 3 yrs.

Lovely were both till life subsided
And were in death not long divided
And yet it was hard to part.
A parent knows a parent's heart.

Watch & Pray. God is Love.
Agur Wheeler, died Feb. 18, 1858, AE. 53 yrs. & 25 dys.
Lord, I have loved the habitation of thy house, and the place where thine honor dwelleth. Ps. 26, 8 v.

Frederick Agur,
Son of Agur & Levina S. Wheeler, died Feb. 8, 1860, AE. 25 years & 1 mo.

"Be ye also ready,
for in such an hour as ye think not,
the Son of man cometh."

Lavinia Maria, daughter of
Agur & Levina S. Wheeler, died Jan. 9, 1856, AE. 18 yrs. & 9 mo.
"Her adorning was that of a meek and quiet Spirit,
which is in the sight of God of great price."

Stephen Alonzo, son of Agur & Levinia S. Wheeler,
died Sept. 14, 1841, aged 1 yr. 10 mo. & 26 ds.

Farewell dear babe we now must part,
Although it rends thy parent's heart,
God take thy heavenly flight on high
And dwell with Christ eternally.

[page 988]

Julia Henrietta, daughter of Agur & Levina S. Wheeler,
departed this life March 26, 1832, aged 5 months & 9 days.

Oh hadst thou still on earth remained
Visions of beauty, fair as brief,
How soon thy brightness had been stained,
With passion or with grief,
Now not a sullying breath can rise
To dim thy glory in the skies.

In memory of Mr. Caleb Wheeler, who departed this Life Jan. 1st, 1778, In the 76th. Year of his Age.

Also Mrs. Eleanor, his Wife, departed this Life May 7th 1795, In the 91st year of her Age.

In memory of Mr. Caleb Wheeler, who departed this life Sept. 26th 1807, aged 29 years.

In memory of Miss Abigail Wheeler, who died Dec. 26, 1818, aged 37 years.

Catharine Wheeler Died May 24, 1874, aged 49 yrs.

Phebe M. Wife of Charles Wheeler
Died Oct. 8, 1861, AE. 56 Yrs. 7 mo. & 27 ds.

Phebe, daughter of
Charles & Phebe M. Wheeler, Died Oct. 26, 1838, aged 6 years.

Phebe M., Daughter of
Charles & Phebe M. Wheeler, Died Nov. 28, 1856, AE. 18 yrs. & 6 mo.
Jesus can make a dying bed,
Feel soft as downy pillows are,
While on his breast I lean my head,
And breath my life out sweetly there.

Daniel Wheeler Died Nov. 2, 1865, AE. 77.

Mary, Wife of Daniel Wheeler,
died Nov. 1, 1851, in the 62d yr. of her age.

Benjamin, their Infant,
died Aug. 31, 1834, aged 3 weeks.

In memory of David Wheeler,
who died Oct. 4, 1767, aged 50 years.

Betty, his wife, died Nov. 2, 1802, aged 72 years.

Here lyes Buried ye Body of
Mrs. Abigail Wheler,
wife of Mr. David Wheler (& daughter of Joseph Blackleach Esqr. & Mrs. Ann His Wife)
Who Departed this life February 3d Anno Domni 1750, in ye 27th Year of her Age.

Here lyes ye Body of
Joseph Blackleach Wheler, son of Mr. David & Mrs. Abigail Wheler,
Who Died Febry ye 15th 1750-1, Aged 16 Days.

In memory of Capt. David B. Wheeler, who died Mar. 13, 1847, aged 80.

Aner, wife of David B. Wheeler, Died March 21, 1863, Aged 94.

Aurelia, Daughter of David B. & Aner Wheeler, died Aug. 10, 1853, AE. 55.

Urane, daughter of
Capt. David B. & Mrs. Aner Wheeler, died May 5th 1806, aged 3 years & 8 months.

Edgar B. Wheeler Died April 2, 1859, AE. 31.

Live to the glory of God.

Eliza Wheeler died Aug. 2, 1862, AE. 56.

Amelia Wheeler died May 14, 1861, AE. 48 years.

Eli Wheeler, died March 24, 1857, AE. 65 years, 4 mo. & 15 ds.

Here lyes Buried the Body of Mr. Elisha Wheeler, Who Departed this life
May 12th, 1763,
Aged 34 Years 2 months & 27 Das.

Ezra C. Wheeler Died Apr. 25, 1855, aged 77 years.
"Our Fathers--Where are they?"

Anna, wife of Ezra C. Wheeler, Died jan. 20, 1862, AE. 74 Yrs.

In hope of meeting her again in heaven
So shall we be ever with the Lord.

In memory of Marvin Wheeler,son of Ezra C. & Anna Wheeler,
who died Nov. 19, 1840, aged 21 yes. 2 mo. & 15 ds.
He remembered his Creator in the days of his youth.

In memory of Marvin Wheeler, son of Ezra C. & Anna Wheeler
who died Jan. 19, 1842, aged 8 years & 10 mos.
Smitten friends are angels
sent on errands full of love.
For us they languish & for us they die.

In memory of Emily,daughter of Ezra C. & Anna Wheeler,
who died Dec. 9, 1844, aged 17 yrs.
Peace, 'tis the Lord Jehovah's hand
That blasts out joys in death,
Then mars the form so dear to us
And gather back the breath.

In memory of Joseph Wheeler who died Nov. 19, 1823, in the 42 year of his age.

[page 989]

In memory of Mr. John Wheeler who departed this life April 4th, 1808, in the 57th year of his age.

In memory of Mrs. Issabella Wheeler, relict of Mr. John Wheeler,
died Sept. 19, 1817, aged 55 years.

In memory of Joseph Wheelerwho died Feb. 9, 1846, Aged 70 years.

Silena, wife of Joseph Wheeler died Feb. 24, 1858, AE. 78 years & 4 mos.

In memory of Mary Ann, daughter of Joseph & Silena Wheeler who died Aug. 21, 1843, Aged 34 years.

Josiah Wheeler died oct. 21, 1858,
AE. 80 years.

Polly Wheeler died March 26, 1857,
AE. 76 yrs.

Mercellus, Son of Josiah & Polly Wheelerdied Aug. 4 1827, aged 9 years.

Lemuel Wheeler, Died April 5, 1859,AE. 63 yrs 11 mo & 4 ds.

Nancy, wife of Lemuel Wheeler,Died June 20, 1862, Aged 62 Years.

Sarah Jane, died June 11, 1844,aged 12 yrs. & 8 mo. & 21 ds.

Ann Maria died Oct. 5, 1838,aged 5 ys. 1 mo. & 25 dy.

Daughters of Marcus and Sarah Wheeler.

In memory of Lemuel, son of
Mr. Moses J. Wheler Jr. & Mrs. Sarah Wheler, who died June 2d, 1790, in the 11th Year of his age.

In memory of Mrs. Moses Wheeler,who died Jan. 6, 1799, aged 49 years.
Life's a debtor to the grave.

In memory of Mrs. Sarah Wheeler,Wife of Mr. Moses Wheeler,
who died April 30th 1808, aged 54.

Oh! how divine to tread the milky way,
To the bright palace of Eternal Day.

In memory of Sally B. Wheeler,Daughter of Moses & Sarah Wheeler.
She died April 21st, 1804, aged 16 years.

"Could not one suffice? Thy shaft flies Thrice."

In memory of Roswell Wheeler, son of Moses & Sarah Wheeler.
He died April 11th 1808, in the 18th year of his age.

Engraved in Marble is the Memory ofDeacon Moses Wheeler,
who departed this Life May 11th, 1792, in the 77th year of his age.

He was a cordial Friend in Counsel,
Judicious as a Christian, worthy of Imitation.
In him was exemplified
the Character of a good Man.

Dust formed us all, each breaths his Day
Then sinks into his native clay.

Here lies the Body of
Mrs. Elizabeth Wheeler,Wife of Deacon Moses Wheeler,
who departed this Life February 14, 1780, in the 74 year of her age.

Nathaniel Wheeler died Dec. 12, 1856, AE. 53.

Rest dear husband rest in the tomb,
The friends that now mourn thee will follow thee soon, And when the last trumpet shall waken the dead,
Oh then may we meet thee where tears are not shed.

Anna, wife of Nathaniel Wheeler,
Died Mar. 13, 1877, Aged 69 years.

Silena Jane, daughter of Nathaniel Wheeler, Died May 27, 1858, AE. 9 yrs.

My kindred dear weep not for me
When in this yard my grave you see,
My time was short but blest is He,
Who called me to eternity.

Jane E. Wheeler, wife of Nathaniel Wheeler,died Aug. 21, 1847, AE. 31.

Ellen, Relict of Nathaniel Wheeler who died Aug. 20, 1841, in the 89 year of her age.

In memory of Philo C. Wheeler who died April 29, 1841, aged 28.

Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.

In memory of Emily Wheeler, wife of Philo C. Wheeler,
who died of consumption Feb. 27th 1837, aged 26.

This lovely youth so young, so fair
Called home by early doom;
She came to show how sweet a flower,
In Paradise would bloom.

In memory of Capt. Silas Wheeler, who died June 17, 1828, in the 75 year of his age.

In memory of Ruth Wheeler, wife of Silas Wheeler who died April 15, 1845, AE. 88 yrs.

In memory of Miss Annis Wheeler, daughter of Capt. Silas & Mrs. Ruth Wheeler
who died Aug. 8, 1816, aged 22 years.

In memory of James,
Son of Silas & Ruth Wheeler,
who died April 23d, 1790,
in the 3d Year of his age.

[page 990]

In memory of Turner Wheeler who died Mar. 27, 1839, aged 31.

See o'er yon tomb a mourner weeps
And heaves the heartfelt sigh.
In that cold tomb a husband sleeps
Hid from each mortal eye.

In memory of Lyman B. Whitnney who died Oct. 3, 1828, in the 33 year of his age.

Here lyes Buried the Body of
Mr. Josiah WilcoxsonWho Departed this life July 24, 1758, in ye 49th year of His Age.

In memory of
Mrs. Mabel Wilcockson,wife of Mr. James Wilcockson,
who departed this lifeDecember 29th A.D. 1788,
in the 17th year of her age.

Our Parents.
Luther Wood Died April 7, 1856,AE. 78 yrs. & 2 mos.
Lydia, His Wife, died Dec. 20, 1870,AE. 87 yrs. 2 mo. 16 ds.

David Wooster died Jan. 15, 1836,AE. 59 yrs 11 mo.

His dealings were honorable and
Just between man and man.

In memory of Elam Wooster who died Dec. 1, 1825, aged 61 years.

In memory of Mrs. Allethea Wooster, wife of Mr. Elam Wooster, who died jan. 12, 1816, aged 47 years.

In memory of Ephraim Wooster who died Aug. 27, 1838, in the 84 year of his age.

In memory of Abigail Elizabeth Ann, wife of Ephraim Wooster, who departed this life
April 19, 1831, in her 76 year.

Adeline Wooster died June 26, 1846, AE. 49 yrs.

Charles Edgar, Son of Edgar S. & Angeline B. Wooster,
Died June 5, 1863, AE. 3 yrs. 6 mos. & 23 ds.
Jesus took him.

In memory of John Wooster who died Jan. 11, 1826, aged. 56.

His mind was tranquil and serene,
No terrors in his looks were seen;
His Savior's smile dispelled the gloom,
And smooth'd his passage to the tomb.

Lieut. John Wooster died May 24, 1797, in the 77 year of his age.

Abigail Wooster, his relict died Oct. 22, 1811, in the 82 year of her age.

This stone is erected to the memory of
Capt. Joseph Wooster, who departed this life Jan. 23, 1839; AE. 85.

This stone is erected to the memory of Charity Wooster, wife of
Capt. Joseph Wooster who departed this life Sept. 9, 1838, AE. 84.

Lemuel Wooster Died Nov. 11, 1859, AE. 68.

Nancy Wooster, Died June 21, 1858, AE. 71.

Mary Elizabeth,
daughter of Lemuel & Anna Wooster,died Oct. 9, 1823, AE. 3 years, 5 mo. & 10 da.

In memory of Nathan Wooster,who died Sept. 15, 1820, in his 64 year.

Gentle reader for a moment stop
Behind, behold my little spot,
What'er your present earthly wealth
Ere long you'll have no more yourself.

Diantha, wife of Nathan Wooster,Died Oct. 9, 1846, in the 89th yr. of her age.

Mr. Nathan Wooster died Dec. 8, 1811, in the 27 year of his age.

Philo M. Wooster died July 14, 1849, AE. 62 Years.

Mrs. Sarah Wooster,wife of Mr. Philo M. Wooster, died March 30, 1819, aged 27 years.

Here sleeps in death within this silent tomb.

Sarah--She's gone! Left husband babe & friends;
Cut off in the midst of usefulness and bloom!
The sudden call her willing soul attends.

Ruth Ann, widow of Philo M. Wooster,died April 13, 1884, Aged 90 years and 4 mos.

"Her children shall rise up and call her blessed."

In memory of Roswell Wooster,who died 31st July 1824; aged 32 years.

Pause reader pause for here departed worth
To sorrow sacred calls reflection forth.
This Marble, and the willows solemn shade
Are all that mark where Wooster's form is laid;
His merit glows on memory impressed
And finds a shrine in many a feeling breast.

In memory of Betsey Yates who departed this life
Oct. 8, 1804, aged 19 years & 1 month.

Read and behold as you pass by,
As you are now so once was I;
And when you read the fate of me
Think of the glass that runs for thee.


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