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"The first meetinghouse in Ripton was located about half a mile east of the present churches of Huntington village a little way up the hill, on the north side of the road, where now are four grave-stones with inscriptions, and several others without any lettering or dates. The following are the inscriptions still remaining; several stones, doubtless, having been removed."

*"There are in this burying-place three hundred and twenty or more graves without descriptions; most of them marked by small field stones set at the head and foot of each. It is said to be difficult to make a new grave in this yard without digging into a former grave. There have been in all about _____ burials made in this place. The yard has an elegant iron fence around it and is finely and creditably cared for."

Source: Orcutt, Rev. Samuel. "A History of the Old Town of Stratford and the City of Bridgeport Connecticut, Part II." (Fairfield County Historical Society: 1886), pp. 966-995.

[page 972]

In memory of
Miss Lucy Clark daughter of Mr. Blagg and Mrs. Lucy Clarke,
who departed this life August 3d A.D. 1803 in the 18 year of her age.
Say pensive muse whom dismal scenes delight,
Frequent at tombs & in the relms of night
This truth how certain, when this life is o'er
We die to live and live to die no more.

Here lyes ye Body of
Hezekiah Clark son of Mr. Hezekiah & Mrs. Eunice Clark
Who departed this life Mary 29, A.D. 1753Aged 20 Years & 7 mos.

Elisha A. Clark, Born March 1766 died Aug. 21, 1853 AE. 87.

Mr. Samuel Clark died Sept. 6, 1815;in the 76th year of his age.

Mrs. Rheuama, his wife, died June 1, 1810; in the 73 year of her age.

Thomas J. Clarkson, died Mar. 10, 1878, Aged 52 yrs. 7 mos.

Edna G. His wife died Oct. 22, 1879, Aged 66 yrs. 4 mos.

Sacred to the memory of Samuel P. Clemmons, who departed this life July 25, 1851, AE. 81.
Let the dead rest.

Susa, wife of Samuel P. Clemons died June 30, 1825; AE. 55 yrs.
Reader behold as you pass by
As you are now so once was I;
As I am now you soon shall be
Prepare for death and follow me.

Drusilla Clemons, died Oct. 17, 1820; AE. 25 yrs.
Sleep quiet here my child
Death can't us long divide;
A few more rolling suns
Will lay me by your side.

In memory of Alanson Clemons, who died May 23, 1849, aged 53 years.
Wrapt in the silent shades of death
No more thy friendly face we see
Empty, ah empty every place
Once filled so well by thee.

In memory of Mr. Abel Curtiss, who died Nov. 18, 1830; aged 85 years.

In memory of Cyrus, Son of Beach & Polly Curtis Who died Dec. 19, 1824, in his 17 year.

In memory of Mary Ann daughter of Beach & Polly Curtis, who died April 15, 1833 AE. 8 years.

In memory of Capt. Ephraim Curtis who died April 30, 1794, in the 56th year of his age.
Also in Memory of Mrs. Anna Curtis, wife of Capt. Ephraim Curtis
who died Jan 15th 1802, in the 60th year of her age.

In memory of
Agur Curtiss son of Capt. Ephraim & Anna Curtiss who died August 30th 1801, in the 16 year of her age.

In memory of Mr. Ezra Curtiss, who departed this life May 4th A.D. 1809; in the 63d of his age.

Levi Curtis Died April 8, 1851, AE. 85.

In memory of Mrs. Abigail Curtiss, wife of Mr. Levi Curtiss,
who died Jan. 9, 1809, in the 42 year of her age.

In memory of Abbe, wife of Levi Curtiss, who died Sept. 9, 1836, aged 59 years.

Nehemiah Curtis Died May 11, 1816, AE. 51.

Ann Curtis, his wife, Died Nov. 16, 1836, AE. 77.

Lydia Curtis, their daughter, Died March 20, 1848, AE. 61.

In memory of Philo Curtis, who died April 21, 1832, in the 60th year of his age.

In memory of Sarah, wife of Philo Curtiss who died Dec. 26, 1823, aged 45 years 8 mo. 9 da.

Sacred to the memory of Sarah H. Curtiss, daughter of Philo & Sally Curtiss, who died Jan. 24, 1821, aged 23.
Go thou blest maid the silent grave's thy doom,
Our sighs and tears shall consecrate they tomb;
yes, take these tears, mortalities relief
And till we share thy joys forgive our grief.

Ann Rebecca, Daughter of Philo & Sally Curtiss, died Oct. 4, 1811, in the 9 year of her age.

Our blind affection could have wished thy stay,
But God more wise has called his child away.

Curtiss [A Monument.]

Dea. Hezekiah Curtiss Died Mar 5, 1822, AE. 74.

Sarah, His Wife, Died Dec. 7, 1805, AE. 58.

Hezekiah Curtiss, Jr., Died Dec. 31, 1807, AE. 33.

[page 973]

Isaac Cummings, Died Mar. 15, 1858, AE. 66.

Elizabeth A., His Wife, Formerly Wife of Hezk. Curtiss, Jr., Died Mar. 9, 1857, AE. 77.

In memory of Dea. Hezekiah Curtiss, who died Mar. 5, 1822, aged 74.
He sustained with credit the office of Deacon
of the Congregational Church 28 years.
What manner of man he was,
The great day will show.

George Smith, died Sept. 16, 1820, aged 23 years & 3 mos.

Levi died Sept. 6, 1820, aged 1 year & 5 mo. Sons of Samuel C. & Melissa Curtiss

CURTIS. [A Monument.]

Capt. Samuel C. Curtis, died May 8, 1867, AE. 78 yrs.

Melissa, His Wife, Died Nov. 1, 1867, AE. 78 yrs.

David W. Curtis Died June 22, 1867, AE. 41 yrs.
I die with the blessed hope of immortality.

Levi Curtis Died Sept. 6, 1820, AE. 15 mos.

George S. Curtis Died Sept. 16, 1820, AE. 3 yrs.

Sacred to the memory of Sarah Curtis,
daughter of John & Hannah Curtis, who died Jan. 11, 1815, aged 19 years.

Benjamin Dawson died march 5, 1850, AE. 50.

Mary Dawson, wife of Benjamin Dawson died Nov. 13, 1849, AE. 44.

Robert Dawson, Born Sept. 24, 1825, died Mar. 25, 1873.

William Dawson, died Jan. 18, 1860, AE. 31.

[A Monument.]
Sacred to the memory of Benjamin DeForest, who died Aug. 1, 1784, in the 34 year of his Age.
Leaving a disconsolate widow, also six orphan children;
none of whom could do better than follow their Father's example & imitate his virtures.
This monument is erected by his surviving children,
as a token of filial reverence and respect, Aug. 1828.

Benjamin DeForest, died Apr. 17, 1780, in the 64 yer of his age.

Esther DeForest, his first wife & mother of his children, died Mar. 22, 1763, in the 40 year of her age.

Sarah DeForest, His second wife, died Aug. 19, 1780, in the 64 year of her age.

Ezra DeForest died Feb. 6, 1868, AE. 86 yrs.

Laura, wife of Ezra DeForest, died Jan. 9, 1862, AE. 73 yrs. &7 mos.

Benjamin C. DeForest died May 6, 1862, AE. 48 yrs. & 3 mo.

David W. DeForest, M.D., died at Jacksonville, Florida, AE. 29 yrs. & 3 mo.

[A Monument.]
Othniel DeForest, Esq., who died Suddenly Feb. 21, AD 1811, Aged 50 years

"Is Death at distance? No."

"Thos hours that lately smiled,
Where are they now?"

"That life is long which answers Life's great end."

In memory of Mrs. Hannah DeForest, wife of Othniel DeForest, Esq.
She was born Mar. 28, 1764, Died Sept. 1, 1803, AE. 39.

Let love immortal undissembled love,
Still, still pursue her to the realms above,
Where may we join her at this life's end
Adn there unite with our departed friend.

In memory of Lynson D Forest,
Son of Othniel & Hannah D. Forest, who died Febry 8, 1787, Aged 1 Year & 10 months.

Beach Edwards, born Dec. 15, 1768, died Apr. 16, 1837, aged 68 yrs. &4 mos.

Hannah, wife of Beach Edwards, born Oct. 1, 1769, died Mar. 30, 1837, aged 67 yrs. & 6 mos.

Charles Edwards Died Oct. 28, 1860, AE. 27 Yrs. Erected by his Brothers.

Hanson Edwards Died Nov. 11, 1870, Aged 77.

Amelia Booth, wife of Hanson S. Edwards, Died July 12, 1872, Aged 82.

Beach M. Edwards, Died May 7, 853, AE. 43.

Henry J. Edwards Died May 22, 1859, AE. 42 yrs. 9 mos. & 5 Ds.

Phebe, Wife of Henry J. Edwards, Died Oct. 22, 1847, AE. 29 yrs. 3 mos. & 7 Ds.

Mary J. Wife of Henry J. Edwards, Died May 14, 1858, AE. 34 yrs. 10 mos. & 18 days.

In memory of
Mr. William Edwards, who died Dec. 22d, 1808, in the 66th yer of his age.

[page 974]
In memory of Mrs. Charity Edwards, the virtuous & amicable Consort of
Mr. William Edwards, who departed this life June 18th, 1787, in ye 40th year of her age.
She was a virtuous Woman,
whose price is above Rubies.

Sarah, wife of William Edwards, died Sept. 20, 1825, AEt. 77.

William R. Edwards, Died Feb. 13, 1858, AE. 66 yrs. 5 mo. & 13 Ds.

Sylvia, wife of William R. Edwards, Died Feb. 21, 1866, AE. 77.

[A Monument.]
The Reverend David Ely, D.D., Was ordained Pastor at Lyme, June 7, 1749;
was born at Pastor of the First Church and Society in Huntington, October 27, 1773,
And after a life of devotion to the cause of Religion and Learning, Died In the faith and Hope
of the Gospel, February 16, 1816, In the 67 year of his age, And the 42 of his ministry.
This monument is erected by his children as a tribute of filial affection to the memory of a beloved Father.

Mrs. Hepsey Ely, wife of The Rev. David Ely, Died September 26, 1803; in the 49 year of her age.

[An Old Stone.]
In memory of Mrs. Hepsa Ely, Wife of Revd David Ely, who died Sept. 26th, 1803, Aged 48 years.
Lovely in Death the beautious ruins lay,
She lives beyond the Grave.

David Henry Ely, died Apr. 25, 1841, AE. 23.
Solem emblem of the griefs of earth.

Elisha Ely, Son of Rev. David Ely, Departed this life Dec. 3, 1846, AE. 64.

Eloisa, wife of Elisha Ely, died Mar. 1, 1863, aged 72 yrs.

Harriet Ely, Born Sept. 1, 1824, Died Aug. 23, 1849.

In memory of Eli Fairchild, who died May 9, 1837, aged 61.
Boast not thyself of tomorrow, for thou
knowest not what a day may bring forth.

Urania, wife of Eli Fairchild, died Dec. 26, 1852, AE. 85 yrs.
All the days of my appointed time
will I wait till my change come.

In memory of Mr. Joseph Fairchild who died April 21st, 1802, Aged 74 Years.

In memory of
Mr. Nathan Fairchild, who died Jan. 2, 1843, in the 81 year of his age.

Daniel Fench, Died Sept. 5, 1848, AE. 64.

Lydia, wife of Daniel French, Died Sept. 11, 1855, AE. 68.

In memory of Mr. James French, who died July, 1807, aged 49 years.

In memory of Mr. Joseph French, who died April 15th, 1781, Aged 51 years.

In memory of Charity French, wife of Mr. Joseph French, who died Feb. 20th, 1789, aged 49 years.

In memory of Jonas French, who deceased Oct. 23, 1834, Aged 83 years.
Also, Susan, his wife, deceased Sept. 6, 1840, Aged 85 years.

In memory of Jonathan French, who died Oct. 24, 1801, in the 80th years of his age.

Also his wife, Hannah, who died Nov. 3, 1802, in the 82 year of her age.

In memory of Lewis French, M.D., who died Aug. 21, 1828

Maria, wife of Dr. Lewis French, Died Feb. 14, 1880. Aged 86 Years.

In memory of Lucy Fernch, who died Aug. 2, 1840, in the 30 year of her age.

Eli Gilbert died Oct. 8, 1844, AE. 83.

Lydia, His Wife, died Sept. 2, 1840, AE. 80 yrs.
Farewell friends and children dear
Prepared for death while we sleep here.

George B. Son of Nelson & Nancy Gilbert, died Jan. 14, 1842, aged 6 years.
This lovely bud, so fresh & fair,
Called hence by early doom,
Just came to show how sweet a flower
In Paradise may bloom.

In memory of
Mr. John Gilbert,
who died April 16, 1842, aged 62 years.
Also, Betsey, his wife, died May 18, 1842,
aged 57 years.

Jesse Gilbert, died Nov. 20, 1864, Aged 77.

Abigail, his wife, died Nov. 21, 1873, Aged 87.

[page 975]

In memory of Lemuel Gilbert, who died Dec. 1, 1833,
in the 80 yar of his age. Also his wife
Amorillius, who died Jan. 2, 1846, in the 85 year of her age.
Sacred to the memory of the justs
Shall flourish while they sleep in dust.

In memory of three children of Joel & Patience Gilbert:

Nancy, died Nov. 1, 1792, AEt. 9 months.
died April 8th, 1788, EAt. 2 years.
Nancy died June 4, 1803, in the 10th year of her age.

Thomas Gilbert died Jan. 26, 1847, aged 93 years.

Mary, wife of Thomas Gilbert, died Sept. 28, 1795, aged 39 years.

Eunice, wife of Thomas Gilbert, died Aug. 12, 1822, in her 49 yr. Also,

Nancy Daskam Died Nov. 20, 1822, In her 30th yr.

In memory of Dea. David Hawley, who after a life of
distinguished usefulness, died very suddenly Nov. 26, 1824, aged 66.

By his active exertions his liberal gifts and still more liberal bequests, he was the chief instrument in laying the foundation for the perpetual support of the Gospel Ministry in this place. Generations yet unknown will rise up and call him blessed. "But, O Lord, who am I and what is my people, that we should be able to offer after this sort? for all things come of thee, for we are all strangers before thee, for we are all strangers before thee, and sojourners as were all our fathers, our days on the earth are as a shadow, ant there is none abiding." "O daughter of Zion your sorrows restrain Nor mourn that his spirit has quitted his day. Soon, soon shall we follow and meet him again, Bright Rob'd as a seraph in mansions of day."

In memory of Mary, wife of Dea. David Hawley,
who died June 5, 1846, in the 91 year of her age.

Emma J., Daughter of Silas & Betsey Hubbell, Died June 28, 1862, AE. 10 yrs. & 6 mos.
"What I do not know though knowest not know, but thou shalt know hereafter."

Elizabeth U. Hawley Died April 10, 1870, AE. 51 yrs & 8 mos.

Eunice Hawley, wife of David Hawley, died Jan. 22, 1849, aged 56.

Henry Burroughs, son of David & Eunice Hawley, died Sept. 27, 1819, aged 4 years 9 mo. & 9 da.

James Hawley, Born Jan. 8, 1760, Died April 14, 1836, Aged 76.

James Hawley, died Jan. 8, 1842, AE. 28 years.
Not with a fearful view of the great change,
But contemplative, calm, expressing still
Sweeter resignation to a higher will,
In confidence a bright enternity.

Anna Hawley died Jan. 20, 1842, AE. 58 years.

Joseph Hawley, died 1792, AE 42 yrs.

Anna, his wife, died Nov. 18, 1833, AE. 80 years.

Charles died May 13, 1814, aged 3 yrs. Also

Charles died Sept. 5, 1814, aged 1 year; sons of Joseph & Laura Hawley.

Joseph Hawley died May 18, 1841, AE. 66 years.

Laura, wife of Joseph Hawley,died Oct. 15, 1849, AE. 64 years.

Ruby Ella Smith, died February 13, 1879, Aged 2 years & 6 months.
Safe in the arms of Jesus.

Sacred to the memory of Mr. Matthew Hawley, was born Febry 16, 1720, and died may 31, 1790, AEt. 70.

In memory of Mrs. Bethia Hawley,
wife of Mr. Matthew Hawley, was born March 19, 1725, and died Janry 24, 1786, AEt. 61.

Here lyes Buried the Body of Mr. Obediah Hawley,
Who Departed this Life June 10th Anno Domni 1751, in ye 43d Year of his age.

Roswell Hawley Died May 15, 1873, AE. 63 Yrs. 6 mo. & 1 day.

James Federick, son of Roswell & Abigail D. Hawley, Died May 22, 1849, AE. 3 yrs. 4 mo. & 25 ds.

Emma Almira, dautr of Roswell & Abigail D. Hawley, died Nov. 13, 1848, AE. 13 mo. & 10 ds.

Sally died June 8, 1805, in her 2d year;

Francis Wm. died Oct. 5, 1813, in his 14th year;

Eliza Augusta died Oct. 22, 1819, in her 8 year.

Children of Capt. Wm. & Abby B. Hawley.

Thus blooming youth are snatched away by death,
And her parents mourn their tender offspring gone.
The parents too, when called must yield their breath,
And with them moulder in the silent urn.

[page 976]

Philo Hawley Died June 16, 1856, AE. 30 yrs. 2 mos. & 3 Ds.

Capt. William Hawley died Oct. 14, 1819, in his 44 year.

Death! 'tis a maloncholy call,
A certain judgement on us all;
Into its icey arms 'twill fold
The gay, the great, the young, the old.
As we have born the image of the earthly
We shall also bear the image of the heavenly.

Rev. William Hawley Died April 18, 1861, AE. 40.Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep,
From which none ever wake to weep;
A calm and undisturbed repose,
Unbroken by the last of foes.

Frank J., only son of Wm & S.C. Hawley, Killed by lightening June 16, 1868, aged 13 years.
Gone home! Methinks I hear a voice From yonder starry sky;
Why weep ye, loved ones? sorrows tear
Can never dim mine eye;
A golden harp is in my hand,
A crown is on my brow,
Then dry those tears that fall for me
For I am happy now.

In memory of Mr. John Hubbell, who departed this Life May 7, 1782, in the 73rd year of his age.

In memory of Mr. Nathan Hubbell, who departed this Life May 27, AD. 1788,
in the 69 year of his age.

Mary Ann, wife of Gideon Hubbell, Died Dec. 20, 1841, aged 41 years.

Here lyes Buried the Body of Capt. Richard Hubbell, Who Departed this Life
Novbr 27, A.D., 1758, aged 74 years.

Here lyes ye Body of Mrs. Abigail Hurd, Who decesd July ye 1st, A.D. 1756, in ye 45th Year of her Age.

Anna Maria, widow of Arnold Hurd, and former wife of Eli Wheeler, died Feb. 17, 1875, AE. 76 yrs. 5 mos.

Here lyes Buried ye Body of Mr. David Hurd,
Who Departed this Life Septembr ye 19th, A.D., 1758, in ye 61st Year of his Age.

Here lyes ye Body of Mary Hurd, Daughtr of Mr. David & Mrs. Susanna Hurd,
Died Janury ye 2d, 1753, in ye 16th year of Her Age.

Here lyes ye body of Elnathan Hurd, Son of Mr. David & Mrs. Susanna Hurd,
Died August ye 4th 1753, in ye 22d Year of Year of his Age.

Here lyes ye body of Hezekiah Hurd, Son of Mr. David Hurd & Mrs. Susanna his wife,
who Died March ye 30th, A.D. 1755, in ye 22d Year of his Age.

Mr. Ebenezer Hurd Died May 7, 1788, Aged 87 years.

Mrs. Rebecca, his Wife, Died April 16, 1783, Aged ___ years.
In Heaven there is rest.

Elizabeth Hurd Died July 2, 1849, AE. 77 years.

Henrietta A., daughter of Samuel A. & Sarah Hurd, died July 15, 1842, aged 4 years & 10 mo.
Sleep on dear child and take thy rese,
In the Savior's arms thou art blest
With thy sister calmly sleep
Whilst fond parents o're the weep.

Mary Esther, daughter of Samuel A. & Sarah Hurd, died Sept. 4, 1841, aged 5 years.

In memory of Mrs. Polly Hurd, Wife of Ebenezer Hurd,
who departed this Life April 19th, 1806, In the 59th year of her age.

In memory of Abner Hyde, who died oct. 30, 1840, aged 76 years.

Here lyes Buried the Body of
Capt. Daniel Hide, Who departed this life _____, 1771, in the 71st year of His Age.
[This stone is broken and gone and
some of the above items are from the foot-stone.]

Here lyes Burried the Body of Mrs. Deborah Hide, Wife to Capt. Daniel Hide,
Who departed this life February the 17th, 1754, Aged 56 Years.

This monument is erected by Abner Hyde in memory of his
Hon. Father, Daniel Hyde, who died Dec. 2, 1810, aged 82 years.

This monument is erected by Abner Hyde in memory of his Hon. Mother, Mary Hyde,
who died Sept. 2, 1808, aged 75 years.

In memory of Ebenezer Hyde, who died Sept. 18, 1842, In the 84 year of his age.

In memory of Eliza Ann, wife of Ebenezer Hyde, who died Feb. 29, 1836, aged 73 years.

This monument is erected by her son.

[page 977]

In memory of Elizabeth Ann Hyde, Daughter of Ebenezer Hyde, who died Oct. 6th 1808, Aged 17 years.
"Life is a vapor,
No one is sure of life."

In memory of Irene Hyde, who died Dec. 24, 1837, aged 41 years.
Erected by her three brothers.

Erected in the memory of Mr. Eliakin Hide, Who was born May 13, 1727,
and died June 15, 1791, in the 65th year of his age.

Erected in the memory of Mrs. Martha Hide, wife of Mr. Eliakim Hide,
who was born Novr 24, 1726, and died June 16, 1776, in the 50 year of her age.

In memory of Elisha Hyde, who departed this life oct. 21, 1836, in the 75 year of his age.

Abigail, wife of Elisha Hyde, died Aug. 8, 1851, AE. 87.

Hepsey Hyde Died Dec. 30, 1855, AE. 72.

Obediah Hyde Died Nov. 2, 1874, AE. 83 yrs 3 mo 23 Ds.

Rebecca, wife of Obediah Hyde, died June 23, 1820, AE. 32.

Eliza Ann, their daughter, died June 12, 1855, AE. 43.

James Inman Died June 27, 1874, Aged 78.

James S. Inman, Jr., Died at Atlanta, GA. Sept. 30, 1864, Aged 29.

John Inman Died June 10, 1871, Aged 47. A kind and affectionate husband.
"Gone, but not forgotten."

Charlott, wife of John Inman, Died Feb. 8, 1876, Aged 47 yrs.
Asleep in Jesus.

In memory of Priscilla, wife of John P. Jackson, Who died April 15, 1829, aged 37 Years.

In memory of Balbarine Judd, who died Mar. 19, 1840, aged 85.

In memory of Abigail, wife of Balbarine Judd, who died Nov.22, 1823, AE. 66 yrs.

Miss Naomi, daughter of Mr. Balmarine & Mrs. Abigail Judd, died April 17, 1804, aged 23 years.

Miss Hannah,
daughter of Mr. Balmarine & Mrs. Abigail Judd, died August 9, 1818, in the 18 yar of her age.

Lewis D. Judd died jan. 30, 1833, AE. 37.

Elizabeth A. his Wife, died Sept. 12, 1851, AE. 34.
Sleep quiet here my friends
Death won't us long divide;
A few more rowling suns
Will lay us by your side.

In memory of Col. Agur Judson, who died Dec. 29, 1837, in the 87 year of his age.

In memory of Mrs. Ann, wife of Col. Agur Judson, who died Dec. 29, 1831, in the 80 year of her age.

William, Son of Mr. Agur & Mrs. Ann Judson,
died October 14th, 1774, aged 6 months & 15 Ds.

Agur Judson Died Sept. 24, 1871, AE. 91 Yrs.

Rebecca B., Wife of Agur Judson, died Nov. 28, A.D. 1859, AE. 72 Yrs.
"Into thine hand I commit my Spirit,
thou hast redeemed me, O Lord God of truth."

In memory of David Judson, who died Nov. 4, 1848, AE. 60.

In memory of Betsey Judson, who died June 16, 1847, AE. 69.

In memory of Deacon Ephraim Judson, who departed this life, Novbr 14th, 1782,
in the 88th year of his age.
He used the office of a Deacon well,
was a Lover of good Men,
his savior & his God.

Sarah F., Daughter of Albert & Nancy Guthrie, died Nov. 11th, 1852, AE. 20.

Here lyes Buried ye Body of Mrs. Rebeckah Judson,
Wife to Deacon Ephraim Judson, who departed this Life Decemr 16th, 1754, in the 59th year of her age.

Here lyes Buried ye Body of Ephraim Judson, M.A.,
Son of Deacn Ephraim Judson & Mrs. Rebeckah,
His Wife, who Departed this Life July 8th, Anno Dom 1751, in the 30th Year of His Age.

Here lyes the Body of Mrs. Abigail Judson, Wife to Dea. Ephraim Judson,
Who departed this life Febry the 9th 1774, in ye 66th year of Her Age.


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