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NEW BURIAL GROUND (Next to Second Congregational Church, Greenwich, CT)

New Burial Grounds

adjoins the Second Congregational church.
Putnam Avenue and downtown Greenwich, CT

NOTE: Thanks to the correction of Jean Thompson, Records Coordinator of the Second Congregational Church, I have changed the name of this
cemetery to its CORRECT name. Says Jean, "The Second Congregational Church Cemetery is at Union Cemetery, on Milbank Avenue."
I apologize for the error and encourage you to change your records.

Please note that this record is incomplete and does not include all persons buried in the NEW BURIAL GROUND cemetery. While on a research trip in July of 1994, I spent two days sitting in the cemetery
transcribing, as faithfully as possible, some of the headstones I discovered there. 27 June 1999, I received additional information from
Fred Knapp, correcting and adding to some of the information listed below.

Fritz writes: "Chloe Mead, wife of David Mead -she died 29 Mar 1841 Bethiah daughter of Ambrose & Mary Reynolds,died 30 Dec 1872 Mary, widow of Ambrose Reynolds, died 2 Mar 1840 [not 1820?] Ambrose Reynolds died 24 Dec 1830 [not 1880]" Thanks, Fritz! Thanks, also to
John Pall for catching the typos!

Transcribed by Maureen Mead Pond, 3 and 4 July 1994.
Beginning at the far left part of the cemetery:

Gilbert O. Mead
Sept. 18, 1848.
July 31, 1904

Ida F. Worden
His Wife
Sept. 28, 1859
Dec. 19, 1930

William Guthrie
Dec. 23, 1846
July 6, 1907

Mary F. Mead,
His Wife
Sept. 2, 1846
May 30, 1926

Mary E. Reynolds
Oct. 13, 1850
March 20, 1931
Julia A. Reynolds
Dec. 9, 1842
Aug. 7, 1928
Rev. Darius Mead
and his wife
Emily Chauncy Goodrich
Oscar Sackett died Sept. 22, 1889
Whitman S. Lent
Elmira S. Lent
In memory
of Julia A.
daughter of
John and Cornelius Sackett

4 other small, but unreadable headstones nearby.
One to the right appears to say:

In memory of Priscilla
Sarah wife of Amos Husted
daughter _____
(looks like James)

and Mary Reynolds
Died Oct. 26, 1842.
Aged 40 years
Worn, difficult to read.

In memory of
Phebe W. Peck
who died Oct. 31, 1856
in the 63rd year of her age.

In memory of
Gideon Peck
Who died Dec. 10, 1869
in the 72nd year of his age.

Facing towards the church:

In memory of Peninnah,
Wife of Peter Horton
Who died March 31, 1875
Aged 24 years, 10 months

Worn, with a verse below--unreadable.

What appears to be new:

Julia Horton
born Aug. 1, 1799
died Dec. 30, 1883

Very worn and hard to read:

dedicated to __
the memory of Mary Sackett,
daughter of Justus and
Clarissa Sackett
who died March 5, 1826

Large, prominent pillar:

Philander Button
Born Feb. 23, 1812
died May 21, 1878

Julia A. Mead
his wife
Born Aug. 29, 1823
Died March 2, 1900


Small, difficult to read:

Charles Button
son of Charles (R?)
and Julia Holmes.
Born Feb. 6, 1880
died July ___ 1889

Large and very prominent--one of the most prominent in the cemetery:

Robert W. Mead
died May 5, 1875
aged 61

Clarissa Sheldon his wife
died January 29, 1895
Aged 80.
si monumentum Querus curcumspice

Rather than chiseled, this stone had bas relief lettering:

below footstone:

Henry W. Mead
born Nov. 15, 1825
died April 30, 1881

Emily G. Bush
wife of Henry W. Mead
born May 29, 1834.
Died June 29, 1803


Arthur S. son of Fred & Mary E.
Born Sept. 3rd 1852
died Nov. 22nd 1872

Herman Rogers Mead
son of
Frederick and Mary Eliza Mead
Born June 3, 1854
died April 2, 1904
My peace I gave unto you.
Maria E. Mead
Footstone and in front, a very worn unreadable stonethat I can only decipher "Julia"

Zalmon Sanford Mead
Born July 28, 1810
Died Oct. 8, 1842

His wife, Maria Scribner Mead
born Aug. 4, 1816
Died Jan. 3, 1892
(excellent condition stone)
In thy presence is fullness on Joy

A large, prominent tower:

Darius Mead, died Jan. 28, 1864
Aged 76 years, 6 mos.

Lydia K. his wife
Died Jan. 15, 1846.
Aged 60

(perfect bas-relief condition)

Foot stone left: Father
Foot stone right: Mother

Next to that, very worn, difficult to read:

Lydia Belcher

Dedicated to Stephen Fowler
who died
May 23rd 1815,
by his widow
Mary Belcher
late wife of Dr. Henry White

Poor condition, difficult to read:

C. Matilda Strang 1823-1912

Joseph White Strang
Born Dec. 7 (?), 1796
died June 14 (?) 1864

Elizabeth M. Belcher
wife of Joseph White Strang
born Oct. 4, 1801
died _____

Unreadable. Next to that, completely broken stones.

Sarah Augusta,
wife of Thomas H. Hay
and daughter of Dr. David and Sarah B. Palmer
Born June 6, 1825
died August 4, 1873

Up by itself near parking strip:

Mary Jane Hay

Timothy Stone Pinneo, MD.
Born at Milford, Conn.
Feb. 18, 1804.
Died Norwalk, Conn. (Apr?) 2nd 1893

PS. 17:15

Jeannette Lindsley.
Wife of Timothy Stone Pinneo.
died at Norwalk, Conn.

Kenneth E. Nye, DD


Good condition stone. Was Former Pastor.

Frances Pendleton,
beloved wife of George P. Sheldon
born March 27, 1846
died Sept. 5, 1885

George Preston Sheldon
Born Jan 17, 1847
died Dec. 25, 1909

Large stone says:

John Waldo Sheldon
Harriet Sheldon Wells
Christopher Barrows Sheldon
Waldo Sheldon

Priscilla Barrows Sheldon

Frances Sheldon wife of Kerr Eby
August 19, 1878 May 31, 1932

Two very small headstones--difficult to read.
Left headstone says:

Augustus M.

Second Row, far left:

Joshua 1850-1916
Christian his wife 1857-1929

Leonard Mead
Mar 2, 1807
Jan 6, 1857
Frances Studwell His wife
Mar. 9, 1882
July 27, 1905

Next to that a very small stone:
Isaac Mead

Charles Babcock
born July 3, 1845
died Jan 16, 1916

(good condition headstone)

Albert T. Powell
Mar. 28, 1848
Dec. 10, 1920

His wife Julia B. Mead
April 28, 1852
Dec. 31, 1922

Stone next to this is broken off.

In memory of Chloe Mead
wife of David Mead
who died March 29 1841
Aged 32 (?) years

Worn, very difficult to read.

In memory of David Mead
who died Aug 27, 1828
Aged 50 years 2 mo and 26 days

Worn stone

Benjamin Reynolds
April 11, 1800
June 6, 1899

Lucinda Mead
His wife Oct 26, 1808
Sept. 15, 1893

(Stone excellent condition)
Next to it--a broken headstone.

2 small headstones:

Julia A. Mead
May 15, 1805
Sept. 11, 1822

Mary Mead
April 30, 1781.
Nov. 10, 1860

(This stone looks new--may be a replacement.)

Large slab stone says (hard to read):

In memory of Isaac Mead who died
Dec. 12, 1859,
aged 20 [?] years.

In memory of
Lemuel Addington
who died Sept 1, 1835.
AE 35 years, 5 months, 1 day

(Inscription below is hard to read and the stone next to him is impossible to read.)

Large pillar:

Side One, faces church:

DIED Nov. 14, 1883,
Aged 76 years, 2 mons. and 9 days
At Rest

Side 2, faces left side of cemetery:

Harriet Wife of George Palmer,
died June 1st 1852.
Aged 42 years and 8 mos.

Dear Friend farewell
I'll love you still.
Weep not o'er my ice cold clay
for a harp of gold and a crown of life
are given me this day.

Side 2, below:

Elizabeth Emily,
daughter of George A. and Harriet Palmer.
Died Jan'y 4th 1850
Aged in yrs. 3 mos., 14 days.
"Shall not the judge of all the earth do right."

Side 3: Blank

Side 4:

Phebe E. Knapp
Widow of George A. Palmer
died Dec 11, 1885
Aged 80 years, 8 mos. & 5 days

"Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep."

same stone:

Mary A. Knapp.
Born Nov. 24, 1844.
died Jan 31, 1847.

George B. Knapp.
Born Feb. 26, 1850.
Died July 29, 1850.

children of Howard and Jane A. Knapp.

Edward A. Knapp
born Feb. 11, 1819
died Mar. 26, 1909.

Jane A. Hoyt, his wife
born Aug. 24, 1823
died July 23, 1851.

Rachel P. Weed, his wife.
Born May 23, 1827.
Died Feb. 21, 1898.

Large square stone:


Born Oct. 6, 1811.
Died March 12, 1896

Joanna Collins his wife.
Born July 21, 1808.
died Feb. 16 1880.

In memory of Delilah
daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth Knapp,
who died Aug 31, 1812.
Aged 35 years, 11 mos. and 9 days.

Inscription is unreadable.

In memory of Elizabeth,
wife of Abraham Knapp
who died July 9, 1857.

Inscription is unreadable.

In memory of Abraham Knapp
who died Jun? 23, 18?3.
AE 55years 11 mo. & 2 days.

Inscription is unreadable. Headstone is a square slab lurching forwards.

In memory of John Addington
who departed this life Dec. (?) 11, 1814?
Aged 87 years, 3 mos. and 6 days.
In memory of Elizabeth Addington
who died Dec. 24, 1835.
AE 87 years, 10 mo, 7 days.
Two infant sons of Daniel S. and Huldah Mead
one born Apr. 29, 1838.
died Apr. 29, 1838.

The other born Jan. 6 1842,
died Jan 9, 1842.

Inscription unreadable, but looks like:
"Suffer the Little Children."

Abraham son of Daniel and Huldah Mead
died Nov. 1, 1853
aged 7 years and 1 mo.

Inscription appears to be:

"The Lord giveth and the Lord God taketh away.
Blessed be the name of the Lord."

Large Headstone:

Father Mother
Daniel Smith Mead
died Nov. 6, 1906
aged 95 years, 6 mos.

Huldah his wife
died Oct. 27, 1882
aged 70 years 8 mos.

(very worn, but readable)

Martha, wife of Jonathan Mead
died June 2, 1812.
AE 40 years, 26 days.

In memory of Mary Ann
daughter of Jonathan S.
who died ______.
Aged 23 years.
Rachel, wife of John Mead
died Dec. 7 1799.
AE 19 years, 1 mo. and 8 days.
Joshua Mead
died May 30, 1812.
AE 61 years, 11 days.
In memory of Lydia,
wife of Ellison Lockwood,
who died January 5th 1849
Aged 68(?) years.
Bethiah daughter of Ambrose and Mary Reynolds
died Dec. 30, 1872
Aged 75 years.

In memory of Mary
widow of Ambrose Reynolds
who died March 2, 1840
AE 83 years, 4 mos.

(Inscription unreadable.)

In memory of Ambrose Reynolds who died
December 24, 1830.
AE--years __ mos.

Inscription unreadable.

George Felton Reeves
Jerome Reeves
born July 7, 1828.
died Nov 24, 1881.

Emily P. Horton
his wife Born Mar 1, 1832
died October 9, 1905.

Weeping Willows on the following stone:

In memory of Anna Sackett
Widow of Justus Sackett who died
Feb. 15, 1837.
AE 96 years 4 mos. & 9 days.

In memory of Justus Sackett
who died Jan. 15, 1827 in the 87th year of his age.

(Inscription is unreadable.)

Very worn and hard to see:

In Memory of Sally, wife of Jonathan Secor?
who died ______?

In memory of Eunice Sackett
wife of Justus Sackett.
Died Sept 7th 1837
Aged 64 years & 2 mos.

Happy Soul,
thy days are ended.
All thy mourning days below.
Go by angels guards attended
in the sight of Jesus go.
In the memory of Justus Sackett
who died March 7th 1851
aged 76 years 11 mos. and 1 days.

Time is winging us away
to our eternal home
Life is but a winter's day
I journey to the Lamb.
In memory of Clarissa Sackett
wife ofJustus Sackett
who died Jan. 21, 1814
aged 60 years, __ ? mos. and ___? days

(Square tombstone leaning, difficult to read.)

Isaac Peck
born Apr. 12, 1812
Died Mar 8, 1876

Julia M. Peck his wife
born June 26, 1818.
Died May, 1881

Sophia, only daughter
of Isaac and Julia M. Peck.
Died Oct. 7, 1861.
AE 19 years, 5 months.
Zenas Mead Peck
Born August 9, 1844
died November 10 1907

Hannah Eliza Peck his wife.
Born April 18, 1847.
Died March 15, 1921

"We know that all good things work together
for good to them that love the Lord."

Mead Family Section
Catherine Mann, daughter of
Edward and Susana E. Mead
Born April 6, 1846.
Died April 22, 1928
Amelia, daughter of
Edward and Susana E. Mead
born July 6, 1841
Died Oct. 24, 1909
Edward Willis Mead
born March 2, 1852
died Oct. 6, 1882
There is rest for the weary.
Robert Mead
son of Edward and Susana E. Mead

(Inscription unreadable)

Augustus Mead,
son of Edward and Susana E. Mead
born Sept. 13, 1854
died June 27, 1934

"Be thou faithful unto death and
I will give you a crown of Life."

Daniel M. Mead
Major of the 10th Recon. Vol.

Was taken with typhoid fever in New Bern, N.C.
May 7, 1862
and died at Greenwich on Spt. 19th 1862.
Aged 27 years, 3 months and 17 days.

Edward Mead
born June 22, 1809
died Oct. 28, 1885

Susan A. E. Merritt his wife.
born Feb. 6, 1814.
died Aug 26, 1884
In heavenly love abiding.

In memory of Prudence
wife of Robert Mead
who departed this
life Sept. 23rd 1819.
Aged 71 years and 1 months.

Happy soul thy days are ended.
All thy mournings days below.
Go by angel guards attend
To the sight of Jesus go.
Waiting to receive thy
Love the Savior stands above.
Shows the purchase of his mercy
Reaches out the crown of love.

In memory of Robert Mead
who departed this life April 30, 1836.
Aged 67 years and 5 months.
Capt. Daniel Merritt
died April 30, 1819.
Aged 64 years 6 mos. and 11 days
Two small headstones (hard to read)
next to Susan Merritt.
Theodore E. Merritt
born Nov. 15, 1823
Died Feb. 11, 1892.
James Merritt
died April 24th 1892
in the 51st year of his life.
The following look like new replacement stones:

Richard Mead
Sept. 5, 1758
April 21, 1826
A patriot of the Revolution.

Rachel Mead, wife of Richard Mead.

Thomas Amos Mead
May 29, 1799
Jan 4, 1892
Hanna Seaman
Wife of Thomas A. Mead
Nov. 15, 1801
Nov. 18, 1880
Thomas Richard Mead
April 23, 1836
Oct. 25, 1862
Capt. Co. G. 10 Conn. Vol.
A christian and patriot. He gave his life for his

(remainder of the inscription is buried underground)

Amos Mead
Feb. 22, 1730
Feby 24, 1807
Surgeon 3rd Conn. Regt.
French and Indian War
A ratifier of the Federal Constitution.
Susan Hanna,
daughter of Seaman and Sarah E. Mead
Sept. 28, 1881
March 27, 1933
Seaman Mead
son of Thomas A and Hanna Seaman Mead
Nov. 5, 1837
June 30, 1915
Sarah Elizabeth,
wife of Seaman Mead
Feb. 2, 1839
June 29, 1909
Louisa Merritt Mead,
daughter of Seaman and Sarah E. Mead.
Sept. 24, 1863
Nov. 9, 1927
Amelia Willis Mead
daughter of Seaman and Sarah E. Mead
Sept. 9, 1873
Dec. 4, 1943
very worn:

In memory of
Sarah Howe
daughter of Jonas and Hannah Mead
Died March 28, 1824
Aged 10 years and 6 months.

In memory of Hannah Mead
Wife of Dea. Jonas Mead
and daughter of Jared Mead.
died Jan 27, 1875.
Very worn, but appears to say:
Aged 86 years, 8 months and 2 days
In memory of Dea. Jonas Mead
Born April 13, 1784
Died Aug 2, 1871
Aged 87 years

How blest the righteous when he dies
when sinks his weary soul to rest.
How mildly beam the closing eyes.
How gently heaves the expiring breast.

In memory of
Agnes S. Smith
died at the residence of
Milo Mead
Jan. 5, 1900.
When in good health, he was a pattern of industry.
Eleanor Burges
dau of J.A. and Sarah B. Johnson
Born Beirut, Syria
May 4, 1868
Died April 21, 1885
Sara Barclay
wife of Augustus Johnson
born Viewmont Albemarle Co.Virginia.
May 23, 1837.
Died Apr. 21, 1885.

Barclay son of J.A. and Sarah B. Johnson
Born Beirut, Syria
Aug. 8, 1862
Died Apr. 21, 1885.

Correction: Feb 17, 2014 per email from L. Anderson (Was listed as Apr. 2, 1885.).

"Barclay Johnson death should be April 21th, 1885 same as his mother and sister.Greenwich new burial ground." — L. Anderson 2013

Large dominant square stone, as if to the Patriarch of family:

Milo Mead
May 24, 1825
Aug. 26, 1906

Child's stone, badly worn.

Our little one.

Edward, son of Seaman and Sarah A. E. Mead.

Can't read further inscription.

Almost new looking stones:

Edith Parker
Wife of Seaman M. Mead

Elbert Reynolds 1931-1952
Seaman Mott,
son of Seaman and Sarah E. Mead
Aug. 2, 1875
May 6, 1928
Large flat slab-grey granite stone lying on the ground:

Norman Trowbridge Reynolds
December 21, 1874
March 3, 1943

Bertha Mead Reynolds
January 30, 1876
June 1, 1955

New small grey stone:

Mary Elizabeth wife of Zophar Mead

Zophar Mead
May 22, 1845
July 20, 1891

Two stones next to Rachel are broken

Rachel Knapp, daughter of Joshua and Mary Mead.
Born June 29, 1800.
Died Jan 2, 1892.

Hanna Close, daughter of Joshua and Mary Mead.
born Apr. 27, 1802
died Jan 2, 1892.
Almira, daughter of Joshua and Mary Mead
born Sept 15, 1808,
died Feb 23, 1896
Mark Mead
born Aug 14, 1817
died Dec. 25, 1896.

Deborah Howe his wife.
Born Sept. 15, 1817.
Died Feb. 2, 1903.

New stone:

Lucinda P. Mead
wife of Henry Webb
Aug. 23, 1847
Feb. 6, 1913.

William E. Mead
June 4, 1836
Jan. 26, 1914.

Adelia Mead his wife.
Feb. 8, 1843 Sept 14, 1903.

Worn stone:

William Strong
son of William and Adelia Mead.
born Nov. __? 1880
died __? 1883

Worn stones:

David B. Mead
died March 3, 1879
AE 65 years 6 mo. & 10 days

Rachel Elizabeth
wife of David B. Mead
May 8, 1866
Aged 51 years 6 mo. & 25 days.

On the side, facing the church--a very worn pillar

Zebulon Mead
born Oct. 17, 1772
March 1, 1860

____ ? Marshall
(note: Mead Genealogy lists her as Pena Marshall)
wife of Zebulon Mead
born Aug 11, 1781
died Sept. 5, 1865

inscription unreadable.

Isaac Mead
Rest of this man's inscription is unreadable.
Worn stones, lichen-encrusted:

Ehunice Hubby
the wife of Joseph Hubby Jun
who departed this life
Sept. 2nd 1799
Aged 55 years, 7 months and 13 days.

In memory of
Mills Hubby Jun
Who departed this life
Sept 3, 1799
Aged 17 years 1 month and 17 days
In memory of
Joseph Hubby
who departed this life
July 28, 1805
Aged 24 years 2 months and 20 days.
Large white stone:

Frances Hubby
born Oct. 1, 1733
died Feb 18, 1861

Very worn stone:

Ira Mead
born Oct. 19, 1770
died Aug 12, 1851

His wife Nancy Mead
born Aug 18, 1775
died June 22, 1822.

Very worn stone:

Benjamin Hobby
died May --? 17--?
Aged 76 years

Amah Hobby
wife of Benjamin Hobby
died May 1813
Aged 8(6?) years

Sarah Hobby
daughter of Benjamin and Amah Hobby.
died --?-- Dec. 10, 1800
Large worn gray pillar, side facing church:

Alvan Mead
died March 1883
aged 88 years.

Eliza wife of Alvan Mead
died Sept. 22, 1864
Aged 73 years.

Solomon Christy Mead

Frances Ripley Boss
wife of Solomon Christy Mead

Peter C. son of Sanford and Cynthia E. Mead
Large pillar

Henry H.
son of Sanford and Cynthia E. Mead.
A member of Co. 1, 10th Regt. C.V.

On side:
Having passed through the battles
of Roanoke and Newbern
died of Typhoid Fever at Newbern, N.C.
Apr. 20, 1862
Aged 21 years, 5 mos.

other side:
Die on the field of battle,
'tis noble thus to die.
God smile on Valiant soldiers,
their record is on high.
Rise from the field of battle.
The Savior's gone before.
Who puts his trust in Jesus,
is safe forever more.

The following are on individual gray slabs, good condition:

Hannah Mead 1837-1918

Sanford Mead 1803-1873

Cynthia E. wife of Sanford Mead 1812-1906

Alexander Mead
Matilda H. Grigg
wife of Alexander Mead
A long low scalloped stone:

Jessie F. 1881-1883
Lida G. 1866-1870
Minnie S. 1869-1870
John G. 1876-1879

Edgar son of Charles and Mary A Seaman
Sept. 9, 1841- Dec 4, 1895
Charles H. Seaman
Feb. 21, 1819
June 21, 1899
Mary Sackett, his wife
May 8, 1821
March 5, 1900
Following, worn headstones:

Deborah widow of Zaccheus Mead
died Sept 8, AD 1856
Aged 95 years 2 mos. & 2 (?) days

Zaccheus Mead
born Jan. 2, 1798
died Mar. 13, 1872
Laura wife of Zaccheus Mead
born Sept 1, 1801
died Jan 13, 1895

note: Mead History and Genealogy, p. 416, says Laura was born Aug. 1, 1804.

Hannah Richards
daughter of Zaccheus and Laura Mead
born Aug. 23, 1843
died Apr. 28, 1882.
Headstone on ground, buried in vines:

Amanda L. Mead born Feb. 16, 1800
Died July 13, 1890

(stone next to Amanda is unreadable.)

In memory of Jared Mead
who died May 8, 1832
in the 93rd year of his age.

(next two stones..one may be his wife.)
On the far right, it says....too hard to decipher

Elam C. ___? & Eliza Mead
died Dec. 23, 1862
Aged 20 years

Henry S. Mead 1872-1947
Edna Brown Mead 1875-1957
New stone:

Mary E. Mead 1846-1932

Peter Mead
Hannah his wife

New stone:

Everett Dayton Mead
November 14, 1873
May 10, 1967

Note: This is not a complete list of all the headstones in the New Burial Ground Cemetery.
All records should be used with caution, and double-checked for accuracy.

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