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Babcock (8 stones)
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1831 - 1848Babcock Hill Road,
South Coventry
Carpenter Cemetery
aka Silver Street, and
Old Cemetery
1773 - 1868
Silver St. just south of Rt.44,
on right, North Coventry
Center Cemetery Old Section
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1785 - PresentRt.44, 1/4 mile east of Rt.31
Center Cemetery New Section
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1900 - PresentRt.44, 1/4 mile east of Rt.31
Grant Hill Road Cemetery
aka North, Strong, or Flint Yards
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1773 - PresentGrant Hill Rd., North Coventry
1/2 mile north of Rt.44 on left
2 stones removed to
New Cemetery, Willimantic
1909Cooper Lane,
South Coventry
Mathewson (1 stone)1844Old Eagleville Rd.,
South Coventry
Nathan Hale Cemetery
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1716 - Presentoff Lake Street,
Center of South Coventry
New Coventry Cemetery1983 - PresentDepot Rd.,
South Coventry
St.Mary's Cemetery1890 - PresentRt.31 at Plains Rd.,
South Coventry
South Cemetery
aka Holy Grove Cemetery, South Yard
1740 - 1922Just east of junction of
South & Silver Streets (on South St.),
North Coventry
6 broken stones
1839 - 1868Flanders Rd.,
South Coventry

       Apparently there has been a lot of confusion about the names of the cemeteries in North Coventry (just note the names given on the current map of Coventry). I believe the names are listed properly in the chart above thanks to a 1986 cemetery survey by Project First, Association for Gravestone Studies. It is on file at the Booth and Dimock Library in Coventry, CT.

       Most of the footstones were missing at South Street Cemetery (aka Holy Grove) and some were noted missing in other North Coventry cemeteries a long time ago. Where did they go? We, myself and others, found them in a most unexpected place. Read about this mystery solved!

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