Coventry Men who Responded

Abraham Burnap, Esq. Private 1 day
Joseph Parker Private 1 day
John Arnold Private 2 days
Enoch Bagger, Jr. Private 2 days
Rufus Butts Private 2 days
Benjamin Case Sergeant 2 days
Eliphalet Coleman Private 2 days
Timothy Dimock Private 2 days
Israel Fowler Private 2 days
Ozias Hawkins Private 2 days
Eliphalet Hendey Private 2 days
Joseph House Private 2 days
Asael Jones Private 2 days
Nathaniel Kingsbury Private 2 days
Thomas Kingsbury Private 2 days
Jabez Loomis Private 2 days
Steven Richardson Private 2 days
Jeremiah Ripley Lieutenant 2 days
Samuel Robertson Private 2 days
Joseph Root Private 2 days
Medad Root Private 2 days
Jehial Root Private 2 days
Samuel Rose Private 2 days
Samuel Rose, Jr. Private 2 days
John Stanley, Jr. Private 2 days
Moses Stanley Private 2 days
Benejah Strong Private 2 days
Jeremiah Utley Private 2 days
Nathaniel Wright Private 2 days
Amos Avery Sergeant 3 days
Daniel Bagger Private 3 days
Dan Barnard Private 3 days
Israel Brewster Private 3 days
Elijah Brown Private 3 days
Josiah Brown Private 3 days
Alvin Carpenter Private 3 days
James Carpenter Private 3 days
Noah Carpenter Private 3 days
Nehemiah Case Drummer 3 days
Amos Coggswell Private 3 days
Nathaniel Collins Private 3 days
Roswell Crocker Private 3 days
Eliphalet Davenport Private 3 days
Andrew Downer Private 3 days
Benjamin Edwards Private 3 days
Jabey Edwards Private 3 days
David Hibbard, Jr. Drummer 3 days
Nathaniel Ladd Private 3 days
Elisha Loomis Private 3 days
Andrew Millard Private 3 days
Nathan Ormsby Private 3 days
Thomas Page Private 3 days
Amos Parker Private 3 days
John Parker, Jr. Private 3 days
Jonathan Richardson Private 3 days
Elijah Strong Private 3 days
John Wallbridge, Jr. Private 3 days
William Willson Lieutenant 3 days
Josiah Burnapp Private 4 days
Amos Richardson Captain 4 days
Amaziah Rust Clerk 5 days
Levi Carpenter Private 6 days
Joseph Hawkins Private 7 days
Ichabod Jewett Private 7 days
Daniel Richardson, Jr. Private 7 days
Timothy Rose Private 7 days
Joshua Tilden Corporal 7 days
James White Private 7 days
John Hale Private 8 days
Ephraim Kingsbury Private 10 days
Reuben Stiles Private 10 days
Benjamin Wesley Private 10 days
William Boynton Private 11 days
Daniel Babcock Private 13 days
James Barnsbee Private 13 days
Ephraim Beames Private 13 days
Joseph Savery Private 13 days
Daniel Pomeroy Private 16 days
Alerton Cushman Sergeant 17 days
Thomas Terrill Lieutenant 18 days
Joseph Lyman Corporal 19 days
Joseph Parker, Jr. Private 19 days
Nathaniel Richardson Private 19 days
Ezra Root Private 19 days
Nathaniel Thomson Private 19 days
Elias Buell Captain 21 days
James Coggswell Private 21 days
Samuel Robertson, Jr. Ensign 21 days
Elihu Babcock Private 25 days
Jesse Curtis Corporal 25 days
Solomon Lumbert Private 25 days
Timothy Parker Private 25 days
Joel Wright Private 25 days
Elisha Adams Corporal 26 days
Daniel Brown Private 26 days
Josiah Carpenter Private 26 days
William Carpenter Private 26 days
Simeon Chappel Private 26 days
Samuel Coleman Private 26 days
Gideon Dyke Private 26 days
Lemuel Ladd Private 26 days
Joseph Manley Private 26 days
John Mead Private 26 days
Isaac Robertson Sergeant 26 days
Amaziah Rockwell Sergeant 26 days
Nathaniel Root Private 26 days
Joseph Talcot Lieutenant 26 days
Scipio Wood Private 26 days
Thomas Brown Major 27 days
Jesse Cook Private Days Unknown
Robert Hale Private Days Unknown
Samuel Hale Private Days Unknown
Isaih Porter Private Days Unknown
William Porter Private Days Unknown

From Official Records
By Jesse A. Brainard (signed)
March 1, 1976

(This signed letter with the list of Coventry men who served in recognized units
was found in the genealogy files at the Booth and Dimock Library, Coventry, CT.)

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