“MAMMY WATSON LETTER” from Royal Tyler of Coventry, CT to Ezra Hutchins of Killingly, CT.  Mr. Tyler asks Mr. Hutchins to make good on a bad "Bill" (monetary note) by exchanging it via "my Mammy Watson" that Tyler had sent to Thompson, CT.





To Ezra Hutchins Esq





                                                                 Coventry    July 22 -1805


Dear Sir

           The Norwich Bill I took of

you unfortunately is pronounced a bad

one  --  It got into the hands of  Mr Jthan

Cork_____ of Hartford bank & by what

authority I know not, ^ he putt the black

mark upon it in token of its want

of genuineness --- If there is any oppos

sition still that the bill is good

it may be well to make trial of it

at Norwich Bank  --  You will

I trust recollect my making some

remarks on the Bill at the time

I took it tho’ I did not hesitate its

goodness ---  I hope its in some respect

regular appearance will enable you to

recollect from Whom you mad  it  ---

     I have sent it on to Thomson

by my Mamma Watson  ----  Did not

suppose any formality would by you

be required  ---  Your calling on my

Mammy Watson & exchanging the

Bill will oblidge your friend &

humble servt  ---  Royall Tyler -


My respects & Mrs Tylers to your

Lady   ---------


(Transcribed by Bob Taber and Jan (Wilson) Ramos preserving original punctuation,

grammar, and spelling on 1 Jan 2008. Original is in the possession of Mr. Taber.)



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