Please keep in mind that these are OLD queries that pre-date RootsWeb. You will most assuredly find some bad e-mail addresses and obsolete information.  However, because these queries may offer a needed clue in your genealogy research, I have not edited them and do not plan to do so.  Pat Sabin, New London County CTGenWeb

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10/29/97,  Fred Williamson -- Looking to contact a member of the BROWN family, descended from REV.  SAMUEL BROWN, born about 1810. Good possibility that family is still in the area, as I have a 1950s picture of an Old Lyme gravestone, belonging to a recently deceased Samuel Brown. Would appreciate any help, as I am trying to pass on the Family Bible.

January 1998 -- Janet Johnson  -- I am searching for more documentation, information, about my ancestors Jacob and Robert MILLER. They both had sons by those names and both come from father and grandfathers by those same names. I don't expect you to try and sort them out.  Anything you find will be helpful. All that was passed on to me genealogy  wise was names and dates. I am anxious for some sources.

2,Feb.1998  --   Florence V.Benway -- DORR Susan m KING Calvin  1842 in Old Lyme Moved To Groton, Need Birth dates
if available

18 Feb.1998 --   Florence V. Benway -- Looking for births of Susan DORR & Calvin KING m  March 8,1847 Old Lyme,Have church record of marrage.      Thanks in advance    FLO

Feb 19, 1998  -- Kathleen Garner  --I am a descendant of George Moore, a packet captain who died in Old Lyme in
1848 and am interested in any information about him and his family. I am especially interested in his mother-in-law Mary Ruth Brown who died there in 1849 and her second husband Arnold Brown. I want to find the given name of her first husband who was a Warner.

 3 March 1998 -- Florence V.Benway. -- Need information on Susan DORR Calvin KING m Old Lyme 8 March 1847 would like Parents and Birth dates if possible.    Thanks in advance  Florence