Please keep in mind that these are OLD queries that pre-date RootsWeb. You will most assuredly find some bad e-mail addresses and obsolete information.  However, because these queries may offer a needed clue in your genealogy research, I have not edited them and do not plan to do so. Thank you for your understanding.  Pat Sabin, New London County CTGenWeb

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October 25, 1996--Martha M. Mulkin,1006 Jeffrey Drive, Carterville, Il. 62918--Searching for Mulkin(s) In New London in 1700' and 1800's. Any information welcome. Especially want to locate the parents and family of a John Mulkin, married Sally ?, ( don't know where) first appeared in NY census 1830 with CT as place of birth. He was born 1792-1796. I have extensive information on his son Erastus Mulkin (1838) and his descendants. Info from early researcher placed the Mulkin family in Preston, Griswold, Pauchaug.

November 5, 1996--Robert E. Stewart---"Alexander of Norwich" Stewart having recently arrived from New London was admitted an inhabitant of Plainfield, Ct. 1728. There he married Amey Spaulding in 1734. I am seeking information about Alexander-his parentage-his origins-his family.

November 15, 1996--Terri Lanaghan Menzel--I am searching for information on Mary ANDERSON b. 8-31-1752 in New London, Lyme township and married to Captain Challenge SMITH. Her parents were Thomas ANDERSON and Margaret REED. Any information on daughter Jemima SMITH who married Roswell HUBBARD.

November 30, 1996 -- Glenn A. McGarry -- Searching for William Walworth b. 1646 in London England, Married Mary Abigail Seaton in 1690 probably in New London. Moved thereafter to Groton. Also searching for info on Mary Abigail Seaton b. 1669 at London England d. January 14, 1752 with burial in the old cemetary at New London.

November 30, 1996 -- Barbara W. Clarkson -- Atwell CHAPEL/Johanna HILL-Atwell married Johanna in 1768. Need birth and death dates of both.

January 1, 1997 -- Joel Ross -- Looking for info on William Willoughby, born about 1660 Yonkers, NY died about 1712, New London, Ct. Wife's name was Abigail ( no last name). Children's names Abigail, Deliverance, Mercy, John, William, Thankful. Any help would be great.

January 4, 1997 -- Margaret DeMarco -- I am searching for the parents of Edward SMITH of New London, CT who was presumably born in England c. 1637. He married Elizabeth BLISS who was born November 20, 1645. Their marriage took place on June 7, 1663. this couple had two sons and six daughters. Edward and Elizabeth and one son, John, died in July 1689 of an epidemic disease. Does anyone know what disease this was? I understand that the surviving children went to reside in Norwich, Ct. with relatives. Do you know who took care of these children? I am particularly interested in Sarah.

1/22/96 --Richard Hoover--Looking for information on the Darrow family of New London, CT. Seeking information pertaining to Nicholas Darrow who was baptised 5/20/1683 or 5/20/1686 and married Beeby Millicent about 1710 and died on 5/5/1725. Also seeking information on his son Nicholas Darrow II who was born about 1712 and married Mary Griffin 12/7/1731. He had a daughter, Elizabeth Darrow, who was born 5/3/1750.

15 Feb. 1997. --Sara Ekelmann --I am looking for info about WILLEY, Barzilla/Barzallia/etc. who married Joanna Church (all dates ?). Their Son: Barzilla b.10 Jun. 1763 in New London, New London Co, Ct. d.May 1851, Utica, Clark Co. Ind. He married 27 Nov. 1787, Elizabeth McCough b.9 Oct 1765 CT. (Her parents info would be welcome too). He served in Amer Revolution under Capt. William Ledyard from 1779. Their 3rd child was born 1791 in NY. They had a total of 11 children. Any information would be greatly appreciated and very welcome.

Feb. 22, 1997-- John Gibson.-- In 1901, Leonard GIBSON lived on 101 Crystal Avenue, New London, CT. Leonard had 3 sons: Leonard Jr., John and Robert C. Gibson. Looking for information on the above, or their descendants.

27 Feb 97 -- Robert Harold Clayton --Robert WELLS was born March 30, 1788 in Wethersfield, CT. (>Josiah>Capt. Hezekiah>Capt. Robert). When a small boy, he moved with his family to Duanesburg, Albany Co. (Now Schenectady Co.), NY on the East Bank of Scoharie Creek. The nearest neighbor to the Josiah Wells family was Peter CLAYTON. Peter is the object of my search....>From the biographer of Robert Wells, who later married Peter's daughter Abigale, we learned most of what we know about Peter. Some of this is supported by records of the Revolutionary War.Fro military records, we know that Peter enlisted at Paxton, PA in the PA 10th regiment, and served until the first quarter of 1780. After settling in Duanesburg, NY he married Mary Lyon then, after her death, married Rachel Abby, mother of Abigale Clayton Wells. We also are fairly certain of his death date: October 11, 1838....>From the Robert Wells biography, published in 1912, we find that Peter was born in 1750 in Dublin, Ireland (ref: Pennsylvania Archives, Ser. 3, vol. 23, p 470). The biography also states that Peter had two brothers who served in the revolutionary War. One was my ancestor Jonathan, who lived in Windham County, CT, and served 165 days in the militia which defended Bennington against Burgoyne's Hessians in Aug 1777. The second, I have not identified with any certainty, although a John Clayton served in "a Pennsylvania unit" at the same time. So far, I have had no luck in locating Peter and kin in pre-war eastern PA ot NJ....For reasons not explained, the biographer offered the following conjecture(?): "He came to America as a young man and probably located in New London, Conn.".....For this reason, I would like to post this story on CT GenWeb pages. The trick is to find someone who recognizes the family name, or has information on Irish immigrations in the 1750-1775 era. Jonathan lived in Vermont as early as Feb 1767 when one brother (John in our family story, but perhaps Jonathan.) married Sarah or Susanna Watkins. This might focus the immigration window to the 1750 - 1766 range!!

3/5/1997--Harold Prottas --Searching for HYMAN PROTTAS / ISAAC PROTTAS In NewLondon in 1900's. Any information welcome. Especially want to know if they where brothers ? What town did they come from ? Hyman was the father of FRANK PROTTAS who owned a shoe store in New London

97-03-06 -- Bob Clayton -- From military records, we know that Peter CLAYTON enlisted in January, 1777 at Paxton, PA in the PA 10th regiment. A family biography, published in 1912, says that Peter was born 1750 in Dublin, Ireland (ref: Pennsylvania Archives, Ser.3, vol. 23, p 470). The biography also states that Peter had two brothers who served in the revolutionary War. One lived in Windham County, VT, and served 165 days in the militia which defended Bennington. Their father may have been Alexander. The biographer offered the following conjecture: "He came to America as a young man and probably located in New London,Conn." Does anyone recognize the family name, or have information on Irish immigrations in the 1750-1770 era? Thank you,

March 14, 1997-- Douglas V. Smith --Samuel LAMB of New London near the Stonington line married about 1692 a woman named Mercy ____. Who was she? Does anyone have a good handle on their children? Douglas V. Smith, Box 65, Sharon, VT 05065 or e-mail to

March 02, 1997:--Vieda L. Correia--; I am looking for information on William COMSTOCK (Cumstock). Date of death and burial place. He was with Capt. John Mason on the expedition that captured Pequot Fort at Mystic. He moved to Pequot, now New London about 1650 where in 1647 he had recieved a grant of land. He helped to establish a corn mill and as I understand it was still standing in 1945. (Is it still there?) He lived on Post Hill, near the north corner of Williams and Bauxhall Strees. Are there any books in print on the Comstock line? I know of only one (The Comstock Family) but I am unable to find a copy.

19 April 1997-- Charles J. Lippert --Would like more information on Bailey and Emma Johnson. According to their son's death certificate and obituary, Bailey was born in what now is Maine, and Emma was born in what now is Wisconsin. Their son was born in Middletown, CT, and the family lived in New London during the time of the War of 1812.

april 1997 --  Henry Sutliff Sealyone-- SMITH - Seeking the name of wife of Nehemiah Smith, born June 8, 1701, East Lyme, New London Co., CT, son of Samuel Smith and Elizabeth Ely. His wife may have been named Elizabeth. Their children were: Nehemiah, Grace, Jedediah, Eunice, Mary, Desire, Lydia.

May 7, 1997,-- Liz Bravick --Looking for information: Ruth HEWITT of Norwich new London born 1737, married John GRISWOLD.Johnwas born Nov 1730, he died June 1810. Ruth died Oct 1770. seeking parental information on the Hewitts and Griswolds. Daughter Lydia Griswold born 11 may 1763, married Gideon BAKER, son of Gideon Baker and Rhoda Crocker. seeking info on the Crocker line.

May 12, 1997 -- Jessie Hagan --I am trying to find information on Moses ROBBINS and his sons. In his will, Moses says he has five sons, he only names three, Samuel, Lorin and Gilmore. I think the other two are Brintnal and Moses Jr. Samuel, Lorin, Gilmore and Brintnal all served in the Revlutionary War. I work at the Sons of the American Revolution. We have an applicant applying for membership based on Moses Sr. who was born around 1717. Since Moses Jr. did not marry until 1794,(A second marriage???) we are not sure if he was old enough to serve in the war with his brothers. If anyone has any proof of the age of Moses ROBBINS Jr. please let me know ASAP. All of these families lived around Preston, Voluntown, and New London. Thanks Jessie Hagan Staff Genealogist, NSSAR Jessie Hagan

05/28/97-- Sharon L. Clark -- Trying to find further information on William S. Clark, born 1808 in New London, CT. Married Caroline Way (b. 1810) in 1831. They had a child named Thomas R. Clark born 1850, died 1867 or 1868. Want to find parents and family of William, as well as his date of death, burial place, etc. Any information on son Thomas would be helpful.

3 June 1997. --Ev Winter -- WINTHROP, SARAH b. 15 Sep 1644. married John COLLVER. SR. abt 1670. Wish date of marriage and who were her parents?

June 21 1997 -- Betty Crawford -- Petter PENNAU was born in Lebanon, New London, Ct. May 4, 1723. He married Elizabeth SAMPSON in New London Co., Ct.

June 28, 1997 -- Cindy Christenson--Thomas MANCHESTER married Phebe PRENTIS (PRENTICE) 28 Mar 1780 and had daughter Lydia MANCHESTER the following year. New London Vital Records do not list any other children for them and I do not know what happened to Thomas and Phebe. I have found information on the Prentice line but nothing on Thomas MANCHESTER. There was a large Manchester family in Rhode Island but I have been unable to link Thomas conclusively with this family. If anyone else has connections with this family and suggestions where else to look, I would appreciate hearing from you.

June 28, 1997 -- Cindy Christenson-- I am looking for any information on Leonard MORGAN. He was born in New London sometime before 1800, moving to Toronto, Ontario in approximately 1821, where he married Anna Humberstone. He was still living there in 1858 but do not have his death date yet. The Conn. Reg. Histories list a Leonard Morgan, private, New London, with Stockman, June 1813. The Capt. James Morgan family history does not name a Leonard in the appropriate time period. I did not see him in New London's Vital Statistics. Can anyone help me place him?

June 24th, 1997 -- David J. Sloan --Searching for information on surname SLOAN, Also search for Book or Fiche "Early Families of New London-Volume 36" by Charlie Parker c. 1920's. Please contact.Thank you.

10 Jul 1997  --James K. Harrison --Looking for info on William POTTER and Phoebe WOODWARD POTTER married New London 20 Aug 1771. Believe both lived in New London as children prior to marriage. Who were their parents? Any info appreciated-will exchange info on later life of children.

July 27, 1997--  Patricia Deutmeyer -- I am seeking information the Mariner's ships log for Hugh Atcheson in 1811 from Ireland.  Any information would be appreciated.

August, 1997 --   Julie Lambert --Looking for parents and wife of Elnathan Hatch, born c. 1845.  He was
the father of Silence Hatch b.23 Jun 1795.

August 25, 1997 --   Richard Robinson -- I would appreciate any information on the parents of Edward Robinson who was born in New London, Connecticut on June 16, 1763

August 30, 1997 -- Dan Calkins --CALKINS, CAULKINS I am looking for information on Hugh Calkins born about 1600 in England.  He might have been on the Mayflower.  If you know of this family please e-mail or snail Mail Dan Calkins 17227 Kingsbury, Granada Hills, CA 91344.  Thank you.

September 8, 1997, -- Lou Ann Walker --GARDNER:  Trying to locate information on George Nelson GARDNER.  His civil war enlistment papers, disability papers and death certificate all list his birthplace as Norwich, CT, however the clerk of courts' office was unable to locate a birth record for him (his birthdate is June 4, 1831).  Looking
for anyone with information on this individual.  Unable to locate his parents names (some relatives think they remember his father's name as Nelson Gardner, but we have no proof.)  Any help in unraveling the mystery of his birth location would be greatly appreciated!

09/05/97 -- Joel Peter Nixon -- FEELEY: Looking for date of death and burial information on Thomas
FEELEY (b. 1844) and Ann (Martin) FEELEY (b. 1843). Thomas died after 1900 but before 1920.  Ann was still alive in 1920.  They lived most of their lives in Waterford, CT. Ann was living in New London, CT by 1920.  Any help would be appreciated.  Contact Peter Nixon at

 Sept 22, 1997 -- Suzanne Poirier --Looking for information  on the parents of William H. Phillips b. 1/14/1871 in New London, CT d. 3/16/1939 in Boston, MA married to Adeline Geier. His parents names are Andrew J. Phillips and Mary.

 28 Sept 1997 --  James K. Harrison  -- Looking for info on William Potter and Phebe Woodward Potter, married New London on 20 Aug 1771. William born New London area on 5 Aug 1749.  Looking for both sets of parents and any children. Any info appreciated.

12 Oct 1997 --  Fred Goodell   --Seeking connection of my g-g-g-grandfather Nicholas DARROW, b.abt 1750 in New London to the rest of the New London DARROWs.  He had 13 children, the 1st whom was Salley, b. 1784 and the last was Rebecca b.1816. One of his sons, Sydney Leonard 1st was b. 1810.  Sydney Leonard 2nd, b May 1837 was married to Cristina Alvin (?) and moved to Attica, Ind where my grandfather Lemuel Dewitt DARROW was born 29 Jun 1870.
Any help in tracing Nicholas back to George and Mary DARROW who arrived in New London in the late 1660's or so would greatly be appreciated. Please E-Mail me at  I will be glad to share any information I have on the GOODELL, DARROW, MORGAN, SPENCER, HUMPHREY, HAVENS families.

October 1997 --    H D Hilton -- I am researching Jeannette C. BRADLEY, b. 19 Jun 1839 New London, CT m.
31 Oct 1860 to William Marcus Treat, d. 11 Dec 1915 bur Doniphan, Nebr.  Any information on her ancestors will be appreciated.

October 28, 1997 -- Karen Tatman --I am looking for information of William BENTLEY and Orange TOZER.  Their son,
John Bentley, was born in New London, CT on December 7, 1749.

 07 Nov 1997 -- Sue Hollenbeck -- Can you help me...where would I write for data on shipwreck that took place off New London in late 1884..ship was a whaler," The Charles Colgate"..hull supposedly taken to "winthrup cove"..My ancestor died in that Sylva. Thanks for your help.

 19 Nov 1997 --  -- Clement STEBBINS b. ca. 1790, New London, moved by 1820 to Seneca Co., NY; and by 1830s to Michigan.  Need his parents & siblings.  A pulished Stebbins genealogy confuses him with a Clement STEBBINS b. 1760.     No doubt of same family.   Any clue is deeply appreciated.

11/24/97;--  Chuck Plumb -- I am looking for any information on the following four New London men:
1.  John Plumbe (b. 1660s?, d. 1730s); father of 2.  Peter Plumbe (b. around 1700, d. 1748-50; father of 3.  Greene (or Green) Plumbe (b. mid-1730s, d. 1805-1810); father of 4. Samuel Plumb (b. 1764, d. 1842) Greene (or Green) and Samuel I believe to be Revelutionary War veterans.  I would appreciate any help you can give me!  Thanks,

 30 Nov 1997 --      john harrison -- Looking for SILAS HARRISON. He was born 1 May 1755, Lyme, CT. Possible father was Benjamin. Was living in Lebanon, CT in 1775 when he entered Capt. Edward Motts company in the early revolutionary war. He also served at West Point late in the war. He married Sarah Brown in 1778. Her family is possibly from Norwich. Had the following children, probably all born in CT, from 1778 to 1792: Aurila, Hannah, William, Silas, Phileu, Abel, Sarah, Eurastus, Eurastus 2nd.  Probably lived in Lebanon or Norwich until about 1802 when he moved to upstate NY. Any info would be most helpful.

Dec. 2, 1997 --  Lisa Beth Darling -- I'm researching my ancestors in New London and am looking for information on the DARLING family of New London county.  My grandfather was Edwin DARLING born 1894 married to Margaret HIGGINS they had five children: Richard, Thomas, Anna, Mary and Gladys.  My great-grandfather was Willie DARLING who lived on Evergreen Ave. in New London he was married to Jenny Etta BRYANT  among their children were: Olive, Martha, Edwin, James, Cora, Ada.  I am presently looking for information regarding Willie DARLING's ancestry.  His father's name was George DARLING from Groton/Dunstable MA  born in 1835 married to Ann KING of Waterford, CT.  They were married in 1860 and divorced in New London 1872.  Any information greatly appreciated also very willing to share what information I have the DARLING family and related surnames.

 2 Dec 1997 -- --I am seeking information on the ancestors of Elizabeth COMSTOCK (b 9 Jun
1665, East Saybrook, d. 1692/93.  Married Joseph Minor (b. 6 Aug 1666, New London, CT, d 26 Apr 1752).  Joseph was the son of Clement Minor (d 8 Oct 1700, New London).  Any info on this line would be greatly appreciated!

  07 Dec 1997 --  Robert W Becker  -- I would appreciate any information that would have or lead me to the names and origins of my Grand Fathers parents. My Grand Fathers name was Joesph Henry Watrous. Born near Groton, CT on January 09, 1880.  Thank you in advance for your effort......

7 Dec 97 -- Bob Cleveland      7 Dec 1997-- Would appreciate any information pertaining to the Colfax Family of New London particularly John Colfax, and Capt George Colfax.

12/08/97  -- Linda Trevena -- I am interested in any information on Thomas Ryley (Riley) b. New York, NY m. Esther Rogers of New London.  Resided in New London.  s. Thomas Ryley b. 1817 d. 1888 m. Lucy Heath b. unknown d. 1899 Groton, CT.  Any information would be most appreciated.

12-9-97 --   Jim Hicks  --Looking for William Brewster, 1682-1768, was a resident of Lebanon, CT; son Ichabod Brewster, 1710-1797, resident of New London, wife Lydia Barston; son Ichabod Brewster, 1753-?, wife Lucy Clark; son Ichabod Brewster, 1785-1837.  Thanks

December 27, 1998 -- Susan Hollenbeck -- Need information regarding Antoine Silva(Silva), a whaler from New London
who died in shipping accident ca. 1850 on the "Charles Colgate" off the coast of New London.  Anyone have data on this ship?

28 Dec 1997 --   Ralph Rogers -- Please provide any and all information on Sylvestor Powers who married Elizabeth Smith on 11 Nov 1784 in New London, CT dau of James & Abigail (Hempstead) Smith.  They had children all born in New London, CT:  Elizabeth (b 1785), Sylvestor (1789 - 1859) m Eleanor, Mary (b 1795)

1/2/98  -- Kirsten Person   -- Looking for the ancestry of William Richard Watson III (b. 1924, Griswold, CT).  His father was William Richard Watson (II or Jr.) who supposedly was born in Mystic or Gales Ferry.  His mother was Aldea Pepin.  Would like to hear from anyone who is related to this family.

December 30, 1998 --  WWilloughb --William and Abigail Willoughby moved to New London around 1697.  I see comments indicating that they came from Yonkers, but have seen no source other than the New London Diary (Hempstead?) referring to a William Willoughby getting in trouble there.  I do have documentation of a William Willoughby and
his wife Abigail having attended church in New Hampshire prior to 1697.  Could William be the youngest son of Jonathan Willoughby of Massachusetts and Connecticut, and the grandson of Francis Willoughby?  I would welcome any comments of additional information, and am more than willing to share my sources.

December 1997  -- Cheryl Classick  I am looking for the parents of Frances M.Kinne, she was born about 1817, an d died Dec. 19, 1864 In New London.  Her husband was Braddock M. Kinne or Kenne.  Thank you.  She was born in Connecticut, probably the New London area.

January 13, 1998 -- Bill Fargo -- attempting to locate info in New London on: FARGO, Moses & Sarah (unknown maiden name), sons FARGO, Robert & Moses. Moses & Sarah are alleged to have emigrated from Wales to the New London area and were granted some land.  Came on or about 1680.  In addition, I am attempting to locate their son FARGO, Ralph.  Thanks.

 January 17, 1998 -- LORENZO POLLARD  -- I am looking for proof that the surname POLLARD(David-John), can be located in New London from 1750-1800.  If Possible a cemetery name that might be helpful.  Thank You,

January 17th, 1998 -- Lorenzo Pollard -- If you have any information for the surname"Converse", in New London, Ct. for the years- 1750-1830, please indicate to me at the given e-mail address given.

January 17th, 1998 -- Lorenzo J. Pollard  -- I am seeking information of residency for the surname, SCOTT, in New London, Ct. for the years, 1750-1800. I am linking the surname from a listing in intrest from the 1850 Watertown, NY population census page I have in my possession for research.  Please contact me at the E-mail address given.

January 18,1998  -- Donald R.Kruszyna -- seek info on ggg grandfather Luther Davison born about 1801,died after 1880, married Caroline Pendleton in Stonington,Ct. 02-04-1824, son Charles Henry (gg grandfather) born 09-23-1830 in Norwich, Ct ?  Charles married Anna F. ? about 1857 son Warren F. born 1858 in New London,Ct (g grandfather) Luther listed as a bootmaker on 1850,1860,1870 and 1880 on New London, Ct federal census.home 15 Tilley Street.  Luthers wife Caroline died 01-06-1842 in New London,Ct,he married Mary W. Carter 05-22-1842 in New London,Ct she was formely from
Bristol,Me                                                 Thank you

1-25-98  --      Rusty Kuehl --Researching William MIDDLETON who md. Abigail HANCOCK  in april of 1759 in New London.  They had        l.William (1767-1851) md. Anne _______         2.George (1770-1861) md. 1.Sally Eaton    2.Mary Gordon        3.Nathanial(1773-1860) md.Mary (Polly) Rogers        4.Samuel(1774-1833) md.Nancy Anne Burrows
       5.Abigail  md. Barnett Dixon. William next married Lucy Walworth.  The had:          1. Mary who md. Denison
         2.John (1796-1867) md.Sophia Mandeville  The descendants of many of these people remained in New London, and many of  them went on to counties in NY such as Wayne, Onandago , Warren and Kings.  Interested in any info on this family.  Thanks

February 12, 1998 -- Becky Schultz -- HOLMGREN, John (Captain) lived at 12 Willits Ave in New London CT in March of
1902. He was a seafaring man and had 2 daughters Hildevi & Helen Caroline
(named after her mother) He was born about 1850-1880 in Kalmar, Sweden.  If
you are related to this family, your cousins in Sweden would like to contact

February 24, 1998 -- Mike Mazzeo -- I'm am looking for Capt. Mark Williams who was from Preston, Connecticut. I believe he had a son Isaac D. Williams who was born around the 1730's or 1740's. I'm trying to verify this by searching for MarkWilliams.  Isaac D. Williams moved to Murrayfield, Ma.(now called Chester, Ma.) and then moved to Washington, Ma. sometime in the 1700's.

1998 -- Jeff Beck --  I would very much appreciate any information, birth, etc. on Franklin O. Jublin, said to be born on November 8, 1889 at the estate of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Mitchell, Pequot Avenue, New London, where his parents were said to be
caretakers.  This is now the site of Mitchell College.  Thanks very much for your help!!!  If you can reply to my address at as I check that every day.  Thanks.  Jeff Beck.

1998  - Rose Anne Hoekstra,  --  I am looking for an ancestor named Ebenezer COLEMAN who fought in the Connecticut Regiment during the Revolution.  I have his son or grandson who settled in Nebraska (Ashland).  I also have a book from the Sheffer Pioneer Cemetary located in Ashland that lists several GILLILANDS [Sic] Could some of our ancestors gone West together? My oldest Nebraska COLEMAN was Elic Chalker, Sr. who was born in Connecticut in 1805 and migrated to Ohio in 1812 or so.  I believe Elic was the son  of Ebenezer.  He is listed in the DAR records.

John Baker 2/15/98 -- John Baker --  BERIAH GREEN, ELIZABETH SMITH: Parents of the REVEREND BERIAH GREEN, a founder of the American Antislavery society born March 24, 1795 in Preston city, new London Town.  Reverend Green's father and grandfather were both apprently named Beriah  Green.  Would greatly appreciate any information on his parents
that might be available or suggestions on where to look for green related

17 Feb 1998 --   Ginny Magee -- I am looking for the parents of Thomas Lewis born 11 Apr 1745 in New London, Ct.  He married Mary Terrell on 1 May 1768 in New Milford Ct. He died in Wyalusing, (Merryall) PA in 1810.  He had the following
children in New Milford, CT.; Deborah, Jeremiah, John and James.  He served in the Rev War in the Canadian expedition and in the defence of Danbury.  Any information would be greatly appriciated.information in new London town.

 2/22/98 -- FM GOOSE -- My father, Leslie Maynard was born in Groton, CT in 1908.  His parents names &
ages upon birth were Edwin Albert Maynard, age 20 and Sara Mary (Babcock) Maynard, age 18.  We would appreciate any help or information you could provide.

1998 - Mary Lou Stanley -- Looking for Parents of EUNICE MASON STORK, b 27 JULY 1713, New London; m MOSES STORK; d 16 FEBruary 1820; b Coventryville, NY.  Sons - CHRISTOPHER STILL MOSES STORK & WILLIAM STORK.

February 1998 -- Walter Volhard <> -- Marriage record of Issac Palmer b. Stonington Feb 15, 1732, son of Wait Palmer & Mary Brown.  Possibly married to Abigail Randall.  Birth record of Issac Palmer b. Preston, Nov 29, 1761.

March 7, 1998,--   Joe Garcia  -- WALKER....Looking for info on the parents of Calvin A. Walker, Born
September 05, 1814 New London, New London County, CT.  Married Mary E. ARNOLD June 20, 1848.
Calvin's parents are unknown. Only firstname of mother is known. It is  Lydia.  Any info that anyone can give is appreciated.

March 14, 1998 --  Elaine Merrell   -- WEEKS Can anyone help with the parentage of these three brothers who were from the Waterford section of New London, CT? Any help would be greatfully recieved.   Brother # 1 Seabry Weeks born after 1784,  purchased land in Ashford CT in 1815 from Moses Edmonds. Seabry died before 6 Jan 1829 (probate) He married Ruth Griggs, the fourth daughter of John Griggs and Ruth Ashley who was born 29 April 1787. After Seaburyís death she married a Kingsley. in 1850 a Ruth Kingsley, age 63, was living with the family of Sylvanus D. Weeks.  Sylvanus was the son of Sebry and Ruth Griggs Weeks. Sylvanus D.  Weeks married 1st Mary Thirza Snow and 2nd Mirnerva M. Snow (sisters) had  by 1st wife :Reuben C. Weeks born 1849, died April 30, 1898 Pomfret, CT, married Isabella Lucy Maria Jewett, after the death of Reuben she married George Hicks. Rueben and Isabella Jewett Weeks had: Ida, Maurice, Alfred, Harry Sylvanus, Charles Reuben, Oren and William.    Brother #2   Joseph Weeks born @ 1775 New London, CT died January 1864, Eastford, CT, married Delia Griggs, eldest daughter of John Griggs and Ruth Ashley, who was born 25 Dec. 1776, Woodstock, CT. Joseph Weeks first appears in Pomfret, CT land records in 1800 and in Ashford, CT land records in 1807. He had a land transaction with Jonathan Weeks in 1808. The early land records list him as Joseph Weeks Jr. Joseph and Delia Griggs Weeks had:1).Pamela who married Lyman Lyon 10 July, 1841, and divorced from him on  April 24 1851.2).Emma J.,3). Daniel.    Brother #3   Jonathan Weeks born @ 1782, Waterford Section of New London, CT married  May 30, 1797 or 1799 to Elizabeth Waterous,as it is stated in Ashford,
CT records. Barnard Vermont records state the name of the mother of  the three children born there to be Elizabeth Child. The children born in Barnard, VT are Charlotte born 10 May 1800, Charles born 4 January 1803 and David Dana Nelson Weeks born 1 March 1806. There was also a son Jonathan born in 1808, place unknown.  Jonathan Sr. bought land in Barnard, VT in 1810 and was in the War of 1812, from Barnard. David Dana Nelson Weeks (died Oct 14, 1877, Eastford, CT ) married Almira Parrish
in Ashford, CT on Dec 23, 1827. David Dana Nelson and Almira Parrish Weeks had: Marcus J. Weeks 1833, Westford, CT,Francis E., Alpheus ,  Agustus D, Carpenter, and perhaps Benjamin.  Marcus J. Weeks born 1833 died in the Battle of Snickerís Ford, July 13, 1864. Marcus married 1st Mary M. Howlett 27 Dec 1852, Eastford, CT. From this union 1 child
Edward, died young. Marcus then married 2nd Harriet Treat 10 April 1855, Almond, NY. From this marriage a daughter Delia was born 13 April 1857 in Almond, NY. Delia married an Isaac Hadsell . It appears that Harriet Treat Weeks dies and Marcus Weeks married Laura M. Baker. From this marriage only 1 child, Grace Darling Weeks born April 4, 1862. We do
know that the brother of Marcus Weeks, namely Agustus D. Weeks lived in Ellincot, Chautaqua Co., NY and had lived in Almond,, Alleganey Co., NY from 1852 to 1877.

March 21, 1998  --   Laverne Redenbaugh   ---BOGUE WILLEY BELOTE HUNTLY CHAPEL YOUNG BICKFORD  am searching for information on these surnames.

March 26,1998- Donald M. Kuciewski-  Any information regarding surnames KUCIEJ, KUCIEWSKI, KUCIEJEWSKI, Grandfather Jan KUCIEJ emigrated to US about 1901-02, settled in New London for a while. Brothers and sisters also came. Jan born in Debniki, Poland 1878/1880.

March 30, 1998 -- Mary Renniger -- Looking for info on Lucy Avery-daughter of Rosanna Gardner & Joseph
Avery-married Stephen Staysa 1792. Many thanks,

March 28, 1998 -- "Vicki  S. Hunter"  -- I was look find of Samuel Beebe, Sr. of New London, Ct. His wife name is Mary Kenney and his children.I would like that Samuel Beebe story....

April 2, 1998 - - Tracy Tomaselli -- Looking for a kind person who might be going to the New London Town Vital Records department to do a look up on my great grandparents:  Antonio RICCI born in Pescara, Italy died in New London, CT-buried Cedar Grove Cemetary.  wife:  Santa PLACITO born in Italy, died in New London, CT - buried Cedar
Grove Cemetary.  Probably died around 1930-1950  Thank you, to anyone who could help.

8 Apr 1998 -- Martha Finfrock -- Sarah/Sally POPPLE b. abt 1789 New London, CT m. Jeffrey CHAMPLIN
Aug 1807 New London, son of Jeffrey CHAMPLIN  and Lydia LARKIN.  Sarah was the dau. of William POPPLE, son of John and Dorcas POPPLE. Who was Williamís wife and who were the parents of John and Dorcas?

April 9, 1998 -- Michael Leeds -- I need info on the children of John Leeds and Elizabeth Latham, married 25 Jan 1678 in New London, CT.  Savage indicates five (Gideon and Thomas, bap. after the death of father in 1 Aug 1697; John, bap. 13 Mar
1681; Elizabeth, born 10 Oct 1681; and William, born 3 May 1683).  I am trying to link Cary Leeds (born in New London circa 1685) to John and Elizabeth, as indicated in one IGI reference.  Thanks for any help.

10 Apr, 1998 -- Ginny Magee -- Surnames: TERRELL, LEWIS I am looking for the parents of Thomas LEWIS.  I have contacted New London but they have no record of his birth.  Any help would be appreciated. 1.  Thomas LEWIS was born on 11 Apr 1745 in New London, New London Co.,  CT.  He died on 7 Feb 1810 in Wyalusing, Bradford Co. PA.  He was in the Revolutionary War.  He was married to Mary TERRIL (daughter of Capt James TERRIL and Abigail BUCK) on 1 May 1768 in New Milford, Litchfield Co. CT.  Mary TERRIL was born on 28 Feb 1747/48 in New Milford, Litchfield Co. CT.  She was born on 17 Mar 1748 in New Milford, Litchfield Co. CT.  She died on 21 Jan 1813 in Bradford Co. PA.  Thomas LEWIS and Mary TERRIL had the following children:   +2 i. Sarah LEWIS.    +3 ii. Deborah LEWIS.    4 iii. Ebenezer LEWIS was born on 14 Apr 1774.    +5 iv. Jeremiah LEWIS.    +6 v. John LEWIS.    +7 vi. James LEWIS.    8 vii. Mary LEWIS was born.    +9 viii. Amy LEWIS.
 +10 ix. Justus LEWIS.    +11 x. Ebenezer LEWIS.

4-16-98 --  Linda King --  .My (3) gr grandparents were buried at Norwich New London County Connecticut. They were Robert Sample~1800-1874 and Catherine Sample ~same era.  They had owned a flax mill at Canterbury Windham County Connecticut in the 1850's, but sold it to move to Walnut, Bureau County Illinois in the late 1850's.  Robert died in 1874 and Catherine brought him to Connecticut to be buried.. Any one with info about the family, the  flax mill or  exactly  where at norwich these two might be buried would be greatly appreciated.

April 1998 -- I am David Lang Clark, PO Box  2129, Mt. Sunapee, NH 03255. My paternal grandmother, of Georgeville, Quebec, was a descendant of the John Daly who came to Braintree, MA in 1662, and then moved to Providence, RI.

8 April 1998 -- Logan Garth Swanger  -- Searching for birth, marriage and family members of Lebbeus CHAPPELL, in
1790 and 1800 New London census. Found in 1810 census in Onondaga County, New York. Had at least one child, Jason L, born 1775.

 April 20, 1998 --- John Cockerall -- PHOEBE COMSTOCK: family,birth or death dates are all unknown.  She married
ROBERT BRUCE JACKSON in NEW LONDON CT on 9/23/1849.  ROBERT was born in 1809.  This couple had a son JOHN JACKSON birth date unknown but I believe he was born in AR.  Any info on my COMSTOCK (or Jackson) family
would be appreciated.  This is all I know.  Thank you.

4/21/98-- Deb Chapman -- Looking for information for a William CHAPMAN of New London, CT with connection to Rev. Benjamin CHAPMAN b. 1725 last of Southington, CT.  Listed on IGI as "related" to descendants of Rev. Benjamin.  Any information re William most appreciated.

April 25, 1998 -- Ellen St.G. Sadlier, -- Searching for John KELLY/Mary LOONEY KELLY (my ggparents) born Kerry, Ireland
(1830s).  Immigrated to Taunton, MA with first chile, Catherine KELLY (my gmother) born Kerry (1860s).  Five more children -- Mary, Daniel, John, Johanna and Bridget.  Moved to MONTVILLE, UNCASVILLE, PALMERTOWN, CT.   Catherine KELLY married Michael DONOVAN in Montville (1890s).  Lived in Stonington/Pawcatuck, CT; moved to Montville, CT.  Two children John DONOVAN and Eileen DONOVAN (my mother).  Eileen married Leon ST.GERMAIN (1927).   Any information about the above would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

3 May 1998 -- Phyllis Jackson  -- Arunah KILBORN was born 1761, Colchester, New London, CT.  Per his National
Archives Revolutionary War Pension file he served in 1779 or 1780.  In 1781 he was "hired by a club as it was called, to serve for three months and he joined his company at Old Orchard, and there joined General Huntington's Brigade and from there went to the highlands to winter."  Does anyone have any information on this Brigade, Old Orchard, the highlands?

June 21,1998. -- Barb Miller-- -I am looking for Joshua Hempstead, born abt. 1724, died abt. 1806.  Married to Lydia Burch.  Was his father Nathanial Hempstead?  I can find some information on grandfather Joshua Hempstead, but nothing on Nathanial.  He may have lived in Groton or Stonington for a while before returning to New London.  Any information
on children, military would be appreciated.

6/30/98 -- george t. benson --  franicis h. benson,  hannah h. comstock

July 3, 1998 -- Jennifer Mosella  -- I am looking for information on my grandparents and their families.  My grandfather was CHARLES ELMORE FENTON, born  april 20, 1903.  His parents were HARRY FENTON and MAE MURRAY FENTON.  He had one brother, ED, who was younger than he.  On November 24, 1928, he married DOROTHY
CAROLINE DOOLITTLE, born May 31 1906 in Swampscott MA.  Her parents were IRVING DOOLITTLE and CARRIE BRADSHAW DOOLITTLE.  She had an older sister, GERTRUDE, and a younger brother, FRED.  CHARLES AND DOROTHY had 8 children, Charles, Peter, David, Mary Jane, Joseph, Emily, Dorothy (my mother) and Christine.  They left Ct in the late 40's or early 50's.  Any information on the Fentons and/or the Doolittles would be greatly appreciated.

 Jul 3'98 --  P.J. Brewster  ---Looking for descendents of ancestors who were born or died in New London.
Jonathan Daniels b ca Mar 1692 in N.L.  Agnes Beebe Daniel b 1668 in N.L. & d 7 Jun 1748 in N.L.  Mary Keeny Beebe b 1640 & d 9 May 1725 in N.L.  Christian Chappell b ca 1642 in N.L. d before 1653  Mary Chappell Daniel b before 1644 d after Jul 1710 in N.L.  Mary "Polly" Slack b in N.L. d 18 May 1844  Lucy Breed b 18 Dec 1746 in N.L.  May Potts b ca 1697 in N.L.  Cap. James Avery b 1620 d 18 Apr 1700 in N.L.  Joanna Greenslade Avery b ca 1622 d 1714 in N.L.  Thanks.

 May 13,1998 --  Patti J. Merchant-Minier  --    In doing our family history,we've come across a stumper. We have
David Pease b.1651 in New London, Ct.,  son of John Pease b. 1608, d. 1676, mother  w 2.)Mary Browning b. 1625 d. 1695. Wife 1, of John) Lucy Weston.   Our query is who was David's wife? They were md. abt. 1676. Since
there are no records of her name in Dukes Co. Ma.,we're going on the  assumption they were md. in Ct., as it is known the Pease family owned property in N. L. during that time, we're thinking she may have been from that County.   Any help with this question would be greatly appreciated. Sincere  thanks for time and effort spent on this query.

July 3, 1998 -- Jennifer Mosella  --  I am looking for information on my grandparents and their families.  My grandfather was CHARLES ELMORE FENTON, born  april 20, 1903.  His parents were HARRY FENTON and MAE MURRAY FENTON.  He had one brother, ED, who was younger than he.  On November 24, 1928, he married DOROTHY
CAROLINE DOOLITTLE, born May 31 1906 in Swampscott MA.  Her parents were IRVING DOOLITTLE and CARRIE BRADSHAW DOOLITTLE.  She had an older sister, GERTRUDE, and a younger brother, FRED.  CHARLES AND DOROTHY had 8 children, Charles, Peter, David, Mary Jane, Joseph, Emily, Dorothy (my mother) and Christine.  They left Ct in the late 40's or early 50's.  Any information on the Fentons and/or the Doolittles would be greatly appreciated.

July 6, 1998 -- James Newton Favor, --OTIS:  Deacon Joseph OTIS was b. 11 Aug 1739 in New London, New London, CT [NL VR 2:118] and m. Lucy HAUGHTON 4 Feb 1761 in New London, New London, CT [NL VR 3:16].  Lucy was b. 12 Jul 1741 in New London, New London, CT [NL VR 2:41].  I am interested in any information about their family.

July 7,1998 --Sonya Bamberg --Seeking information about the family of Robert George,  son of William George and Jennie Clelland.   Robert was b. 23 February 1883, Dunfermline, Scotland      m.(2) November 1935, Edith Maude Simpson
     in or near New London, CTAny help ould be most welcome!

10 July 1998  -- My name is Patti J. Merchant-Minier,  -- I''m searching for the wife of David Pease b. 1651 in New London Ct.  He lived on Marthes Vineyard, known to have one son Benjamin b.1676 in Dukes Co Ma.     David is the son of John Pease b.1608-d.1689 and Mary (Browning) Pease b.1625-d.1695. John was known to have had many land transactions
in Ct., and so, we think it is a possibility that David may have met his wife, and married there.     Any help in solving the "mystery" as to who David's wife was, would be greatly appreciated.

July 11, 1998 -- Lisa Brook -- I am seeking information about John COLEMAN who was born in New London in
1735. About 1760 he married his cousin, Sarah COLEMAN.  They settled in Orange County, New York.  John's father's name was William COLEMAN.  John's mother's name was Mary BROWN.  Sarah's father's name was Joshua COLEMAN.
Her mother's name is unknown to me.  I am interested in any information about John and Sarah and their parents.  Thank-you for your assistance.

July l7, l998 -- James H Corcoran --   I wish to find some info on an Owen Kelly who was Married to a Bridget Corcoran.  They 2 sons in New London, Thomas F. Kelly born in l842 and John H. Kelly borm in l846.  I believe Bridgets brother Thomas lived with her as did her mother Mary.  Thomas was my GGrandfather.  Bridgets father was John but I can find no record on Him.  They all moved to Glens Falls, l849. I dont know if Owen and Bridget were married in Ireland or in Newe London. Also I would like to find out where the Corcoran family was from in Ireland

July l7, l998 --James H Corcoran  --  I wish to find some info on an Owen Kelly who was Married to a Bridget Corcoran.  They 2 sons in New London, Thomas F. Kelly born in l842 and John H. Kelly borm in l846.  I believe Bridgets brother Thomas lived with her as did her mother Mary.  Thomas was my GGrandfather.  Bridgets father was John but I can find no record on Him.  They all moved to Glens Falls, l849. I dont know if Owen and Bridget were married in Ireland or in Newe London. Also I would like to find out where the Corcoran family was from in Ireland

 July 30, 1998 -- B. Barnes Suwathanangkul -- I am looking for any one doing work on the family of Fowler -either John
or William -supposed to be an early magistrate in Conn or RI -am trying to connect up with this side of the family to check notes -the time period would be 1640's-he was supposed to have come with the Winthrop fleet but can't find him listed
7-30-98 --Debra A. Whitney --I would like some info on any of the RIXFORD surname.  I have been led to New London, CT in my search of these family members.  Simon,  b. 11-18-1758,   William Randall,  b1846, d 2-14-1906 &  Frederick Raymond RIXFORD  d 1956.  This is Grandfather,father & son. Thank you.

2 Aug. 1998,-- Joyce, -- Seeking information on any individuals with the surname MANCHESTER in the New London area between 1700 and 1850. All assistance greatly appreciated.

Date: 4 Aug 98 -- Charles Slipetsky Jr.--      I am trying to find out some information on my father, Charles Slipetsky.  I understand he passed away there in Dec of 1980.  His social security # is 186-07-7490.  He was born in Pa. on 6 Apr 1915.  I would like to know any information you could provide but mainly:   Exact date of his death.      Location of his death.
     Cause of death.      Name of local paper that would have carried his obituary.       Was he survived by any relatives?
     Last known address.     Name of cemetery he is buried in.       I am very grateful for any assistance you may be able to provide me and my family in this matter.

August 1998 -- James Harvey --Looking for information on Elisha Mayhew, born 1757. He enlisted for the Revolution in Salisbury in 1775.  It is not known where he  was born, but this query for New London, as many Mayhews came from here.  He married in Bennington, VT and later migrated to Greenup,  KY.
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