Sources Of  Used History and Genealogy Books
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Bibliofind.   Unfortunately, the previously wonderful resource of Bibliofind has been gobbled up by Amazon Books, so this description of Bibliofind is not completely up to date.   lists for booksellers all over the country,  often including  rare books. Dealers ship very promptly (although Bibliofind's computer may be a day behind and your first choice may already have been sold).   I've found it best to search one key word at a time, ie: "Connecticut"  or "New London" or "Trumbull".  Get comfortable, because you'll be browsing for hours!

eBay Auction is a great resource and it's a lot of fun!  Again, you might want to run several searches on different key words and/or categories.  If you're not sure of market value, you can check Bibliofind for the same book and compare prices.   Dealers and individuals offer their materials on eBay, so the delivery experience varies a lot.  Also, many prefer money orders and will hold a check for ten days...then delay delivery after that!

Amazon Books.  New and used books and CDS.

GEN-MAT-L   and  are free mailing lists to which you can subscribe.  The vendors are mostly retail booksellers, but individuals can post items for sale, also.  The general protocol is to list one item at a time, with a description in the subject line, so it's easy to scroll through the titles and delete if you're not interested.  Be'll get about 25 messages a day from either of these lists!  To join, send your request to  or with only the word  "subscribe" (no quotation marks)  in the body of the message.

Family Tree Maker's GenealogyLibrary.Com has some fantastic books online now, including many genealogies of New London County families. It offers a monthly membership at a minimal cost or an annual membership.  It is growing every week, but at this time it includes these and more:

    Robert Abell, Immigrant
    A Record of Thomas Stanton and His Descendants
    Genealogy of the Gallup Family
    Genealogy of the Fitch Family
    Douglas Genealogy
    Descendants of Joseph Loomis in America

    It also includes the following Connecticut census records:
    Colonial America, 1607-1789
    1800, 1810, 1820, 1820, 1830, 1840

    The History of the First Congregational Church of Stonington
    (many marriages and baptisms!)

Higginson Book Company offers a mind-boggling list of reprints of history and genealogy books.  You will have to wait while they print and bind the most cases about 4-5 months.  Although the books are nicely bound (I've only purchased hard cover books), there are some printing problems, with crooked pages, margins varying, and ink smudges.  You decide.
Higginson also has the 1868 Atlas for New London County, and you can purchase the county map or any of the town maps:

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