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"Family Histories and Genealogies, Vol. I", genealogical and biographical monographs on MacCurdy, Mitchell, Lord, Lynde, Digby, Newdigate, Hoo, and Willoughby famililes, with notes on Edward and Evelyn Salisbury; Tuttle, Morehouse, and Taylor, New Haven, CT, 1892.

"Family Histories and Genealogies, Vol. II", genealogical and biographical monographs on Griswold, Wolcott, Pitkin, Ogden, Johnson, Diodati, Lee, and Marvin families, with notes on DeWolfe, Drake, Bond and Swayne, Dunbar, and Clarke families, and a notice by Chief Justice Morrison Remick Waite by Edward and Evelyn Salisbury; Tuttle, Morehouse, and Taylor, New Haven, CT, 1892.

"Family Histories and Genealogies, Vol. III", pedigree charts on Cole, DeWolf, Digby, Diodati, Drake (with Gilbert, Grenville, Plantagenet, Prideaux, and Dennis descents), Griswold, Johnson, Lay, Lee, Locke, Lord, Lynde, MacCurdy, Marvin, Mitchell, Newdigate (with Hoo descents), Ogden, Parmelee (with Boardman descents), Pitkin, Willoughby, and Wolcott families by Edward and Evelyn Salisbury; Tuttle, Morehouse, and Taylor, New Haven, CT, 1892.

"Lyme - A Chapter of American Genealogy" by Fred Van Name; the Old Lyme Bicentennial Commission; Old Saybrook Historical Society and Chamber of Commerce, Old Saybrook, CT, 1976.

"The Original Proprietors" by Mary K. Talcott, index, 227 pp., reprint, 1886.

Genealogies and Family Histories

"Chapman Family or Descendants of R. C.", genealogical notes on Robert Chapman (R. C., one of the first settlers of Saybrook) and descendants by F. W. (Rev.) Chapman; Tiffany and Co., 1854.

"Fitch Family History", English ancestors of the Fitches of colonial Connecticut, pedigree chart, surname index, autographed, by John T. Fitch 270 pp.; Picton Press, Camden, ME, 1990.

"Griswold Family in England before 1639" by Bonnie Day and James Griswold, 31 pp.; Exeter, NH, 1984.

"Hart Dynasty of Saybrook", a history of the Hart families by Marion Hepburn Grant, surname index, 104 pp.; a Fenwick production for the Old Saybrook Historical Society, 1981.

"Genealogical History of Deacon Stephen Hart", born about 1605 in Braintree, England and came to Massachusettes about 1632 by Alfred Andrews, 606 pp.; Austin Hart, Esq., New Britain, CT, 1875.

"Harry P. Ingham", the ingham and Schuyler families of England, Holland and the US, author and publisher unknown.

"Ingham Family, Josesph Ingham and Descendents", Joseph Ingham and descendants (1639-1871), also typed and hand written notes, C. Avery, Van Vleck, E. Chalker, 151 pp.; Case, Lockwood, and Brainard, 1871.

"Descendants of Joseph Ingham of Old Saybrook", a summary of the first five generations by Norman W. Ingham.

"Kirtland Family, Descendants of John and Lydia Pratt Kirtland", among the first settlers of Saybrook, by Charles A. Kirkland; Deep River, CT, 1930. A copy of a small book now in the Archive.

"Genealogy of the Whittlesey Family" history of John and Ruth (Dudley) Whittlesey and their descendants by Charles Barney Whittlesey, limited edition, 414 pp., ill.; Case, Lockwood and Stainard Co., 1898. Second edition, 650 pp., McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1941.

"Memorial of Whittlesey Family in U.S." descendants of John Whittlesey who came to this country about 1650 and became a tanner and shoemaker at Saybrook by the Whittlesey Association, 125 pp., 1855.


"Encyclopedia of Connecticut Biography" compiled by advisors and contributors, forward by Samuel Hart, ill.; American Historical Society, New York and Chicago.

"Life of Benjamin Franklin (plus anecdotes)", written for younger readers, 208 pp.; Lindsay and Blakiston, 1846.

"Life of Giovanni Boccaccio", 14th century poet and author of the Decameron by Caldecot, 286 pp.; Albert and Charles Boni, New York, 1930.

"Life of DeWitt Clinton", governor of New York, organizer of New York State canal system, by James Renwick, LLD, 334 pp.; Harper and Bros., 1840.

"Abraham Lincoln, Western Star over CT", Lincoln's visit to Connecticut in 1860, by Nelson R. Burr, 85 pp.; reprinted with permission of Lincoln Herald, Harrogate, TN, 1983.

"Splendor Stays", historical novel based on the lives of the seven Hart sisters of Old Saybrook by Marguerite Allis, 497 pp.; G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1942.

"Colonial Spirit of '76", lives of members of the Colonial Congress and prominent men and women by David C. Whitney, 440 pp.; J. G. Ferguson Co., 1974.

"Puritan Migration to Connecticut", the saga of the Seymour family (1129-1746), by Malcolm Seymour, ill. by Donald Bowman, 107 pp.; Phoenix Publishing Co, Caanan, NH, 1982.

"Black Women of Connecticut", biographical sketches of 81 women who symbolize three centuries of black triumph over adversity, 49 pp.; Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford, CT, 1984.

"Life of William A. Buckingham", the governor of Connecticut during the Civil War by Rev. Samuel G. Buckingham, D.D., 537 pp.; W. F. Adams Co., Springfield, MA, 1894.

"Wethersfield and Her Daughters, 1634-1934", limited edition, 123 pp.; Case, Lockwood, and Brainard Co., Hartford, CT, 1934.

"Lion in My Lineage", the story of descendants of Lion Gardiner by Glenn L. Gardiner, 219 pp.; Greenwich Book Publishers, New York, 1958.

"Maj. Gen. Alfred Howe Terry, 1827-1890", hero of the battle of Fort Fisher by William J. Finan, 52 pp.; Connecticut Civil War Centennial Commission, 1965.

"The Infernal Machines of Saybrook's David Bushnell", story of David Bushnell, a native of Saybrook Colony and patriot inventor who constructed and perfected underwater machines during the American Revolutionary War by Marion Hepburn Grant, 66 pp.; Bicentennial Committee, Old Saybrook, CT, 1976.

"Romantic Legend of Jules Bourglay - The Old Leather Man", born in France 1832, wandered from village to village in Connecticut and New York always dressed in leather by Foster Macy Johnson, 62 pp.; Johnson, Bayberry Hill Press, Meriden, CT, 1977.

"George Mason: Reluctant Statesman", author of the Virginea Declaratin of Rights by Robert A. Rutland, index, 123 pp.; Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc., New York, 1961.

"Pilgrim Alden: Story of lst John Alden in America", the story of the first John Alden in America by Augustus E. Alden, ill.; James H. Earle and Co., Boston, MA, 1902.

"Men of Mark in Connecticut - Volumes I-IV", ideals of American life told in biographies and seven autobiographies of eminent living Americans, edited by Colonel N. G. Osborn, Vol. 1, 491 pp., Vol. 2, 428 pp., Vol. 3, 400 pp., Vol. 4, 403 pp.; William R. Goodspeed, Hartford, CT, 1906.

"John Edward Bushnell, Oct. 2l, 1858", memorial service at Westminster Church in Minneapolis where he served as pastor for 30 years, 18 pp., 1945.

"Representative Citizens of Connecticut", biographical memorials edited by Samuel Hart; American Historical Society, New York, 1916.

"Eminent Women of the Age", narratives of the lives and deeds of the most prominent women by James Parton, richly ill., 628 pp.; S. M. Betts and Co., Hartford, CT, 1868.

"Album - 1885", inscribed "A Merry Christmas from Marian", belonged to Miss Marian Clark of Old Saybrook, a relative of Mrs. C. V. Heide, 1885.

"History Repeated - Leather Man" by Bertram R.A. Smith, the Leatherman Country, The Yankee Peddler, Oystering in CT and Sayings Remembered, Part I - "Leatherman Country" tells the stories of the journeys of the Leatherman in CT, 41 pp., Part II - The Yankee Peddler" a real New England tradition intertwined with the development of Tin Ware, 22 pp., Part III "Oyster Farming", oyster farming along the CT shoreline and also about the Fair Haven Sharpie, 39 pp., Part IV - "Sayings Remembered" of famous men - and some not so famous, 17 pp.; Old Saybrook Press, Old Saybrook, CT, 1982.

"Historic Personalities of Naugatuck", historic personalities of lower Naugatuck Valley, representative samples of leaders 1667-1910 by Dorothy B. DeBisschop, 1989.

"Charles I, A Personal Monarch", 1600-1649, by Charles Carlton; Ark Paperbacks, Boston, MA, 1983.

"Musings of Sarah McCurdy Hart", a fascinating story as Sarah Hart might have written it. Sarah was the eldest of the seven beautiful daughters of Elisha Hart by Dorothy Swan, 9 pp.; Old Saybrook, CT, 1990.

"Marion Hepburn Grant", life of Marion H. Grant (1918-1986), written by her family and edited by Katherine Houghton Grant, 245 pp.; Fenwick Productions, West Hartford, CT, 1989.

"Representative Citizens of Connecticut", a biographical memorial compiled under the supervision of Samuel Hart, D.D.D.C.L.; American Historical Society, New York, 1916.

"John Winthrop, Jr." a biography compiled and typed by Elizabeth Booth, 13 pp.; Old Saybrook, CT, 1991.

"Col. William Worthington", petitions requesting Col. William Worthington be removed from his command, also complaint against an officer, 16 pages, 1781.

"The Puritan Dilemma", the story of John Winthrop, edited by Oscar Handlin, index by Edmund S. Morgan, 224 pp.; Little Brown and Co., Boston, MA, 1958.

"Simon Bolivar (El Liberator)", a life of the chief leader in the revolt against Spain, Venezuela, New Granada and Peru, by F. Loraine Petre index, 459 pp.; John Lane Co., New York.

"The Chapmans of Old Saybrook", a family chronicle by Edward M. Chapman, 1941.

"Life and Letters of Gen. Samuel H. Parsons", archives of James Pugliese, Major Gen., Continental Army and Chief Judge of Northwestern Territory, 1737-1789 by Charles S. Hall, index, 607 pp.; 1968.

"Chansonetta, Marcus B. Piladeau", the life and photographs of Chansonetta by Stanley Emmons, 1858-1937, 96 pp.; Maine Antique Digest, Waldoboro, ME, 1977.

"Women of the War", women of the war, their heroism and self-sacrifice during the Civil War by Frank Moore, ill., with steel engravings, 596 pp.; S. S. Scranton and Co., Hartford, CT, 1866.

"The Hart Brothers of Saybrook, Connecticut", soldiers and privateers of the Revolution, ten page article and one page biography about the Hart family by Stuart M. Frank.

"Connecticut Yankee", five of the cartoons drawn by John H. Anderson, an autobiography by Wilbur L. Cross, a former governor of Connecticut, by Wilbur L. Cross, ill., 4528 pp.; Yale University Press, New Haven, CT, 1943.

"Robert Grenville, Lord Brooke", an excellent biography of a very productive man who lived 1608-1643, a prominent Warwick patentee, an author and a military commander who played a prominent part in the establishment of Saybrook by Robert E. L. Strider, II, index, 252 pp.; Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, 1958.

"To Saybrook with Love", students of Ms. Samuels' second grade class at the Goodwin School share their interviews with notable Old Saybrook residents by Ms. Sayre Samuels, 27 pp., 1993.

"Puritan in the Wilderness", a biography of the Reverend James Fitch (1622-1702) by John T. Fitch, 319 pp.; Picton Press, Camden, ME, 1993.

"Journal of a Gentleman Farmer, 1829-32", seasonal activities on a New England farm by William Townsend, 160 pp., 1993.

"Lord Timothy Dexter of Newburyport, Massachusettes" by J. P. Marquand; Minton, Batch and Co., New York, 1925.

"From Boston to Boston", a story of Hannah and Richard Garrett in Old England and New England in 1630 by Anne Russell Marble, 278 pp.; Lee and Shepard Co., Boston, MA, 1930.

"The Island", fascinating story of the proprietors of Gardiner's Island from 1639-1958 by Robert Payne, 248 pp.; Brace and Co., New York, 1958.

"The Way of Duty" the story of Mary Fish and her Family in revolutionary America in Stonington, CT by Joy Day and Richard Buel, Jr., 310 pp.; W. W. Norton and Co., New York, 1984.

"The Witch of Blackbird Pond", a lovely story of a young English girl landing on CT shores in 1687 and her early years in Wethersfield by Elizabeth George Speare, 223 pp; Dell Publishing Group, Inc., New York, 1971.

"Say Goodbye to the Valley", the personal lives of three families as their lives intertwined with history over the past 100 years by Wes Patience, 506 pp.; Connecticut Valley Historical Museum, Springfield, MA, 1974.

"Isaac Hull (A Forgotten American Hero)", commodore of the USS Constitution, a modest man, proud to serve his country without seeking glory for himself, married Ann Hart, one of the seven beautiful Hart sisters by Helen Richmond, 78 pp.; USS Constitution Museum, Boston, MA, 1983.

"The Storrs Brothers and the Founding of the Storrs Agricultural School, 1881" by James H. Barnett; University of CT and Mansfield Historical Society, Storrs, CT, 1982.

"Goodspeed's Folly", the life of William Henry Goodspeed and his Opera House by T. M. Jacobs, 150 pp.; 1996.

"Life of Washington", biography with curious anecdotes, printed for Matthew Carey by M. L. Weems, 228 pp., 1810

"John Winthrop, Great Stambridge, Essex, England and the United States of America" by David C. T. Gore, church historian of St. Mary the Virgin and All Saints Great Stambridge, Essex, 1994.

"The Private World of Katherine Hepburn" by photographer Joh Bryson, forward by Katherine Hepburn, 175 pp.; Little Brown and Co., Boston, 1990.

"Morgan the Magnificent (Life of J. Pierpoint Morgan, 1837-1913)" by John K. Winkler, 313 pp.; Vanguard Press, New York, 1930.


"Another Secret Diary of William Byrd", diary for years 1739-1741, a Virginia aristocrat (1674-1744) edited by Maude H. Woodfin, 490 pp.; Dietz Press, Inc., Richmond, VA, 1942.

"Benjamin Hoyt" Archives Committee Danbury Scott-Fanton Museum and Historical Society, Inc.,1977.

"Things He Wrote To Her" by Richard Wightman, writings of a man to a woman, 108 pp.; Century Co., New York, 1914.

"Soul-Spur" by Richard Wightman, chronicle of ideas and ideals, 204 pp.; Century Co., New York, 1914.

"Letters from Abroad, Vol. II" by Miss Sedgwick, letters to the author's family, 297 pp.; Harper and Bros., New York, 1841.

"Memories of a London Doll" by Mrs. Fairstar, ed., the doll maker in High Holborn, 152 pp.; Ticknor, Reed and Fields, 1852.

"Diary by Mrs. William Darling Franklin" by Mrs. Wm. Darling Franklin, a diary kept in a record book, believed to have been written by Mrs. William Darling Franklin, August 1899-February 1904; 1903.

"Connecticut Yankee" by Wilbur L. Cross, a former governor of CT, five of the cartoons drawn by John H. Anderson, ill.; Yale University Press, New Haven, CT, 1943.

"Forty Years a Country Preacher", by George B. Gilbert, an Episcopal priest who served many years in The Church in the Wilderness, Killingworth, 319 pp.; Harper and Brothers, New York, 1940.

"Journal of Madame Knight" by Sarah Kemble Knight, a woman's treacherous journey by horseback from Boston to New York and return during winter of 1703-04, 72 pp.; Applewood Books, Globe Pequot Press, Old Saybrook, CT, 1992.

Other Works

"In the Land of Patentees - Saybrook in Connecticut", 2nd edition, a collection of tales prepared for the Tercentenary Celebration, 85 pp.; Saybrook Tercentenary Committee and the Acton Public Library, Old Saybrook, CT 1935.

"Genealogist's Handbook for New England Research" edited by Marcia Wiswall Lindberg, 151 pp.; New England Historical and Genealogical Society, Boston, MA, 1985.

"Americana - Books Relating to Genealogy" especially Virgina and the South, 21 pp.; Joseph K. Ruebusch Co., Harrisburg, VA.

"Aids for Genealogical and Historical Field", a genealogy and history finding aids catalog, Supplement No. L2968; American Publishers, Inc., 1968.

"Will of Joshua (Attawonhood) Sachem", copy of the will of the third son of Uncas.

"Flora of Old Saybrook - CT Historical Society Bulletin", watercolorist Sarah E. Sill, a life-time resident of Ayer's Point, 1848-1913, edited by Phyllis Kihn; Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin Vol. 32, #2, Hartford, CT, 1967.

"From Mother - April 19th, 1903", transcribed from the manuscript of Mrs. Mercy Hart's memoirs by Joyce Heckman. Mrs. Mercy Hart was Mercy Pratt, sister to Richard and James Pratt and wido of Samuel Hart, brother of Major Gen. William Hart. An excellent description of homes as Mrs. Hart remembered them and also as she had been told.

Special thanks to Suzanna Otto, Allison Elrod, and Harold Elrod for extracting and organizing this information from the Hart House Library.

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