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Name: Jon Wray
Email: genkeeper@earthlink.net
Comments: Searching for any information on Alexander BOWE b abt 1633 in England, d 6 Nov 1678 in Middlesex County. Listed on one document as an original landed proprietor in Middletown. 2 wives, (1)Sarah____ b abt 1637, d 16 Apr 1665, (2) Rebecca Hughes b abt 1657 d 4 Dec 1683. I am descended from Sarah's child, Samuel but I am looking for any info on any family members and any colateral families.

September 15, 2001 20:52:01 (GMT Time)

Name: Karla Staudt
Email: mailto:staudt@cptelco.net
Comments: I am looking for information on the parents and siblings of Mindwell (LEWIS) HIGBY. Mindwell was b. 1736 and married 1755 to John HIGBY in Middletown, Middlesex Co., CT. John and Mindwell lived in Middletown until abt 1759 when they moved to CT until 1778 when they moved to Saratoga County, NY. I have descendant information on this family that I would be happy to share/swap as well. Thank-you for any help you are able to offer! Karla Staudt staudt@cptelco.net

September 9, 2001 14:48:05 (GMT Time)

Name: Cheri L. Thompson
Email: garyt82148@prodigy,net
Comments: I am seeking any information on RHODA HUBBARD (?possibly Hubbell?) born 8-12-1753 in Middletown. She married JOHN CADWELL/CARDELL who died 8-11-1842. Their daughter, SARAH "SALLY" CARDELL born 10-20-1783 in CT. married Edmund Holcomb born 7-28-1780 in Southwick Hampshire/Hampden Co. Ma. The Holcomb family moved to NY finally settling in Van Buren, Onondaga Co., NY. Their daughter SABRA HOLCOMB marred FREDERICK f. CAIN in NY. Thank you for your time and consideration

September 8, 2001 15:22:40 (GMT Time)

Name: Elizabeth Potts
Email: epotts50@hotmail.com
Comments: I am looking for Sam Potts, I believe he lived somewhere in Middlesex county....... and owned an axe handle company....... His wife's name was Ethel and the had two sons.....

September 8, 2001 01:08:42 (GMT Time)

Name: Jeni Huffstedtler
Email: jeni@bagpipe.com
Comments: Looking for any information about MCKEE, MACKYES, or MACKAY. I have a Stores MACKYES in the 1810 NY census, born in CT. I have located a Stores MCKEE born in 1787 in Middletown, CT to Phinehas MCKEE and either Phebe HALL or Margaret HOLLISTER. I would bet on Phebe Hall, because Stores has a daughter later named Phebe Diana, same spelling. The LDS site lists Phinehas McKEE and Phinehas Francis McKEE as the same person, trying to figure out if maybe Phebe Hall was first wife.... lists same ch

August 31, 2001 18:50:55 (GMT Time)

Name: Mr. Lee
Email: samjicorp@hananet.net
Comments: Hence, we would appreciate your giving us any assistance in locating North & Judd, Inc. since their location is same area as yours. Looking forward to your prompt response on above. Thanks. Best regards C Y Lee/Samji Corp. P.S Our tel/fax No. is 82-2-771-2357/2359.

August 29, 2001 08:08:50 (GMT Time)

Name: Mr. Lee
Email: samjicorp@hananet.net
Comments: Dear Sirs, I am a Christian and attending the Methodist Church in Korea. I am a businessman and we had had some business relationship with North & Judd, Inc. 699 Middle Street, Middletown, Connecticut 06457 / tel and fax No. (203) 632-2600 and 632-1436 respectively. However, we stopped communicating with them 8 or 9 years ago but wanted to reinstate our relationship with them. Neverthelss, we are unable to locate that company despite our utmost efforts via internet etc. Hence, we

August 29, 2001 08:03:34 (GMT Time)

Name: Brian Stover
Email: bkstover3@aol.com
Comments: I am looking for any information, (parents, children) on Ephraim CROFOOT and Betsey SAMSON. They married in Middletown around 1825. I have an old family bible that lists their names but I am not able to connect them to any of my known ancestors.
SURNAME Crofoot, Samson

August 24, 2001 18:22:38 (GMT Time)

Name: Gloria Holback
Email: gholback_1999@yahoo.com
Comments: William Henry Driskell/Driscoll born in Middletown, Middlesex County, Conn circa 1833. His parents remained in Middletown though he left the state before the Civil War broke out. Need names of his parents. He was living in Sumter County, Georgia in 1860. Was a coach maker by trade. His bithplace was listed as Middletown Conn. and his parents birthplace is listed as Conn. for both parents. Any help in finding the identity of his parents is appreciated. Best wishes, Gloria

August 8, 2001 01:46:58 (GMT Time)

Name: steven marino
Email: marinos1@aetna.com

August 7, 2001 02:57:33 (GMT Time)

Name: geoff smith
Email: skizix@isomedia.com
Comments: Seeking parents of Joseph J LEWIS born 1810 Middletown CT, died 1867 Westchester Cy NY 1867, whO m Mary RHOADES 1812, Chesterfield MA died 1884 Ossining NY

July 12, 2001 14:38:06 (GMT Time)

Name: Joe Burke
Email: joebdfw@webtv.net
Comments: I have a beautiful photograph of my mother's Middletown HS graduating class. I'm not sure of the year (mom was born 2/25/11), so it could be class of '28 or '29. At the time, she was known as Margaretta Hrabusay (sp). She lived with a local doctor and his wife, who were her foster parents. Anyone who could give me a better idea of the graduation date pls email the above. Any of these classmates who may be reading this, I would love to hear from you.

July 7, 2001 22:17:10 (GMT Time)

Name: Cheryl Rayner
Email: cherylsh@ultranet.com
Comments: I am looking for information reguarding Hezekiah Goff and his wife Annah Ward. He is my great,great,great,great grandfather and they were born in Middletown June 26,1754 and Feb 18,1755 respectively. I am seeking information about their parents, grandparents,etc. Any information will be most welcome. Thank-you in advance, Cheryl

July 1, 2001 18:42:07 (GMT Time)

Name: Andrew J. Johnston
Email: andyj@mcn.org
Comments: I would appreciate as much information as possible on an ancestor of mine: BENJAMIN BUTLER, and his family. They lived in Middletown, I do not know his date of birth. The section was called Middletown Upper Houses in early 1800's ,he was engaged in shipping and owned a square- sterned schooner named the "Betsey and Nancy" which was captured during the French and Indian Wars off Guadalupe. He was drowned in the Connecticut River, August 21,1813. at the age of 64 years.

June 10, 2001 19:47:53 (GMT Time)

Name: Caleb Brainerd
Email: Vin218@aol.com
Comments: Any one have any information on Caleb Brainerd whose father was Daniel Brainerd one of the first settlers of Haddam. Caleb had a son Obadiah who built his father a house around 1725 in Middletown on what is now Mount Road. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Vinnie

June 9, 2001 01:04:37 (GMT Time)

Name: Kathy
Email: stfkpbf@aol.com
Comments: Looking for any info on ancestry/parentage of Abner ROBERTS, born 1819, married Mary Stocking HUBBARD in 1838, died ?? -- all events took place in Middletown. Is Abner connected somehow (perhaps brother?) to Alfred ROBERTS, husband of Mehitable Brown HUBBARD? How might Abner be connected to Sarah ROBERTS of Middletown, age 80 in 1850 (Sarah is shown on the Middletown 1850 census as living with a Mary WILLIAMS, 50 years old, and 2 teenagers -- perhaps daughter and grandchildren??). All

June 8, 2001 20:53:04 (GMT Time)

Name: Kathy
Email: stfkpbf@aol.com
Comments: Looking for any info on the ancestry/parentage of Alfred ROBERTS, born ca. 1808; married Mehitable Brown HUBBARD in 1837; and died in 1878 (all events in Middletown). The farm that Alfred and Mehitable owned was reportedly on land now occupied by the Connecticut Valley Hospital. Thanks in advance for ANY clue, however small! Kathy

June 8, 2001 20:44:20 (GMT Time)

Name: Pat Robinson
Email: PQuinnrob@aol.com
Comments: My gr.grandparents Patrick & Elizabeth (Flannigan) QUINN arrived in Middletown in about 1884. This is where my grandfather Joseph John Quinn was born in 1888. In the 1910 census Patrick and Elizabeth are listed as living in the "alms house". Elizabeth died in 19ll while living at the "alms house" Patrick died in 1938 while living at the "Town Farm". They are both buried in St. John's Cemetery. Does anyone know where the records might be for the "alms house" or the "Town Farm", or have any i

May 27, 2001 15:13:04 (GMT Time)

Name: Larry
Email: lprice@tscnet.com
Comments: Could someone tell me how I may obtain certificates--birth, marriage, death from the Middlesex co.and the cost. also what years are available. Thanks, Larry

May 24, 2001 05:20:26 (GMT Time)

Name: jeffrey D. Keller
Email: sgtkellerandpamela@att.net
Comments: Where can i get access to the cemetery and records of the mortimer cemetery on liberty and pearl in downtown middletown?
SURNAME driggs, hall, howe, martin, graves, strickland, anthony

April 30, 2001 03:13:48 (GMT Time)

Name: Mary Pitkin
Email: mpit55@aol.com
Comments: RATCLIFFE/KIEFT>Middletown, Portland, Cromwell I am researching the familys of Thomas Ratcliffe and Jane Houghton, William Ratcliffe and Mary Ann Barrows, Charles and Ann Morgan Kieft, Fred and Mary Kieft Ratcliffe. Families were in Middlesex Co. from mid 1850's to present. Any possible connections appreciated.
SURNAME Ratcliffe, Kieft

April 25, 2001 14:06:07 (GMT Time)

Name: Bonnie Riquier
Email: bonnieriqu@snet.net
Comments: Looking for the marriage line of a Nellie F. Gates to a Charles Sweet in 1877. I would like to complete line and then any chilsdren born to this couple. Town is suppose to be Middletown. Nellie F. Gates was born in Colchester in 1862 to John C Gates and Mary P. Brown. Thanks in advance. Bonnie Riquier bonnieriqu@snet.net

March 23, 2001 00:51:11 (GMT Time)

Name: Barbara K.
Email: barbara715@webtv.net
Comments: Middletown,Ct. Goff family: I have the marriage record of my ggg-grandparents: Talcott Goff m. Julia Ann Thomas, Dec. 1830 in Middletown,Ct. Julia was born around 1809. Julia was listed in the 1840 & 1850 Census Records in Middletown. She died in Kensington. They had three daughters: 1-Antionet Goff m. John Stevens lived in West Rocky Hill one son was Justin have two picturew 2-Julia Ann m. Albert Clark 1850 lived in Meriden 4 chilren- Martin, Antionet, Wilbur and Gra
SURNAME Goff, Thomas, Clark, Stevens,

March 16, 2001 01:30:12 (GMT Time)

Name: Barbara K.
Email: barbara715@webtv.net
Comments: Goff family: I have the marriage record of my g gg-grandparents: Talcott Goff & Julia Ann Thomas, Dec. 1830 Julia was listed in the 1840 & 1850 Census Records in Middletown. They had three daughters: 1-Antionet Goff m. John Stevens lived in West Rocky Hill one son was Justin have two picturew 2-Julia Ann m. Albert Clark 1850 lived in Meriden 4 chilren- Martin, Antionet, Wilbur and Grace Have some info., records and pictures on them. Jame m.1st Baily 2nd. Henry live
SURNAME Goff, Thomas, Clark, Stevens,

March 16, 2001 01:17:27 (GMT Time)

Name: Dot Hamilton
Email: hammy1@theramp.net
Comments: I am looking for the Comfort Starr line that lived in Middletown, Ct. In the time frame of 1800's to present. If you can be of help let me know.

March 5, 2001 17:27:33 (GMT Time)

Name: Dot Hamilton
Email: hammy1@theramp.net
Comments: I am looking for any info on the Comfort Starr line. Mostly the frame of 1800's to present. If anyone knows any info about the ones that moved to Ohio i am interested. Thanks for your time..

March 5, 2001 17:25:53 (GMT Time)

Name: Jan
Email: jus@capecod.net
Comments: Seeking all descendants and info on the following families from Middletown: Edmond (a/k/a Edward) O'BRIEN d. 2 Feb 1879 in Middletown, Middlesex, CT, m. Elizabeth McNAMARA (she d. 30 Mar 1900 in Middletown). Both are buried, along with their children, at St. John's Cemetery, Middletown. They had the following children: Timothy O'BRIEN(never married) d. 12 Apr 1886 John O'BRIEN b c1850-1853 d 1925 Middletown m 1894 Mary Agnes WALSH, b 1870 Cromwell, Middlesex, CT, d 1950 Middletown,

Febuary 18, 2001 22:24:57 (GMT Time)

Name: Sharon Schrag
Email: robebowi56@hotmail.com
Comments: My gggggggrandfather William Cornwell, married a Mary Hyanno or Mary Bull, I have heard both need to know which..His son my ggggggrandfather was Jacob Cornwell married Mary White need to know where they are laid to rest. They are all from Middletown. William own land. Thank you so very much, Sharon Cornwell Schrag

Febuary 17, 2001 03:31:24 (GMT Time)

Name: Mark Stowe
Email: saxonpl@home.com
Comments: I'm seeking the names of the wife and children of Simeon Stow/Stowe, son of Jeremiah and Sarah (Briggs). He may have reside in Middletown near his sisters Rachel Barnes and Mary Hubbard. He served in the Connecticut militia for a brief period during the revolution. His brothers were Abijah and Seth. Any information would be appreciated.
SURNAME Stow/Stowe

Febuary 3, 2001 23:10:54 (GMT Time)

Name: Charlie Brown
Email: Charlieb@saturn.speed.net.tw
Comments: I am looking for information on the burials of GEORGE F BROWN and his wife CHRISTINA (CAROLINE) ANDERSON. I beleive they may have been living in Middletown in 1909 and possibly have died there. Any help will be apprecuiated

Febuary 2, 2001 02:23:05 (GMT Time)

Name: Bena Taylor Kirkscey
Email: BenaTKirk@aol.com
Comments: I need the parents of JUDITH MALLAREE who married WILLIAM SILKRIG December 10, 1733 in Middletown, Middlesex County. They removed to Waterbury eventually. Parents of nine children born between 1734 and 1753: John married Irene Hopkins; Nathaniel married (1) Mary Gillet, (2) Anis Scovill; Allyn, died young; Meriam, married Nathan Foote; Millicent married Asa Judd; Elsie married Moses Frost; William, died young; Sarah married Isaac Foote; and William who migrated to Mississippi Territory and ma

January 23, 2001 22:07:12 (GMT Time)

Name: Emma M.Rohrbach
Email: emma@cybrquest.com
Comments: I`am looking for information on Catherine Leeke/Leete,(B) 1641/42 Middletown.(D) 13 October 1693 Middletown,Who are her parents? Her husband is Samuel Wm.Roberts,(b) 1638 New Haven,Ct,(D) 1726 Middletown, there three children were born in Middletown, children are (1) William,(B) 24 Aug 1663 Middletown,(M) 1680 Dorothy Forbes(my line),(2) Samuel,(B) 1665 Middletown,(M) Mercy /Marcy Blake,(3) John,(B) 1668 Middletown ,(M) Sarah Blake. I keep getting different spellings on Catherines last name. N

January 17, 2001 21:49:42 (GMT Time)

Name: Arleen Morrissey
Email: geeg@nycap.rr.com
Comments: Looking for any information on Richard Goodale died 1740, Middletown, Ct and Wife Mary Cole Goodale, born 1658 Middletown, Ct. Trying to connect ---daughter Sarah b.1687 m. Jacob Root, Jr. 1709?

January 8, 2001 01:55:59 (GMT Time)

Name: Emma M. Rohrbach
Email: emma@cybrquest.com
Comments: I am looking for my William Roberts,(B0 14 Aug 1663 Middletown,middlesex,Ct.(D) Dec 1726/35..(M) 1680 to Dorothy Forbes. also looking for Samuel William Roberts(B) 1638 either Middletown or new Haven,Ct. (D) 1726 Middletown,Ct, (M) 1662 Middletown to Catherine Leete. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Emma.

November 23, 2000 00:18:44 (GMT Time)

Name: C. Warner
Email: CSW246@cs.com
Comments: I am seeking information on the family of CHESTER G. HOLMES, born Middletown 1814. Migrated to Georgia circa 1830. Per family lore, his mother was Martha Phillips, originally from Boston, died circa 1830. Also interested in C.S. Tomlinson, b 1800, CT. Is there a known relationship between the Holmes and Tomlinson families?

September 29, 2000 00:56:29 (GMT Time)

Name: Jeannie Knutson
Email: mailto:kanootson@yahoo.com
Our Cottons were members of the 1st Church of Boston.
William was the first Freeman in the country, until he
was excommunicated
following the loss of several children and his
wife Ann.(?)
2. i. THOMAS3 COTTON, b. 5-26-1764, Middletown, CT; d. 4-09-1856, NY.
Generation No. 2
2. THOMAS3 COTTON was born 5-26-1764 in Middletown, CT, and died 4-09-1856 in NY.

He married ANNA HUBARD 10-31-1787. She was born 7-14-1766, and died 10-18-1847.
Moved: Bet. 1790 - 1800, to Delaware Co. NY
Religion: Were Congregationalists in Middletown, Middlesex Co. CT.
Children of THOMAS COTTON and ANNA HUBARD are:
3. i. IRA4 COTTON, b. 8-20-1788, CT; d. 2-15-1865, Maple Grove Cem. Friendship, Allegany CO. NY.
4. ii. CHAUNCY COTTON, b. 1-24-1791, CT.; d. 5-03-1869, Niles Cemetery, Friendship, NY.
5. iii. POLLY COTTON, b. 9-01-1793, US; d. 8-15-1824.
iv. MARIA COTTON, b. 10-13-1795.
6. v. ANN COTTON, b. 10-10-1799, Middletown, Middlesex, CT; d. 1-28-1884, Southport, Chemung Co. NY.

September 24, 2000 00:55:31 (GMT Time)

Name: Diana Barnes Clark
Email: mailto:Dagbarnes@aol.com
Comments: I was wondering if you have any information on a Gaybert Barnes, dob 10-10-1848 in Middletown, Middlesex, Ct, Married Mary Louisa Fuller 1-16-1872, went to Wesleyan College but dropped out his senior year in 1869, moved to NY and had 6 children, died 10-13-1895 in Brooklyn NY, and was buried 15 OCT 1895 at Pine Grove Cemetery. His 5th child Ebenezer Fuller Barnes should be my g-g grandfather. If you know of any information of the above please let me know.

September 24, 2000 00:33:14 (GMT Time)

Name: James Taft
Email: jtaft@emeraldsurf.net
Comments: Jeremiah Connor and wife came from Ireland in 1883/4 with infant Isabella. Isabell later married Ralph Taft and lived in Manchester CT, but finding data on Jeremiah (my g-grandfather) has drawn a blank. Family stories have him returning to Ireland after death of his wife (name unknown.) A Jeremiah Connor is listed in the Directory of Middletown CT 1882-91. Any help? Thanks. JTAFT

September 24, 2000 00:17:32 (GMT Time)

24 AUG 2000 - Karen Johnson - DOUGsKaren@aol.com

Looking for: STOW line have no dates just the line. Most all were living in Middletown.
John Stow married Joan Baker
children: Christopher, Joan, Elizabeth, Thomas, John , Nathaniel, Zachary, William.

John Stow married Elizabeth Bigge
children: Elizabeth, Thomas, John , Nathaniel.

Thomas Stow married Mary Cragg/Griggs
children: John, Samuel, Nathaniel, Mary, Elizabeth, Thankful, Thomas.

John Stow married Mary Wetmore
children: John, Samuel, Nathaniel, Mary, Elizabeth, Thankful, Thomas, Sarah, Experience, Daniel.

Thomas Stow married Rebecca Bow
Children: Daniel, Samuel, Phoebe, Amie.

Lt. Samuel Stow born Nov 28th 1711 in Middletown Conn. Married Mary Ward Oct 11, 1732 she died Jan. 1,1751.
Married 2nd Nov 28th 1751 Desire Candee.

Thomas Stow born Jan 27,1767 married Huldah Miegs.

Alfred Hall Stow born in Meriden Conn. Dec 15 1816.Married Mary Rebecca Way Jan 23 1838.His daughter was my great-great-great-grandmother Ann Eliza Stow Warren.

This information was passed down and I am looking for other people searching this line.
Proof of dates, Missing birth, marriage and death dates.
Newspaper obits. History in county genealogy books.
Pictures .. copies of Wills Probates, land deeds ...Anything!
Greatly appreciate all help and will share what info I have.

30 JUL 2000 - Bill Baker - bills4beer@hotmail.com

Seeking information on the family of WILLIAM BAKER of Middletown, b. circa 1749, d. November 4, 1776 in battle. Married Mercy Jewett June 12, 1760. She died May 15, 1827 at age 89. Believed to have moved to East Haddam prior to 1761.

Children: NATHANIEL, born about 1761, married Sarah Seldon and moved to New York; JOSIAH JEWETT Sept. 17, 1761-Dec, 27, 1853, married first Betsy Chadwick, second Alice Fox; MERCY born July 3, 1764; BAIZE, born about 1766, married Joanna Miner on October 22, 1792 and moved to Ontario County, NY before 1800' TIMOTHY; ELIZABETH; JEREMIAH, born December 1, 1773-died before November, 1782; JOHN, born August 23, 1775.

30 JUL 2000 - Peg Roberts - PEGSTEROO@aol.com

I am looking for more information on HANNAH SUMNER. She was b. 3 Jun 1764 Middletown and d. 19 Oct 1851 New York
She married Jabez Warren 1/22/1784.
Hannah's parents were Ebenezer Sumner b. 8/14/1737 d. 10/12/1784 and Persis Pease b. 1734 d. 4/12/1795
Any information or even point me in a direction would be appreciated.

30 JUL 2000 - ewsgen - ewsgen@gateway.net

Daniel Harris, Jr (s/o Daniel and Mary Weld Harris), b. 16 Jul 1653, d. 18 Oct 1735 Middletown, m. ABIGAIL BARNES on 11 Dec 1680 in Middletown. She died 22 May 1723. Seeking the birthdate and parents for Abigail.

07 JUL 2000 - Jackie Carroll Ozment - mailto:JACKIEOZ1@aol.com

I am researching my Carroll family. They came from Ireland abt. 1846 and settled in Middletown and Portland. My g-grandfather was MICHAEL C. CARROLL and he married Mary Mulroney in Portland in 1850. I am trying to find siblings.

07 JUL 2000 - Bette Decillis - bd3684@gte.net

I have a Nathaniel and Silence [Dimmock] Rogers who came to Middletown from Harwich, MA before 9 Apr 1741 when their last child, John was born.
I am looking for info on their daughter, SARAH ROGERS born 17 Oct 1735 in Harwich, MA. I am looking for her spouse's name and their marriage date, which would've been abt. 1755, probably in Middletown.
Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You Bette Nelson Decillis in California

07 JUL 2000 - Cathy - mailto:Wind0spirt@aol.com

I am searching for the KARR family. I have John listed as born abt. 1730 in Middletown and his wife Dorothy Hale born abt. 1728. Their son David born abt. 1755.
Any help with this line at all would be wonderful, at the brick wall time.

09 JUN 2000 - Debbie - mailto:ChirpingRobin@aol.com

I am looking for my Ggrandfather's family. I found a CHARLES HENRY RUFF born 22 Jun 1848, Middletown, Middlesex, CT. Parents were Albert and Mary Ruff. My Ggrandfather, Joseph Benjamin Ruff was born in 1873 and married Mary Alice Woodward in Southington, Ct. in 1912. I believe this might be his family. Any info. you have would be greatly appreciated! Also, my Grandmother, Marion Ruff Northrop died in Middletown, Middlesex County, in June of 1988.

Debbie, Oklahoma

09 JUN 2000 - John Berner - bernerjc@earthlink.net

MARY EARLE died in Middletown April 6, 1732 She may have been born in Middletown abt 1664 Can you confirm?

She was supposedly married 5/29/1682 to Nathaniel Hubbard 12/10/1652 - 5/20/1738 (he's also from Middletown.)

I believe Mary's parents are John Earle ?1638 - ?1664 and Mara(Mary) Webb ?-?

Any help would be appreciated.

John Berner - Glen Ellyn, IL

09 JUN 2000 - Jackie Grippo Brunkhorst - JackieSONATA@gat.net

Am looking for descendents of the following couple who resided on the eastside of Main Street, Middletown: Frank Anthony Grippo, B. 1874 Larenza Provence, Italy, immigrated to US, Brooklyn, NY, abt 1877, D. 1961, Middletown & Elizabeth McCann, B. 1881, Belfast, Ireland, immigrated US, Brooklyn, NY abt 1897, D. 1959, Middletown.

Children, all born Middletown:  

Frank Anthony, Jr., 1909-1980 (my father, here for ref. only)
Twins, dates, names, sex(es) unknown
Theresa (Janaitis)
Cecelia (Ruimerman)
Margaret (Grennier)
Elizabeth (Malardo)
Anna (Tucker)
Dorothy (Senna)
John Grippo

Would appreciate any up-to-date information, including current residences, if

Thank you for your efforts.

Jackie Grippo Brunkhorst

21 MAY 2000 - Ann Bolger Mangum - amangum1@tampabay.rr.com

I am interested in locating any information about my maternal grandparents, ROGER and ANNA KENNEDY who lived in Middletown from about the 1880s to the 1920s. I believe they are buried in St. John's Cemetary. Thanks for any information you might have.

03 MAY 2000 - Larry Price- lprice@tscnet.com

Looking for information on a JOHN JOHNSON, Middletown in the 1700's. Possible link to a Dan Johnson x Lucy Plumb. Refer to: Newpaper Nov 20, 1772, about a reward for return of a stolen mare.
Appreciate any contact.
Bremerton, WA

03 MAY 2000 - Marilyn - mailto:Maraylward@aol.com

I am looking for JOHN CLOVER who had two children christened in Middletown 17 Apr 1790 at First Christ's Church. Does anyone know his wife's name? Family stories say he came from Germany in time to fight in the Revolution. I believe that he moved to Oneida, Co. N.Y. The name may be spelled Clower or Kloever. Please Email me Marilyn

24 MAR 2000 - Forrest Clark -mailto:MathClark@aol.com

I am looking for information on JOSEPH CLARK of Middletown, CT. Wife Sarah BACON (b. Nov 19, 1777), married Jan 30, 1800. Children: Anne, Rhoda, Elbert, Joel. I am interested in any information on Joseph and his parents.

Forrest Clark, Olympia, WA

20 FEB 2000 - Bonnie MacKay House -B1house@aol.com

I am looking for information on WILLIAM BROWN (Browne), b. late 1600's possibly in Middletown, CT. He later lived and died in Colchester, CT. I am trying to determine his origin and a clue had led me to Middletown.
If anyone has any early vital records for Middletown, could you please check for a Brown family and the possibility of William fitting in during this time frame.
Bonnie MacKay House, West Linn, OR

20 FEB 2000 - Elizabeth Whittaker-Williams -egmf@jps.net

I have a photo of my grandfather SAMUEL Edward O'DONNELL taken around 1880-1900 in Middletown, CT, with his first wife. The photo was taken by a professional photographer named Hennigar. I am looking for information on her or him. Marriage, children, or death of her or divorce.
Samuel was born in Conn. in 1873 his father was named Michael O'Donnell. In 1921 he lived in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Samuel is handsome and has dark brown hair and light colored eyes. He seems to have a missing thumb joint. The photo of the women is sweet to look at, she has brown hair with a soft curl and light color eyes. She is wearing a thin chain choker teardrop pearl pendent, and a dark silk dress with a dark lace ruffle and dark lace neck, and a cloth rose on the long slim skirt.
The information I have was told to me by my mother, she also said that he was born in the town of New Brunswick CT., from my search I found this to be in error, as I have only found N.B. in New Jersey and Prince Wm. Canada. From his death certificate, his birth date was given as October 3, 1873, in the state of CT. Samuel died in California when my mother was four years old, so her information was limited. I have not been able to find a Samuel Edward O'Donnell on the Middletown records, I did find an Edward O'Donnell and an Ellen Cotter. They are ten years older, and could or could not be the one's I am looking for. Any help would be welcome.
Thank you, Elizabeth Whittaker-Williams

06 FEB 2000 - Laurie Johnson -L2daupeh@aol.com

I am looking for the parents of AMIA STOW who was born 18 January 1735 in Middletown. Amia married William Rockwell on 5 August 1756 in Middletown. They had 4 children Amia, Elizabeth, Mary and Esther. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Laurie Johnson

13 JAN 2000 - Thomas Stanziale -stanzial@connix.com

I am trying to track down ancestors of HANNAH LANE, daughter of Issac Lane. Hannah was born in 1668 in Middletown and married my ancestor, Benjamin Smith, on 7/25/1704, in Middletown. Would appreciate any info on her parents, brothers, sisters, etc. Thanks for your help!

17 DEC 1999 - Warren Wetmore -WebMerlin@MegsINet.net

Has anyone registered/catalogued Old Riverside Cemetery?
I have Founder ancestors there -- WETMORE, HALL, STOW.

13 DEC 1999 - Lori Backus -Keyrocker@aol.com

Looking for parents and possible siblings of BENNETT JACKSON b. March 22, 1826 in either Middlebury or Middletown, Connecticut. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You in advance.

13 DEC 1999 - Smooers777@aol.com

I'm looking for the families of JOSEPH WASHBURN b. 1718 in Middletown, CT, d. 24 Sep 1750 and wife LUCY BOARDMAN 14 Aug 1725, Wethersfield, CT. Their children were Joseph and wife Ruth Wetmore (dtr of Daniel and Dorothy (Hale) Washburn). They moved from Middletown to Leicester, MA then on to VT.

13 DEC 1999 - Celeste MacCormack - krel@mhonline.net

Looking for RUSSELL GLADDING born abt 1775 who later married Deborah Prout from Middletown. Have found him in New York State already established but cannot find where from in Connecticut, guessing Middletown since this is where his wife's family was from. Listed as having been born in Connecticut. Thank you. Celeste

31 OCT 1999 - Tami Spangler -tamara.y@worldnet.att.net

I am looking for info on my ggrandparents. CHRIS(t) SPENGLER (last name was changed to Spangler at some point) b. 1870ish in Russia, Poland as is indicated on my grandfather's birth certificate dated 1910.

Susanna Krause b. 1888ish in Poland.

In 1910, they both are indicated as residing in Middletown, CT on South Front Street.

Can anyone possibly provide me with any information at all on them????

Thank you in advance!

31 OCT 1999 - Rev. Micheal M. Strong -strong@eosinc.com

I am looking for verification that ELNATHAN STRONG (b 1764 ) was the son of Elnathan Strong (1722/23) of Middletown, CT. Also, if know the place of burial.

-- Rev. Micheal M. Strong, Trinity Lutheran Church Springfield, IL

23 OCT 1999 - Clinton F. Rounds Jr -cfrounds2@juno.com

I am interested in any kind of information on JOHN W. THOMPSON, b. 20 Apr 1829 in Middletown, CT. or any information about his wife, Sarah J. Tracy.

I am also interested in finding information on Richard Bailey, born 1805 in Middletown, CT. or his father, Richard Bailey, born 1780 in Middletown, CT.

I thank you in advance for what ever assistance you can provide me with.

15 SEP 1999 - C.J. McLain-Guldner -ConnieG56@aol.com

I am seeking information about RACHEL STERLING CONE b. July 16, 1786 in Middletown, Middlesex Co., CT she is the dau. of RACHEL STERLING and BENJAMIN CONE (parents were born and married in E. Haddam, CT) Rachel Sterling Cone's family moved to New York where she married ELISHA WRIGHT in 1801. ANY HELP ABOUT ANYONE MENTIONED GREATLY APPRECITED :) C.J. McLain-Guldner (Wichita, KS)

5 SEP 1999 - Martha Calkins - iceman6@aol.com

Looking for the wife and children of JOSIAH PRIOR b. Jul. 31, 1765 in Middletown. He was the son of Josiah Prior and Lucia (Lucy) Tryon. I think he must be the father of my family's Josiah Prior born 1808 in Middletown but can't find confirmation. Thank you, Martha Calkins

18 AUG 1999 - Irene- mailto:iween2@ncis.com

I'm at a brick wall with Anthony AMES/Hannah EELLS family of Middletown. According to F. F. Starr papers they have Mercy, Lucy, Molly, Anna Lenthal, Hannah, Josiah (my line), Lemuel and two sons buried in the Old Hill Cemetery. Have some info on the above children which I'll glady share with "cousins".

Anthony AMES died after Dec 7, 1808, did he leave a Will? Hannah his wife died Feb 9, 1802 did she leave a Will? Hannah was daughter of John and Abiah (Waterman) Eells and has a Mayflower line to Richard Warren.

Who were Anthony Ames parents? There is no proof that they were Anthony Eames and Grace Oldham of Marshfield, MA. Thank You!

31 July 1999 - Neale S. Browne - mailto:rebcav@cnnw.net

I am searching for a marriage and offspring between the DAVIS and BROOKS families of Middletown, Middlesex Co.

The unsubstantiated marriage is between one EVAN DAVIS and MARTHA BROOKS about 1800-1805. Son David Davis m. ?; Grandson, Judge Stephen Brooks Davis, (b 1839) married Harriet Southmayd Woodward.

Woodward/Southmayd Lines are well documented, but have hit a brick wall on Judge Stephen Brooks Davis' parents...

Any Help???

22 July 1999 - Janet Barrows Perry - mailto:Jasontrain@aol.com

I am searching for any information on the birth of my father, ROY DUNHAM BARROWS. I'm trying to locate a copy of his birth certificate, but without results. He was born in Buffalo, New York on April 22, 1908. Does anyone know if they recorded births in Buffalo in that year? My father lived most of his life in Portland, Ct., but had many friends, relatives and customers in Middletown. He owned County Waste Removal Company. He died in Mesa, Az. in Feb., 1994. I would appreciate any help or suggestions. Thank you!

17 July 1999 - Janet Barrows Perry - mailto:Jasontrain@aol.com

Looking for any information on my grandmother - GRACE DUNHAM BARROWS. Born around 1888-89 in Middletown, Portland or Berlin. Died around 1918--Spanish flu. Mother: Louise Slater Dunham (called Moo), originally from Beckley, Berlin. Father: Ferdinand E. Dunham. Raised on Main St., Portland. Many friends in Middletown. May have attended Wesleyan. School teacher. Married a Barrows around 1907-08-- had 3 children--Roy(1908, my father), Alice(around 1909)& Thomas(about 10 years later- the Portland antiques dealer)- they are all dead. Appreciate any help or suggestions. Thank you!

28 June 1999 - Linda Kmiecik - mailto:tonky@npwt.net

Seeking info on JAMES STERLING b. 17 May 1770, son of Daniel. He is not the James STERLING, son of Samuel, who moved to Ontario/Livingston Co., NY. His sister Rachel (STERLING) CONE with husband Benjamin CONE moved to Middletown in 1780s from Lyme, New London Co., CT. They had lived earlier in East Haddam, Middlesex Co. Both James and the CONE family moved to Chenango Co., NY area by 1795-1800. Most anxious to find a marriage of James STERLING to a Mary -----.

24 June 1999 - Pat Clarke - mailto:usdman@aol.com

I am looking for any information on DANIEL and OLLEY (OLIVE DOWD) CLARK who were married in Middletown on Nov 16, 1788 and moved to Ohio about 1816, probably as 'fire sufferers'. I have been trying to connect them with their parents and families in CT but have so far been unable to. They had at least 6 children who were all probably born in CT......Jabez CLARK b.1794, Halsey CLARK b.1790, Lester CLARK b.1797, Ezra CLARK, Daniel L. CLARK b.1798, and Olive. CLARK. I would be interested in hearing from any Middlesex County CLARK researchers.

23 June 1999 - Jean M. Coleman - mailto:puritanpro@twave.net

Searching for proof about: OBEDIAH ALLEN, JR b. 20 SEP 1670, Middletown, CT d. SEP 1702, Middletown m. Dorcas Wright (Dorkes) on 23 Nov 1699 Middletown, Middlesex, CT

Father of Obediah, Jr.: Obadiah Allen (Allyn), wife Elizabeth Sandford
Who are the siblings of Obediah, Jr? In what cemetery is he buried?

Thank you - Jean Coleman, descendant of Allens via my grandmother Lula Allen Baker

18 MAY 1999 - Beverly Hill mailto:molehill@olypen.com

The IGI has JOHN MCALLISTER born March 3, 1782 Of Middletown, Connecticut. He later married Sarah Brewster. I am looking for his parents. His grandfather is supposed to be William McAllister who was a surveyor. Any information appreciated.

8 MAY 1999 - Mary - MaryG74667

Yes, I have a huge brick wall that has been standing for years on ANNA GLADDING. I just wanted to know if GLADDING is a Middletown name. I need to know where to start looking. This Anna Gladding was married around 1795 to Jaman Goodrich. They are buried in PA where they took their family to pioneer. I have never been able to find who Anna's parents were and know only that she was from CT.
Thanks in advance. Mary

29 APR 1999 - Murrell Peeples mailto:mcp@rollanet.org

I am looking for information on CHARLES FLETCHER, his daughter HELEN FLETCHER, b. ca. 1880/85 in Middletown, CT. She married James A. Monroe.
A grandson of CHARLES FLETCHER had the middle name of WILCOX (Wilcox I understand was a prominent name in Middlesex County). Could this perhaps have been Charles Fletcher's wife's maiden name? Any information is appreciated. Thanks for your time and consideration. Murrell Peeples

11 APR 1999 - Steve Hall mailto:kaynsteve@email.msn.com

I would like to get information on the ancestors of FRANCIS WHITMORE b. abt 1650 and his wife HANNAH HARRIS b. abt 1655. They had a daughter ELIZABETH b. in Middletown, CT in 1679. I do not know how long prior to her birth they were in Middletown. Any information on this family would be appreciated.

21 MAR 1999 - Sandra mailto:kildee@gis.net

Looking for information on WILLIAM CLEAVER, WILLIAM CLEAVER, JR. M. Oct. 24/25, 1787, in Middletown,CT Jemima Hunt. Also TOBIAS CLEAVER, d. Jan 1, 1855, Middlebury, VT.

William Cleaver and William Cleaver, Jr were listed on US Census for 1790 in Middletown Town. Tobias Cleaver m. July 15, 1793 Sylvia Adams, was listed in Litchfield Town. Looking for a connection. Are they father and 2 sons, or 3 generations? Marriage record in Litchfield, CT indicates Tobias was "from Middletown".

20 MAR 1999 - Carol Thacker mailto:cthacker@citicom.com

I am looking for information on LORETTA ROBINSON who married Alfred BAILEY in Middletown,CT on 15 June 1828 (church records of Middletown CT p. 300.) I believe her father may have been Shadrach ROBINSON. I am in need of Loretta's parents, birth date and birth place which may have been Cromwell. I really appreciate your help. Carol

16 MAR 1999 - Debra Adleman mailto:dadleman@stony.lrun.com

Am looking for descendants of WILLIAM WELLS and ANNA (THACHER) PRIDE. They moved to Middletown, CT ca. 1860 from Susquehanna Co.,PA. Hanna died in Middletown 8 AUG 1861; William died in Middletown 24 MAR 1865. He was a Presbyterian elder in PA for nearly 30 years.

2 MAR 1999 - Mary Baker mailto:marybaker@lucent.com

Researching descendents of SARAH TRYON (b. 10 JUL 1704, d. 18 MAR 1774) and ANTONIA DE SOCIEUR (b. 1707, d. 21 SEP 1753.) Both are believe to have died in Middletown, CT. They married in Middletown 10 MAY 1727. Particularly interested in establishing a link to Rachel Sizer b. abt 1780 in VA.

1 MAR 1999 - Wayne Hollistermailto:khollister@online.dct.com

Seeking information on STEPHEN BROOKS born 2 FEB 1781 in Middletown, CT. Possibly the son of SAMUEL BROOKS (son of Jabez Brooks) and SIBBIL JOHNSON. The family left Middletown in the late 1797-1810 and settled in Redfield, Oswego County, NY. Have much to share on the Brooks of Middletown, CT.

23 FEB 1999 - Jim Rogers mailto:jimmerjam@aol.com

I'm looking for any information on what happened to John Rogers, a cooper of New London, who bought a house and shop in Middletown in 1732, added to it in 1736 and sold it in 1739. In the 2nd and 3rd sales, he was called "of Middletown," even though his two kids' births were recorded in New London (John 1734 and Katherine 1736). His wife's name was Mary TOMKIN. Did he remarry?

He may be the John Rogers listed as a company clerk in a 1758 Middletown unit, listed the Rolls of CT Men in the French and Indian Wars. Listed with him was Francis WHITMORE, who was a witness to one of his land purchases from John WHITMORE.

John and Francis WHITMORE appear to have served in 2 East Haddam units in 1759 and 1760, although John did not. John's kids married in East Haddam and lived among John's siblings and cousins. Was a different John ROGERS, cooper, who lived in Middletown in 1790 and 1801 (per Apprentice Indentures) a son by another wife, or perhaps a grandson?

I will gladly trade information. - Jim Rogers, 7121 East Briarwood Drive, Englewood, CO 80112-1160

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