"I am from Sweden and searching for traces of my grandfathers uncle and his family, who emmigrated to US late 1800.
        His name was Charles W PIERSON or PEARSON born oktober 1870. He is documented in Sweden to have lived in Ivoryton CT 1938.
        As I heard in my family he died during a visit in Sweden around 1948-1953, and was brought back to US for funeral.
        With my limited possibillities, I found a Charles W Pierson born around 1871 in the 1920 census records living in Middlesex CT.
        With wife Fredrick E born around 1870, and children Charlers R born around 1912, Gladys A born 1907 and Margaret E born around 1903.
        Can anyone help me to find the traces and anscestors of Charles W Pierson?
        Would be very greatful.
        Lars Jarnebrant

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