Essex Trivia Questions

From various issues of Essex Events and Essex Historical Society newsletters, etc.


What is the name of the automobile built in Essex just after 1900?
a.  Hyde     b. Middlesex     c. Pratt     d. Tiley

Which food purveyor displays an image of an old Hartford to New York Steamship?
a.  Olive Oyls     b. Pizza Pub     c. She Sells     d. Subway

Where was the "bit" shop?
a.  Centerbrook Architects     b. Essex Island Marina     c. Essex Machine Works
d.  Maritime Bank

What is Essex Historical Society President Don Malcarne's middle name?
a.  Lawrence     b. Leon     c. Lorello     d. Luke

What was the route of the Shoreline Electric Railroad?
a.  Essex RR Station to the foot of Main     b. Gillette Castle to Old Lyme     c. Ivoryton to Old Saybrook     d. Ivoryton to Westbrook

What is the 1995 dollar value of the ships burned in Essex Harbor during the 1814 raid?
a.  $8,004,000     b. $14,000,000     c. $92,000,000     d. $304,000,000

Where was Doane's Aerodrome?
a.  Colonial IGA     b. opposite Doane's Pharmacy     c. Essex Elementary School
d.  near Pettipaug Yacht Club

Who was the third ranking officer aboard old US Navy sailing vessels?
a.  Bosun     b. Chief Petty Officer     c. Sailing Master     d. Second Mate

Who wears this officer's uniform today at official public functions?
a.  Conductor on Essex Steam Train     b. New England Town Postmasters
c.  CT, RI, and MA Town Harbormasters     d. Corp Drum Major

Where can you most easily find the answers to the aforegoing nine questions?
a.  Ron or Chuck's barber chairs     b. Essex or Ivoryton Library     c. Comcast Cable TV
d.  Meeting of Essex Historical Society

Interesting Facts:
#1:  The Pettipauge and Guilford Turnpike ran right through Essex.  Can you name any of our current streets that were once part of this road?


Essex Trivia Question Answers

From various issues of Essex Events and Essex Historical Society newsletters, etc.

Interesting Facts
#1:  The Pettipauge/Guilford Turnpike ran from the drawbridge at the end of Ferry Street, up Main Street, out West Avenue, and Main Street Centre Brook and West Centre Brook (name of current Ivoryton prior to 1880) then to North Guilford, roughly over Route 80.

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