Hubbard Park

    "The parcel of land on the east side of North Main Street that is known as either Hubbard Field or Hubbard Park was purchased by the Trustees of Pratt High School from Emma Campbell (of Brooklyn, NY) in January 1934.  Emma had originally bought this land from Patrick and Mary McGill of New York City in 1901 for $350.  It served as an athletic field for this school until the opening of the Valley Regional High School building in 1952, which resulted from the formation of Regional District #4.  It was subsequently sold to the town of Essex.
    "Why is it called Hubbard Field?  It is named for Doctor Charles H. Hubbard who was a local M.D. as well as an executor of the estate of Captain Isaiah Pratt.  A legacy of Captain Pratt's provided funds to build Pratt High School in the early 1890s, and Dr. Hubbard served as a Trustee and guiding light for this institution for many years.  He was a person who was held in the highest regard by the people of Essex.  He owned the house on the west corner of Parker Lane and Main Street from 1866 to 1933."

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