The Orton Genealogy, Transcriber's notes:

I have a book that is a treasure. Published in 1896, it is printed on paper of excellent quality, hand sewn and glued into a brown moroccan cover with flyleaf pages of an exquisitely patterned print, plus pages edged and cover title embedded in gilt. It is inscribed to: "Mrs. Benigua Green Kalb with the kind regards of Edward Orten", (whose name is followed by some sort of scrawled title). I cannot say it is the authors inscription because the spelling is definitely Orten rather than Orton. It has also belonged to the Public Library of Columbus, Ohio. No, I did not steal it from the library; I purchased it from "that bookstore in Vermont", seller of books of a genealogical nature, some years ago.

This transcript of Edward Orton/Orten's book is done as payback for all the valuable information and helpful contacts that I have come across through the "web". Although I have no time to volunteer to do lookups or maintain a web site, I do greatly appreciate those who contribute their time and resources for my benefit. This book is transcribed as is, has been proofed every way but diagonally, and is, never the less, subject to error, for which I apologize. I have yet to find a "spell check" that will change "ears" to "years" or "heart" to "heard".

Edward Orton, across the span of a century, has much more to offer here than a listing of "begats". His words and thoughts are reflective of a time when the only entitlements owned or expected, by those named here, were life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and each made his or her own way, depending upon none except themselves for personal fortune and well being. There are included, here, immigrants, a few colonials, a number of patriots, many pioneers, a couple of adventurers, a few characters, a hero or two, some outstanding women; all it takes to make up an average American family over the course of a couple of centuries. Bear in mind that, when the author writes of "the present time", he is speaking to us from a hundred and two years ago.

If anyone has knowledge of Henry Orten/Orton, born in Tennessee 22 Feb 1830, father also born in Tennessee, married Mary M. ____ , born 19 Dec 1825 in Kentucky, both died Daviess County, Missouri, I would appreciate being contacted. I'm still trying to figure out how my Martha Ann ties into this line. Enjoy.

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Please send Myrna Madigan a personal note thanking her for the work she put into this. She spent a lot of time on this and your most heart felt thanks would be greatly appreciated.


Thomas Orton Genealogy, Pages 1-63

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