Year Book of the First Church [of Christ] in Hartford, Conn.,
Reports of the Prudential Committee and Directories
of the Church and Congregation, 1897

Officers and Committees


Officers of the Church:
Pastor, Rev. Charles M. Lamson, D.D.
Pastor Emeritus, Rev. George Leon Walker, D.D.

John Allen, Daniel H. Wells, Melancthon Storrs, Williston Walker, Solon P. Davis, Rowland Swift

Clerk and Registrar:
Charles T. Wells

Charles T. Welles

Prudential Committee:
The Pastor, The Clerk, The Deacons, The S. S. Superintendent, Daniel R. Howe, Edward F. Harrison, Herbert K. Smith, George R. Shepherd, Henry E. Taintor, Oscar A. Phelps.

Church Helper:
Elliott F. Talmadge

First Ecclesiastical Society, Officers, 1897:
Charles P. Cooley, Charles A. Jewell, Henry Roberts, Committee
Rowland Swift, Treasurer
John D. Parker, Clerk
Daniel H. Wells, Herbert Knox Smith, Auditors
John W. Cooke, Chairman of Seating Committee

Organist, Nathan H. Allen
Soprano, Miss Ada M. Austin
Alto, Miss Emma Buch
Tenor, Edward B. Eaton
Bass, Herbert S. Bullard
Baritone, Charles L. Tolles

William B. Edwards

Sunday-School Officers:
Superintendent, Rev. Arthur L. Gillett
Ass't Superintendents: Mrs. Albert H. Pitkin, Elliott F. Talmadge
Supt. Of Primary Dept: Mrs. Charles A. Jewell
Secretary: William T. Pitkin
Treasurer: Knighton Smith
Librarian of Teachers' Library: Edward F. Harrison
Librarian of Scholars' Library: Thomas W. Hooker

Officers of the Home Department of the Sunday School:
Superintendent: Mrs. Charles M. Lamson
Visitors: Mrs. Wilbur F. Gordy, Mrs. Charles Hilderbrand, Mrs. George A. Sumner, Mrs. Edward H. Perkins, Mrs. Howard J. Pratt, Mrs. Frederick J. Perkins, Mrs. J. Coolidge Hills, Miss Louise M. Sheldon, Miss Hattie M. Bundy, Miss Matilda S. Calder, Miss Eliza F. Mix, Miss Lorraine S. Richardson.

The Young People's Society Officers:
President, Ralph O. Wells
Secretary, Elliott F. Talmadge
Treasurer, Carl W. Davis
Chairman of Worship Com., H. Leonard Beadle
Chairman of Service Com., Ernest B. Ellsworth

The Ladies' Home Missionary Society Officers:
Honorary President, Mrs. George Leon Walker
President, Mrs. Charles A. Jewell
Vice-Presidents, Mrs. Francis B. Cooley, Mrs. William W. Converse, Mrs. Pickney W. Ellsworth, Mrs. Lucius A. Barbour, Mrs. George A. Sumner, Mrs. William Morgan, Mrs. Charles H. Bell, Miss Jane W. Stone
Recording Secretary, Mrs. J. Gilbert Calhoun
Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Lucius Curtis
Treasurer, Mrs. Samuel M. Hotchkiss
Chairman of Work Com., Miss Mary H. Adams
Chairman of Table Com., Mrs. George Smead
Chairman of Entertainment Com., Mrs. Herbert C. Wadsworth
Chairman of Membership Com., Miss Eliza F. Mix
Chairman of Purchasing Com., Mrs. Daniel H. Wells
Chairman of Social Com., Mrs. Albert H. Pitkin

Junior Auxiliary of the Woman's Home Missionary Society Officers:
President, Mrs. Williston Walker
Vice-President, Miss Grace D. Smith, Mrs. William M. Storrs
Secretary, Miss Ellen M. Harrison
Treasurer, Mrs. Melancthon W. Jacobus

First Church Boys' and Girls' Mission Circle Officers:
President, Agnes M. French
Vice-President, George Roberts, Jr.
Secretary, Helen E. Brown
Treasurer, Donald B. Wells

Warburten Chapel Officers:
Superintendent, Oscar A. Phelps
Ass't. Superintendent, Solon P. Davis
Supt. Of Primary Dept., Miss Margaret B. Lee
Ass't Supt. Of Primary Dept., Mrs. Oscar A. Phelps
Supt. Of Home Dept., Mrs. Solon P. Davis
Ass't. Supt. Of Home Dept., Mrs. Newman Hungerford
Librarian and Treasurer, J. Coolidge Hills
Ass't Librarians, Newman Hungerford, Nathan H. Weeks
Secretary, Ferdinand Richter
Ass't Secretaries, Herman Dahm, Charles R. Hansel, Edward M. Ney
Chorister, Miss Mary L. Hastings
Trustees: Francis B. Cooley, President
Daniel R. Howe, Secretary and Treasurer
J. B. Pierce, Solon P. Davis, J. Coolidge Hills, John C. Parsons, and Henry Roberts

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