Spelling of Stamford & Darien Surnames


Many surnames have spelling variations. Below is a list of common names found in the Stamford and Darien records. The first spelling given is the standard I have adopted to make it easier to keep track of people from that family, even though they themselves may have used an alternate spelling. 

Andrews, Andreas, Andrus 
Ayres, Ayers 
Blachley, Blatchley, Blatchly, Blachly 
Blackman, Blakeman 
Bouton, Boughton 
Canada, Kennedy 
Clason, Clawson, Clauson, Clayson, Classon, Clasen 
Crissey, Crissy, Chrissy, Chrissey, Christy 
DeForest, Defrees, Dufrees 
DeMill, DeMille 
Dibble, Dibblee 
Fancher, Fansher 
Gaylor, Galer 
Garnsey, Garnsy, Guernsey 
Goold, Gould, Gold 
Goldsbury, Goolsbury 
Hanford, Handford 
Hickcox, Hitchcox, Hitchcock 
Holly, Hollee 
Howe, How 
Hoyt, Hait, Haight, Haite, Hoit, Hoite, Hoitte, Hoytte, Hight 
Husted, Huested, Hustead 
Jessup, Jesup 
Ketchum, Ketcham, Catcham 
Lounsbury, Loundsbury, Lounsbery, Lounsberry 
Maltby, Maltbie 
Marvin, Mervine, Merwine 
Minor, Miner 
Morehouse, Moorhouse 
Northrup, Northrop 
Olmstead, Ohlmstead 
Pardee, Pardy, Purdy 
Patchin, Patchen, Patch 
Pennoyer, Penoyer 
Pettit, Pettitte 
Pierson, Pearson 
Provost, Proovost 
Reed, Read 
Rogers, Rodgers 
Rundle, Randell, Rundell 
Sarles, Searles 
Scofield, Scoffield, Schofield 
Seely, Seeley 
Selleck, Silleck 
Seymour, Seymore, Seamer 
Slawson, Slason, Slauson, Slausen, Slosson, Slayson 
St. John, Saint John, Session 
Stevens, Stephens 
Talmadge, Talmage, Tallmage 
Waring, Warring, Warren 
Wilmot, Willmot, Wilmut, Wilmuth, Willmut
Wix, Weeks, Wicks